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How to Force SSL with htaccess

Now days web security require each domain to use Secure Socket Layer SSL certificate. There are plenty available on the market from free to ones very expensive. Check our blog if you need to install SSL on your domain or on WHM server. Now when you have SSL on your domain you need to route all the traffic via HTTPS protocol. That needs...


Install and Unable Ioncube Loader WHM

WHMCS require the use of ionCube Loader to encode secured PHP files. IonCube Loader is an extension for PHP that does not come preinstalled on cPanel. It needs to be installed and enabled. Installing Ioncube Log into the WHM as the user root. Go to Software - EasyApache (Apache Update). Select All PHP Options + ZendGuard - Customize. Choose PHP Extention - Search for "Ioncube" - Switch to...


How to Change the Default Start Page

How can I make home.php (or other custom page) web site's default page? That could be done with .htaccess file of your root project. In this file you can specify which file will be shown first and what is the preferred order. Here is an example:DirectoryIndex home.html index.html index.htm index.phpJust put home.php (or another) first, it can be the only one file or multiple. If there...


drupal cms

Powered by Drupal

Business Web Admin web site is powered by Drupal content management system. It is considered to be the most secure CMS on the web. The top-level security level is achieved by constant screening method, plus active community and secure user access controls. For web developer Drupal gives amazing flexibility in design, page control, user management, plus it has integrated support for news, blog...


asia domain registration

ASIA Domain Available

Registration of ASIA (ASIA - the Asia-Pacific region) domain is now available. Digg into fastest growing economies in the world with over than 60% of the world's population. Register .ASIA version of your website. This name is short, new and easy to remember. Asia domains can be used by international and Asian businesses, media, regional conferences and symposiums plus Asian artists and...


live domain

LIVE Domain Available

LIVE domain available for registration. This domain name is short, memorable, highly brandable, and SEO rich, this domains are credible and well targeted, plus they bring energy and immediacy to your website. Go .LIVE this domain names are available to everyone and now there are still many good names available. The .LIVE domain now home for media companies, award shows, entertainment, audio and...


Number of Total Worldwide Registered Domains Updated: Oct 22 2020