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How do I setup a VPN for my office?

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While VPN technology is new, Remote-Access VPN services provide an effective solution to protect your everyday business requirements. Your team should have a safe working place from wherever, at any time, from any device. Remote Access VPNs create an encrypted network between a network and employees, enabling a protected Internet environment and protecting sensitive networks. VPN helps protect against unauthorized users and protects against unauthorized access to sensitive information from the Internet or other sources.

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  • How to choose VPN for your business?
  • Do I need VPN when at the office?
  • How does Office VPN Work?
  • Can VPN use office network?
  • How to setup a VPN to Access Your Office Files Remotely?
  • What Is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Enterprise-level security

The Internet is not a safe place for employees working remotely or traveling abroad. A VPN protects against malware, hacking, and other cyber threats.

Data encryption

This allows employees to safely use public WiFi by encrypting all data and traffic while connected to the Internet to protect data against eavesdropping attempts and keep sensitive information private at all times.

Remote access protection

If you use cloud services, your company will pay less money for bandwidth because only encrypted traffic gets transferred between headquarters and remote offices.

Network access control

With a VPN, IT admins can control which devices can access the corporate network and block unauthorized devices from connecting. This control helps to protect critical systems from malware infections and other threats that could cripple your business operations if left unchecked.

Resource optimization

Secure and protect your domain from unauthorized domain DNS records modifications, transfers and contact detail changes.

Customer support

A good customer support team can help you understand how to use their service correctly and quickly resolve any issues you may have.

Most Popular VPN Applications

For best savings, subscribe to these services annually.

Express VPN
Express VPN
Nord VPN
Nord VPN
CyberGhost VPN
CyberGhost VPN
Proton VPN
Proton VPN

What is a business VPN?

understand its uses and limitations

VPNs are a service for allowing remote workers to access network data remotely while at work. Learn about our VPN features and restrictions. In today's world, most organizations use WiFi hotspots or other public networks to allow employees to work remotely. These networks are unsafe for transmitting confidential data because anyone with the right equipment and knowledge about hacking techniques could access them. Many companies have started implementing VPN security technologies in their offices to avoid such situations. By doing so, they can ensure that their employees don't send sensitive information over public networks or hotspots that hackers could easily access.

Employees often travel for business or work from home during off-hours or on weekends. A VPN lets them securely connect to their company's servers so they can access resources like email and company files while away from their desks. However, choosing the exemplary VPN service for your organization can be challenging.

Set up a VPN to access office files remotely.

Many people work from home creating, editing, or updating data. Consequently, employees need access at home to access files remotely to keep records accurate and ensure a stable organization. The most convenient method to remotely share files for companies is via the Virtual Private Network. VPNs are cables connecting computers and servers to an Internet service provider. It is as if I took my network cable to my office to go home with it, pulled it out of crowded street areas, and plugged it into my laptop.

Give your employees the access they need.

Almost everyone connects to their office from home or on the road. You can access a printer or connect to computer devices in your office network. This system is secure, ensuring your team can avoid sketchy web pages. Staff members in an office can connect using their home Internet service providers. They get resources, and they are safe.

Most Popular VPN Hardware

Improve office online security and privacy.


Secure Office VPN Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find a good VPN service to work?
There are many available resources. Check the search engine, find a good article, ask friends, or hire a specialist.
Q: How a remote access VPN works?
Remote Access VPNs create an encrypted network between a network and employees, enabling a protected Internet environment and protecting sensitive networks.
Q: Can VPN use an office network?
The purpose of Virtual Private Networks is to protect internal data from external users. You need a proper internal office network set up to keep it secure.
Q: Do you provide onsite customer support?
Yes, we do installation setup, customization, and support for your business network.
Q: I already subscribed to a VPN service. Could you help to set it up?
Yes. We support installation and setup for the most popular VPN applications.
Q: Do I need to buy a license for every device I want to protect with VPN?
Most o for the Virtual Private Networks providers give you a license for 5-6 devices.
Q: How much does your service cost?
The price depends on each office's needs and specific environment. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote.
Q: Do I need a hardware VPN if I use an application?
Hardware devices add an extra security layer and give you better control over any data transmitted outside your business.

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