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Annertech: 8 benefits to implementing a technical SEO strategy
Implementing a technical SEO strategy means you can automate much of what it takes to make sure your content performs at its best.
Annertech: A website hosting service should be fast, reliable and secure
Your website hosting matters! Choosing the wrong provider can slow down your website, cause security issues and even make it inaccessible altogether.
Annertech: Migrating from SharePoint to Drupal
Thinking of moving from SharePoint to Drupal? This article outlines the benefits of such a move, along with some potential challenges to be aware of.
Annertech: The best moments of DrupalCon Prague
There were so many great things that happened at this year’s DrupalCon in Prague, but these are the ones that the Annertech team will remember for years to come.
Annertech: Drupal 10: This is what we’re so excited about
In this blog we answer some of your Drupal 10 questions, and also tell you what new features we are looking forward to the most.
Annertech: Migrating at scale? These are the tools you need to use
Migrating at scale is daunting, but the right tools can make it easier. In this blog we draw on our experience from migrating 50 sites in one go.
Annertech: 8 tips and tricks for making migration easier
Migrating at scale isn't for the faint of heart. Senior developer Erik Erskine reveals some neat tips that will ensure that your next migration is easier than you expect.
Annertech: Drupal 7 end-of-life frequently asked questions
We answer the questions that we are frequently asked about staying on Drupal 7 as its end-of-life date approaches. 

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