Moz Domain Authority and Why it is Important

how to increase domain authority

Moz Domain Authority and Why it is Important

How can I check my Domain Authority?

Domain Authority over PageRank

Page ranking is Google's algorithm; it indicates page importance using a scale of 0-10. Google no longer supports PageRank. Similar domain authority rank has a logarithmic scale and additional parameters compared to page rank.

Is Domain Authority a ranking factor?

The results have not revealed that high domain authority affects Google search results significantly. Experiments by other SEO companies such as SEMrush and Ahrefs have shown that individual page authority correlates significantly better to ranking results than DA. However, it appears that Domain Authorities indirectly influence rankings.

What is good domain authority?

Websites containing external links from other high-quality websites have more Domain Authority than those without links. The average DA of 25 is a good value, while the median DA is 20 to 40. A DA over 50 is an excellent one. Those with lower links have lower scores (DA10). A site that starts by scratch will have a DA score of 1.

Moz Domain Authority - Brief Overview

Technically, Domain Authority (DA) is the ranking metric used to predict how well a website will rank on various search engines created by Moz. DA score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating the better Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) rankings.

Domain Authority uses dozens of factors and collected data from our Link Explorer web index to calculate and evaluate the results. Moreover, the actual calculation of DA uses a machine learning model to find the best fit. This algorithm relates the number of links with hundreds of other search engine rankings.

Or, putting it another way, DA shows the relevance of your website content in its relative industry, topics, or among competitors. It shows the strength of your website in terms of rankings. 

Moz Domain Authority Calculation

The DA score results from gathering information for various related factors, including a total number of links, and into a single Domain Authority score. The resulting score is then compared with the results of other websites or tracking the website's strength over different periods. However, Domain Authority does not impact the Google rankings.

* Effect of Moz Domain Authority 2.0 Update

Moz Domain Authority has recently shaken up its calculating algorithm system, making the website owners and marketers a bit tizzy. Sometimes websites that were doing well on DA previously went down while some went up suddenly.

However, the primary evaluation method of DA became better after the update. The size and progress of the Moz link data set became bigger and fresher while they worked in various ways to bring better outcomes to the table. Additionally, they have incorporated Spam Scores and a machine learning process to improve their link data interpretation.

Therefore, if your website DA scores went up around March 5, 2019, continue doing what you were doing in the past or increase what you were doing. Or, if your score dropped, analyze what you were doing and do not repeat it. Significantly, Moz has improved at analyzing the credibility of inbound links pointing toward your website, making it more accurate for Google's algorithms.

What are the Ranges of Moz Domain Authority Score?

According to the Moz Domain Authority, the DA score of famous websites Apple and Google is over 90. However, many factors are involved in calculating the DA score.

For a relatively new website, a DA score can be as low as 20-30, which is easy to improve. However, if your website is old with a score between 50-60, it isn't easy to improve your score. Following are the ranges defining a good and a poor DA score:

* 10 or less is poor

* 20-30 is below average

* 40-50 is good

* 50-60 is very good

* 60-70 is an excellent

* 80 or above is perfect

5 Major Factors Involved in Calculating Moz Domain Authority Score

Though Moz uses more than 400 different factors to evaluate the DA score, some of the significant factors involved are as follows:

1. MozRank

It is the count of websites linked to your website page. Moreover, it also evaluates the quality of the website pages that link to your site.

2. Profile Link

Link profile includes the external and internal linking from your website to other high domain websites. So, your DA score will increase if your web pages are linked to such websites and get redirected back from these reputable websites.

3. Root Domains

Technically, it is the backlinks of your website to other websites. If your website has 100 backlinks from the same website, Moz will consider it a one root domain. Therefore, linking to different high-domain websites is essential to get a better score.

4. User Friendliness and Website Structure

Make your website structure approachable for Google and other search engines to get better DA scores. It must be easy for them to load your website pages. Furthermore, it is also necessary to provide a user-friendly experience to the visitors so that they may revisit your site.

5. MozTrust

Moz checking tools also look for the credibility of web pages linked to your website. For instance, if an article from your website is related to the university page or research page, your website DA score will be higher as it indicates the trustability of your website.

Five effective ways to increase domain authority Score

Working and improving the DA score requires a long-term strategy and includes trial and error as you might not know what will work well to improve the score.

However, you might have noticed that the quality of the backlinks and interlinks plays a significant part in improving the score. Check out these tips for a better DA score.

1. Improving the Quality of Internal Links

One of the most effective ways of improving the score is by focusing on the internal link structure of your website. With more valuable links directed to the informative websites, more visitors will be engaged, making them stick to your website for extended periods.

Subsequently, these internal links will also help the search engines crawl into your website, promoting it to index your web pages. Also, a better internal linking structure will build higher trust for your webpage. As a result, search engines will send more visitors to your pages. Use on-page SEO tools to check and correct your web page content. Pay close attention to page title tags and other meta tags.

2. Include High Authority Backlinks

Backlinks heavily influence a website's DA. According to Ahrefs, 66.31% of websites don't get organic traffic due to a lack of backlinks. Therefore, linking your website with high domain backlinks is essential to get a good DA score.

Consequently, there are dozens of ways to boost your link profile. You can look into your top referral sources and similar websites for backlinks. Alternatively, you can ethically visit your competitor's websites to learn about their backlink sources to strengthen your profile.

3. Work on Your Website Structure and Optimize it for Better User Experience

Remember, user-friendliness, and website structure are significant factors in the DA score calculation. A proper website structure will encourage the search engines to reach your website easily. Plus, it will also help the visitors to stay there for longer.

Initially, you can start by optimizing your website for mobile users. Most search engines (especially Google) have now made them more reachable for mobile users; as per Statista, 54.4% of worldwide website traffic comes from smartphone users.

Therefore, your website must load quickly and redirect immediately to the users on their mobile phones to improve the DA scores. 

Remove old and broken links, check every image alt tag for the entire site, and connect social media profile links.

4. Generate Killer Content Regularly

Another helpful tip you can follow to boost your website's Moz Domain Authority score is regularly creating valuable and informative content worth linking. 

Do you wonder why it is vital for your content to be valuable and impressive?

Here's why! Well, suppose the readers find your content informative and helpful. In that case, they will share it with their friends or on different platforms, increasing your chances of getting the backlinks from high authority domain websites, including government and educational institutions.

Eventually, this will help you to boost your root domains, contributing to a good Domain Authority score. So, create multiple content types for your website, including infographics, detailed and informative articles, and valuable guides to gather more traffic.

5. Constantly Audit your Website and Improve Backlinks

Having inbound links is essential for your website, while having bad backlinks can cause more harm to your DA score than good. 

Technically, links from unauthentic or spammy websites can decrease your website's score or, in some cases, result in a penalty from Google. 

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, constantly audit your website and remove such toxic and harmful backlinks as quickly as possible. Many SEO tools can help you maintain your website's healthy backlinks and identify possible dangerous links for you.

Alternatively, if you can not remove such links from your website, use Google Search Console to ignore such links. So that google will not detect such backlinks while indexing.

Wrapping Up - Moz Domain Authority

It is important to remember that your Moz Domain Authority score is beyond your control. However, you can make helpful changes to your web page by adding high-quality content, blog post, and news. 

Furthermore, improving the Domain Authority Score takes time; it can not happen overnight. Therefore, plan a long-term strategy and use the mentioned earlier tricks to improve your score.

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