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Centarro: Adding Custom Ajax Commands to the Add to Cart Form
Most eCommerce platforms support offering multiple product variations on a single product display page. These variations are often differentiated by named attributes, e.g. size, color, etc. In Drupal Commerce, we support all of this via Product and ProductVariation entities paired with ProductAttribute and ProductAttributeValue entities that define those differentiating attributes on each variation. Furthermore, you can fully customize your product data model by adding fields of any Drupal field type to your products and variations. Unlike many other platforms, we support virtually unlimited variations and attributes for any product. It may seem like a small thing, but consider that Shopify, one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, only lets you add 3 such attributes to your products, only supports entering options via free-tagging, and offers no way to change how attributes are rendered on the Add to Cart form. This is all elementary in Drupal Commerce thanks to the strengths of Drupal's data model. Read more
Vardot: Introducing Drupal Audit
Introducing Drupal Audit Image Firas Ghunaim Marketing Manager Thursday, June 4, 2020 - 13:01 Teaser image Measure Drupal Website Performance Comments Solutions by industry Retail High Tech Travel and Tourism Nonprofits and NGOs Government Media and Entertainment Healthcare Higher Education Financial Services Solutions by need Drupal Managed Services Enterprise CMS Social Business Community E-Commerce Knowledge Management Omnichannel Marketing Automation On-Site SEO Related services Digital Strategy Web Development UI/UX Design DevOps and Engineering Digital Marketing Support and Maintenance Drupal Migration and Upgrades Product Varbase Uber Publisher Marketing...
Agiledrop.com Blog: Drupal 9 - a new era for enterprise digital experiences
Drupal 9 represents the framework's most significant shift and paves the way for a new outlook on digital experiences. In this post, we give an overview of some of the most notable novelties with Drupal 9 and why they’re so groundbreaking for the digital sphere. READ MORE
ComputerMinds.co.uk: Drupal 9, it's here!
It’s here! June 3rd 2020 marks the official release date of the first production ready version of Drupal 9. It feels like Drupal 8 was only released a short while ago but it turns out it’s been 4.5 years already! The release of any new major version of Drupal is an exciting milestone in the project’s history and with a shiny new brand logo in place, Drupal 9 is ready to hit the ground running. We are already well underway doing upgrade builds for our clients that are still on Drupal 7, and for those that are on Drupal 8 already, we will be shortly getting those running on Drupal 9 too. With the release of Drupal 9 now out in the wild, you only have until November 2021 until Drupal 7 and 8 reach end of life (EOL). By that time those versions will no longer receive any further security updates. So it’s imperative that any Drupal 7 or 8 sites out there have plans to complete the upgrade to Drupal 9 in time before then because the work required for Drupal 7 sites to upgrade may be pretty significant. One of our developers Christian wrote an excellent article on upgrading your existing Drupal 7 site in May last year, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. So what new features can you expect when upgrading a Drupal 8 site to Drupal 9? Well, nothing immediately obvious. The first release of Drupal 9 (9.0.0) contains the exact same features as the...
Dries Buytaert: Drupal 9.0.0 released
Today, we released Drupal 9.0.0! This is a big milestone because we have been working on Drupal 9 for almost five years. I updated my site to Drupal 9 earlier today. It was so easy, it's hard to believe. As I write this, I'm overwhelmed by feelings of excitement and pride. There is something very special about building and releasing software with thousands of people around the world. However, I find myself conflicted between today's successful launch and the tragic events in the United States. I can't go about business as usual. Discrimination is the greatest threat to any community, Drupal included. I have always believed that Drupal is a force for good in the world. People point to our community as one of the largest, most diverse and most supportive Open Source projects in the world. While we make mistakes and can always be better, it's important that we lead by example. That starts with me. I am committing to the community that I will continue to learn more, and fight for equality and justice. I can and will do more. Above all else, it's important to stand in solidarity with Black members of the Drupal community — and the Black community at large. During this somber time, I remain incredibly proud of our community for delivering Drupal 9. We did this together, as a global community made up of people from different races, ethnicities, genders, and national origins. It...
Drupal In the News: Drupal Launches Newest Version of the CMS Already Powering Top Organizations Around The World
PORTLAND, Ore.  June 3, 2020—Drupal, the most powerful enterprise open source content management system, is launching the latest—and most comprehensive—upgrade to its popular software today. Drupal 9 comes with even more of the cutting-edge features that Drupal developers and users love. One out of every 30 websites in the world including Lufthansa, the CDC National Prevention Information Network, the European Commission, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, NASA, GRAMMYs/Recording Academy and Stanford University trust Drupal as the platform for their ambitious digital experiences. Drupal 9 - Continuous innovation in technology and user experience The updated version delivers powerful new features and an enhanced user experience. These features empower Drupal’s vision for the next generation of the web and include:   Dramatically easier tools— a new layout builder, WYSIWYG media management system and content workflow tools make Drupal much easier to use. It enables users to take advantage of Drupal's robust technical architecture more easily than ever before.  Continuous innovation—powerful new features delivered continuously, keeping Drupal at the cutting edge of the web.  Easiest upgrade in a decade—and Drupal’s commitment to easy upgrades in the future means never having to worry about a major replatforming to stay up to date.  One of the key reasons Drupal...
InternetDevels: Simple guide how to redirect a website URL in Drupal
Most websites, even ones that have a perfect URL structure from the beginning, may need URL redirects sooner or later. URL redirects are small tasks that carry a big value. Since one of our fields of expertise is Drupal website support & maintenance, we often face website redirect tasks. Read more
DrupalEasy: Announcing "Composer Basics for Drupal Developers" - a 7-hour, online workshop
We recently debuted our brand-new, 7-hour, live-instructor, online Composer Basics for Drupal Developers workshop to alumni of our flagship Drupal Career Online program. We've been gearing up for this launch for well over a year now, teaching select parts of the curriculum as part of Drupal Career Online, at various Drupal events as in-person workshops and presentations, as well as our own experience working with Composer with our clients.  We believe that the result is the most complete and best-practice-focused Composer training available for Drupal developers today. (And a super-helpful 50-page reference document that comes with the course.) Not only does the workshop cover the absolute basics of Composer, but it also includes in-class examples of converting an existing site to using the new drupal/recommended-project dependencies, as well as how to handle Git code conflicts in composer.lock files. We are thrilled with the impact the course has had based on our beta-testing of the workshop: I've attended multiple DrupalEasy workshops and the Composer Basics workshop helps demystify the tool that can seem like a blackbox for so many developers. Mike is a great teacher. He makes sure to thoroughly explain and demo confusing topics so everyone understands the problem and the solution.
- Bo Shipley, May 2020 workshop participant The material in the Composer Basics...
Srijan Technologies: Site Owner’s Guide to a Smooth Drupal 9 Upgrade Experience
Drupal 9 will be launched today. After so much hard work, collaboration, anticipation and excitement, it is finally here.
Annertech: Drupal 9 Launches Today
Drupal 9 launches today, with the revolutionary new simple upgrade path, removal of deprecated code, and no new features (which is actually a good thing).
Drudesk: Drupal 9 is already out! Be ready for website migration
Today is June 3 that means that Drupal 9 is already out. What can we expect? What updates are offered? How to migrate to Drupal 9 painlessly? Today DruDesk experts answer those questions and others. We would like to note that DruDesk switched to a high-efficiency model of cooperation. This means that we complete your tasks twice as fast. If you have additional questions - write to us.
OpenSense Labs: OpenSense Labs Celebrates 4 years Today
OpenSense Labs Celebrates 4 years Today Shankar Wed, 06/03/2020 - 18:53
It’s not just another day. June 3, 2020 marks the 4th year anniversary of OpenSense Labs. If it wasn’t for the unprecedented situation caused by Covid-19 pandemic all over the globe, the OpenSense Labs Team would have headed out for a luncheon and taken part in some exhilarating and adventurous activities. It’s the times like this that make us come out better and stronger. The OpenSense Labs Team has always found a way to stay together, help each other out, work collaboratively and bear the fruits each day. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has made us stay indoors, we have kept on marching ahead. We have always believed: Wherever We Are, We Are One. A small customised workstation at our homes beside the window is not that bad either. As we sit down, reach our hand out, lift a corner of the curtain with our fingers and white light floods the desk, hope for the return to normalcy becomes firmer. As we move into our 5th year, our resolve to get bigger and weather headwinds along the way becomes more strong. Humble beginnings It feels powerful to put the experience down in words. It’s like trapping it in a jar and it can never fully leave you. For Vid (CEO, OpenSense Labs), the humble beginnings of the organisation is a reminder of all the hard work that went into it. It’s something...
Palantir: Drupal 9: An Update, Not a Rebuild
Drupal 8 promised to change the game for developers and site builders. The release of Drupal 9 is the realization of that promise. With today’s release of Drupal 9, we thought it would be helpful to look at why this release will be a major milestone for the project. At Palantir, we’ve been working with Drupal since version 4.7. Personally, I started evaluating the platform with Drupal 4.5. Since then, I have been an active contributor, module developer, and even core subsystem maintainer. I even maintain one module that I originally wrote for Drupal 5. When previous major versions of Drupal core were released, the upgrade process was, to put it mildly, complicated. Drupal never followed a backward-compatibility policy, preferring to move forward with each release. In theory, this meant a lighter code base and less legacy “cruft” to deal with. In practice, it meant major system rewrites as part of each release.  In past releases, those changes have included such elements as the FormAPI; multiple rewrites of the menu system; the introduction of the database abstraction layer; putting configurable data fields into core; adding Symfony and the use of services; using Twig for the theme layer. The list goes on. For site maintainers and module authors, a new major core release essentially meant rewriting large parts of your code base. That would inevitably lead to a lag...
OpenLucius: So, yeah.. we built OpenLucius 2.0 (Drupal 9)
In 2014 we were proud to release OpenLucius 1.0 on Drupal 7. Since that time a lot has happened in the (Drupal) world as well as with our agency. We had to drop support in 2018 unfortunately, but we always had the intention to build a new version; that would encapsulate all learnings from the past. Early 2020 we were finally able to start developing the new version in Drupal 8; first release is now available in Drupal 9. What is OpenLucius OpenLucius aims to be a lean and fast social, culture building, productivity platform; ready to use after installation. The goal is to be easy-to-use software that helps your people to:
Evolving Web: Introducing Drupal 9, the Next Evolution of a Proven Web Platform
Today, we're excited to celebrate the launch of the most stable and mature version of Drupal to date. Drupal 9 is the culmination of the work of thousands of contributors around the globe, collaborating to create an innovative platform that's designed for everyone to use. What's really exciting about Drupal 9 is that it represents the work of 4 and a half years of steady work since Drupal 8 was released. Rather than a single cycle of new features added all at once, features have been released steadily since Drupal 8.0. And now all those features are already tested, stable, and ready-to-use. What Has Changed Since Drupal 8? Since November, 2015, there have been 8 feature releases for Drupal 8 that progressively and steadily satisfy more and more requirements for ambitious web projects. Features like Media and Layout Builder have been fully integrated into an already rich content model. This really takes Drupal to the next level compared to other options in the CMS ecosystem and means that Drupal can adapt to the digital information design needed by each individual project. For those who upgrade to Drupal 9, continuous improvements will continue to be added in the same way. This first release of Drupal 9 represents an upgrade to the underlying technology, but there's no radical change to how Drupal works. Upgrading is important because it means that you can keep benefiting...
Drupal Association blog: Statement of Support and Taking Action
For our team at the Drupal Association, the events of the past week have once again emphasized the severity and violence of racism that communities experience in the United States and across the world every day. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where communities of color are disproportionately affected, seeing racial turmoil unfold is particularly painful and difficult to witness. We stand with all communities of color and all people across the globe in condemning racism, racist behavior and all abuses of power. We grieve for the Black community, which has endured another unspeakable tragedy in a long history of injustice. Drupal is global in scale, reach and opportunity. It takes many contributions, from many diverse contributors to thrive. Drupal is about standing up for what could be and for promoting hope through access. As such, our community adheres to a set of values and principles. Of particular importance is our value to “treat each other with dignity and respect” emphasizing that we do not tolerate intolerance toward others. It is time to live our values out loud seeking first to understand, then to be understood. The Drupal Association values equity, diversity and inclusion, and we recognize we still have work to do to create meaningful change. Here are the ways in which we are encouraging our team to take action. We are sharing in hopes that you will take action, too...

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