Delete Telegram Account in Four Easy Steps

desktop and mobile device - automatically or manually

Delete Telegram Account in Easy Steps

There is no way to restore data after account removal.

Consider backup your information before requesting account deletion

You could delay removal process from 1 to 12 months.

In recent weeks this messaging app has seen unprecedented rapid growth. Millions of new users most of whom came from other platforms choose to open an account with this cloud-based instant messaging service. In addition to text messaging it has end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP and file sharing options. Often the reason why users open an account is that Telegram mobile app for iOs and Android iOS positioned itself as a censor free secure and unscripted user to user communication.

But more people join, more people leave. And there could be many reasons why, including security. Because even a very secure application might not be secure enough and even Telegram looks better than most of its competitors it still has issues and data bridges.

  • By default, application doesn’t encrypt your conversations unless you manually switch over to “Secret Chat”, you get less security
  • In 2017 hackers injected a Unicode bug in the Telegram core and were able to spread malware to Windows computers
  • Chat members could delete messages of the other party without any notification. That means the person you chat to could change that chat’s history by removing any messages.
  • Telegram’ own security protocol “MTProto” has been criticized  by some cryptographers and has not been fully proved.
  • As WhatsApp, Telegram weak point is media-file-jacking

You could try to check destruction settings at first. But if you have decided to permanently delete Telegram account, please remember!

  • Deleting a Telegram account will also delete your contacts, messages, groups and channels
  • Code on the Telegram makes deactivation irreversible
  • Even if sign up from the same computer with the same phone number in future you won’t be able to restore your data

There are two ways how Telegram account could be deleted

First option to delete - self deactivation process preference in settings and it is a default setting.

There is no “delete” or “cancel” my account button. There is an application security futures that controls automatic account removal after a chosen period of inactivity. The default choice is six months. To change that:
1. Go to Settings and Choose Privacy & Security

Telegram Settings

2. Scroll down and tap If Away For

If Away For Settings

3. Change it for 1 month and do not use application

Time Settings

4. After 1 month it will be automatically deleted. You do not need to make any extra steps but if you change your mind all you need is just login back.

Second - manual account deactivation and removal.

1. Visit the Telegram Deactivation Page on a web browser on Desktop computer, iPad or smartphone Enter a phone number you’ve signed up with for Telegram and click Next. You need to use international phone number format +(country code)(aria code)(phone number).

Telegram Account Delete Page

2. If the application recognize your phone number you will get a message in your Telegram app (not via SMS) with a confirmation code

Telegram Confirmation Code Message

3. Enter this confirmation code in the deactivation window in your browser, Add a reason for leaving if you wish so (but not mandatory)

Enter Phone Number

4. Click on the “Delete Account” button.

Confirm Account Removal

After that your account and data will be gone right away, no need to wait for 1 month.

Before completely removing your Telegram account permanently there is an information you might consider to backup

To save data before deleting Telegram you need:

1. Open the Telegram desktop app:
2. Click on Settings
3. Choose “Export Telegram Data”
4. Click on “Export Chat History”
5. Select the type of data to export

Congratulation you have backup and removed your Telegram account.

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  • Just followed this articles suggestion and wao. That was easy, have not expected it is so easy. Is there a way to check if my telegram profile was really delete?

    It actually worked

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