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Hiking the Pemi Loop: an unforgettable adventure
The Pemi Loop, also known as the Pemigewasset Loop, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, was more than just a hike. It became both a test of endurance and a celebration of a deep friendship. I went on this hike with Klaas, one of my closest friends. A few years ago, when we both turned 40, we decided to forgo the usual birthday gifts. Instead, we'd create a special memory together each year. The Pemi Loop was the latest chapter in our book of adventures. Over the course of 4 days, we covered 32 miles (52 kilometers), scaled eight peaks over 4,000 feet (1,200 meter), and climbed about 9,000 feet (2,750 meter) in elevation. For seasoned hikers, it might be just another trail, but for me, it was one of the most challenging undertakings in my life. We set a goal to complete the loop in 4 days, going counter-clockwise: A topographical map of the Pemigewasset Loop, with each of our four days of hiking highlighted in distinct colors. Day Itinerary Day 1 Hiked 11.6 miles (18.7 kilometer) from Lincoln Woods trailhead to Guyot tentsite Day 2 Hiked 3.4 miles (5.6 kilometer) to Galehead Hut Day 3 Hiked 10.1 miles (16.3 kilometer) to Liberty Springs Tentsite Day 4 Hiked 7.2 miles (11.6 kilometer) back to Lincoln Woods trailhead Day 0: Preparations and anticipation The evening before our hike, we checked into the Kancamagus Lodge, an old motel...
State of Drupal presentation (October 2023)
Last week, approximately 1,300 Drupal enthusiasts came together in Lille, France for DrupalCon. In good tradition, I delivered my State of Drupal keynote, commonly referred to as the "Driesnote". You can watch the video of my keynote or download my slides (264 MB). This keynote was unlike any other. I narrated a fairy tale that explores how the Drupal community is working together to simplify the process of starting, building, and maintaining Drupal websites. Yes, you read that correctly – a fairy tale. However, rest assured, it's a fairy tale with a happy ending. If you're keen to experience the full magic of the Drupal fairy tale, I highly recommend watching the video instead of reading this blog post. And if you want to avoid any spoilers, stop reading here. A tale of four cities: learning from competitors As the speaker, I took the audience on a journey that started with my discovery of a mysterious book related to Drupal. The book uses an analogy to explain Drupal as a character living in the Drupal Village. This village is full of different types of houses, from cozy cottages to grand estates. In this bustling village, ambitious villagers work together to construct and take care of their homes. The Drupal villagers cherish core values such as creativity, flexibility, scalability, accessibility, collaboration, empowerment, security, and freedom. In the Drupal...
Drupal Core News: Coding standards proposals for final discussion on 7 November
The Coding Standards Committe is announcing two coding standards changes for final discussion. Feedback will be reviewed at the meeting scheduled for 07 November. Issues for discussion Use null coalescing operator (??) instead of ternary operator with isset statement Update Help Text Standards Examples to Modify Heading Structure The Coding Standards project page outlines the process for changing Drupal coding standards. Recent changes Allow constructor methods to omit docblocks Documentation changes: Minimum requirements for in-code documentation Drupal API documentation standards for classes and namespaces Always add trailing commas, for arrays and annotations Documentation changes: Arrays coding standard @Annotation, @Plugin, etc.: Plugin discovery annotations Join the team working on Coding Standards Join #coding-standards in Drupal Slack to meet and work with others on improving the Drupal coding standards. We work on improving our standards as well as implementing them in the core software.
Drupal Core News: New members and process for the Coding Standards Committee
Welcome to new members! We're thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the latest additions in the coding standards committee.  Meet our newest team members: Aaron McHale (AaronMcHale)  Björn Brala (bbrala) Derek Wright (dww) Urvashi Vora (urvashi_vora)
  We believe in the power of diversity and collaboration, and we’re confident that their contributions will add an incredible value to the committee. Changes to the process for changing coding standards A priority for the new committee has been to update 'The Process for Changing Coding Standards'. The key change is that coding standards issues now stay in the Coding Standards project. That is, they do not move back and forth between the Coding Standards project queue and the Drupal core queue. Instead of moving an issue that affects Drupal core a committee member will make sure it is on the agenda for the next Core Committer meeting. You are encouraged to read the complete new process on the Coding Standards project page.
ComputerMinds.co.uk: Irina's experience of Drupalcon Lille
Drupalcon Lille 2023 was my first experience of a large Drupal event. I didn't know what to expect but I was so excited and looking forward to it! I have to say Drupalcon exceeded all of my expectations, in a good way!In the beginning, I tried to remain humble as I’d never seen so many Drupal villagers before. But it didn’t take me long to start chatting to all the exhibitors, and contributors and connect with the community. It was a great opportunity to learn more about Drupal and be part of interesting sessions and informal conversations. It was a surprise to see community members not just from Europe but from all around the world. The biggest challenge was to decide which sessions to go to. The topics for the sessions were so broad; from Drupal basics and best practices to deep technical skills. All of them looked interesting and it was hard to pick because I didn’t want to miss anything. I'm so glad all of the sessions are available on replay on the OnAir platform and I can check them out later. Search API Decoupled, CKEditor 5 plugin and Dashboard left lots of thoughts in my mind and I can't wait to try and see how I can apply them to my work with ComputerMinds.Some sessions were just another perspective of what we at ComputerMinds are already doing.  For example, the performance audit session was a good review of the most common problems I encounter...
LN Webworks: How to Achieve Revenue Growth with Drupal’s Roadmap
There is no denying the fact that every business organization is established to make profits. As the total revenue generation determines the overall profitability of an organization, increasing revenue is important to escalate profits. Drupal is a top-notch content management system (CMS) that bestows websites with the capability to achieve organic growth and multiply revenue. This is precisely why most businesses are reaching out to Drupal companies for building sites powered by the phenomenal CMS. This blog will delve into revenue growth with Drupal’s roadmap. 
SystemSeed.com: A discussion on automated testing
A discussion on automated testing Rounding-up our group conversation from DrupalCon Lille 2023 Branimir Juranić Thu, 10/26/2023 - 06:03
DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast S15E2 - Rosie Le Faive - Islandora (Drupal-powered Document Asset Management system)
We talk with Rosie Le Faive about Islandora, a Drupal 9 powered Document Asset Management system.URLs mentionedIslandora Digital Asset Management system Drupal.org project page and Github repository pageDocumentation and Getting StartedFedora Commons DrupalEasy NewsProfessional module development - 15 weeks, 90 hours, live, online course.  Drupal Career Online - 12 weeks, 77 hours, live online, beginner-focused course.Audio transcript We're using the machine-driven Amazon Transcribe service to provide an audio transcript of this episode.SubscribeSubscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart, or Spotify.If you'd like to leave us a voicemail, call 321-396-2340. Please keep in mind that we might play your voicemail during one of our future podcasts. Feel free to call in with suggestions, rants, questions, or corrections. If you'd rather just send us an email, please use our contact page.
DrupalEasy: Curious about DrupalEasy’s Professional Module Development Course? We’ve got a free webinar for that!
Join us at 10:00 am ET on July 14, 2023 for a Closer Look at Professional Module Development, a new no-cost mini-webinar that provides an overview of what the two versions of our Professional Module Development course covers and insight into all of the benefits and resources that come with it. The Full version of the Summer 2023 session begins August 8, with the Lite version starting August 22nd.  The 30-minute Closer Look webinar includes a curriculum overview, including the topics and modules that you will build during both the 90-hour full version and the 60-hour Lite version of the course. The curriculum and all materials of the PMD are continually updated to ensure that participants are learning the latest version and best practices.  Mike Anello (@ultimike) will also cover who might benefit from the course, and the awesome resources that registration provides, including becoming part of the active DrupalEasy Learning Community and weekly office hours both during and after the course and access to screen casts and class recordings in perpetuity. Sign up for a Closer Look at Professional Module Development.
DrupalEasy: Mentoring a team of new contributors at DrupalCon Lille 2023
One of the signature events of every Drupalcon (IMHO) is contribution day, when community members from around the world gather to work together in the same physical space to advance various aspects of the project - from strategic and community initiatives to contributed modules and themes as well as non-code contributions like Promote Drupal and, of course, core contributions.As part of this, space is always set aside for new contributors, with community volunteers helping to organize, train, and mentor community members new to project contribution. This space strives to be a welcoming environment to those of all skills and skill levels, and includes a "First time contributor workshop" to introduce new contributors to contribution areas and tools.tl;dr The team I mentored managed to complete the core issue we selected and get it committed to core by the end of the day - something that hasn't happened at a Drupalcon in several years!Setting a goalThis year, I volunteered to be a mentor in the Mentored Contribution room. Some mentors are provided with a free ticket to Drupalcon, with the understanding that they will not only volunteer a full-day of their time during contribution day, but will also dedicate several additional hours of their Drupalcon experience to attending a mentor orientation, helping out at the Community Mentoring table (graciously provided by Kuoni in the...
roose.digital: Less polluting website? 5 things you can do NOW
Learn how to make your website more sustainable by reducing kilobytes and minimizing electricity consumption. I provide practical tips, including replacing videos with images, optimizing images, and using green hosting.
roose.digital: How to create a sustainable Drupal website (Drupaljam 2023 presentation)
For Drupaljam 2023 I was asked to give a talk on how to make your Drupal website less polluting and more climate friendly. I share tactics and tricks on how to reduce the CO2 impact of your site.
Evolving Web: 8 Rock Solid Reasons Why Drupal 10 is a No-Brainer
The release of Drupal 10—and the subsequent minor release of 10.1—has brought an impressive array of new features and improvements. If you attended our EvolveDrupal Summit in Toronto, you had the opportunity to walk through the best new features with Martin Anderson-Clutz, Senior Solutions Engineer at Acquia.  Missed the summit? No worries! Use this article to catch up on key points from the presentation, or watch the recording below.    //--> //--> //-->   Read on to explore eight awesome reasons why you should consider upgrading to Drupal 10. 1. Speedy Performance  Sites that load quickly usually see more traffic and better conversion rates. Drupal consistently outperforms its competitors when it comes to speed, and version 10.1 brings improvements that make it faster than ever.  Core Web Vitals (CWV) are a reliable measure of a performance—they consist of three metrics that measure how long a site visitor has to wait until they can see a page and begin to make use of it. From January to July 2023, Drupal achieved an impressive CWV score of 51.4%, far outstripping other open-source CMS rivals like Joomla (41.7%) and WordPress (32.5%).  Drupal 10.1 improvements that are contributing to its speediness include: Lazy loading. While lazy loading has been a part of Drupal since version 9, Drupal 10.1 takes it to the next level. It now also works for responsive...
Tag1 Consulting: Scary Drupal Migrations - with Benji Fisher
--- In this Halloween-themed episode of Tag1 TeamTalks, Benji Fisher, a top contributor to Drupal, shares two chilling platform migration stories. In the first tale, set in 2019, Benji tackled a government website project with a tight deadline. The initial plan to use the unstable feeds module for Drupal 8 was alarming, given the project's complexity. Benji opted for the more reliable Migrate API to handle the intricate XML data structure, a decision that ultimately paid off. The second hair-raising story occurred in 2013-2014 during the implementation of HTTPS on a Learning Management System (LMS). Benji had to persuade the client that HTTPS wouldn't harm performance and deal with hardcoded HTTP URLs in JavaScript activities. He devised a clever shell script to convert and edit the URLs, swiftly resolving the issue. Both stories exemplify the unpredictability and challenges of platform and data migration. They underscore the importance of selecting the right tools and techniques. These experiences, though harrowing at the time, now serve as reminders of successful problem-solving and resilience in the tech world. Please let us know if you have specific migration-related topics you'd like to see us cover. Or, reach out and let us know if we can... Read more michaelemeyers Wed, 10/25/2023 - 06:00
cyberschorsch.dev: Effortless Drupal Reinstallations: A Quick Guide Using Composer
Reinstalling a Drupal project is a routine task for developers. Whether you're testing new features or ensuring smooth installations on different setups, it's a critical part of the process. In this blog post, I'll show you a swift and straightforward method using a composer script.
ComputerMinds.co.uk: Andrei's first Drupalcon
A little over a year ago, I ventured into the world of Drupal; a complex content management system. Despite making considerable progress in understanding its intricacies, it's widely acknowledged that Drupal presents a steep learning curve. To navigate this learning curve successfully, one must maintain unwavering dedication and find satisfaction in troubleshooting and problem-solving, which can provide a rewarding sense of achievement.I was fortunate to have an exceptional team that provided a constant stream of knowledge, invaluable advice, and overall support in my pursuit of mastering Drupal. A significant milestone in my Drupal journey was the invitation to attend DrupalCon2023, a pivotal moment as it marked my first conference participation, entirely dedicated to my field of interest.I'll admit that I felt apprehensive in the lead-up to Dries' keynote address, with doubts about my qualifications to be part of such a prestigious event nagging at me. However, my confidence had a steady revival following the opening ceremony and the initial conference keynote. The first session I attended provided an in-depth exploration of SearchAPI, which provides a quicker and more robust approach to formulating queries and has the potential to reduce reliance on Solr and enhance response times. Additionally, the discussion on the Gin Admin Theme held my attention....

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