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Mediacurrent: Risks of Staying On Drupal 7 After Its End of Life
Drupal 7's end of life is scheduled for November 28, 2022. Up until then, the Drupal Security Team will continue to provide patches to Drupal 7 core and contributed projects should any security threats arise. After that point, however, the Drupal Security team will no longer support Drupal 7. Is it Safe to Stay on Drupal 7? If your organization is currently running Drupal 7, you’re faced with a decision on whether to upgrade to Drupal 9 or not. Crafting a business case can help with your decision because it contains projections for initial costs and ongoing costs for making the upgrade investment vs. maintaining the status quo, as well as projections for revenue and savings. The business case exercise can further forecast the break-even point for your upgrade investment. However, in the case of future security threats, we can’t be confident of what the future ongoing costs will be, because we can’t predict when such security threats will arise, nor will we know the severity of them.  What we can do, however, is make organizations that use Drupal aware of the risks of not upgrading. There are three general areas of risk: security, integrations, and functionality. Security Risks After Drupal 7 reaches the end of life, whenever security issues are identified in core or contributed modules, there won't be very much support to fix them. Site maintainers could find...
Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #299 - Sustainability of the Webform Module
Today we chat with our friend Jacob Rockowitz about the sustainability of the webform module and module maintainership sustainability in general. www.talkingdrupal.com/299 Topics Jacob's 5th appearance John got a new job! Jason launching 6 sites this week Nic went to the drive-in Jacob no more bike rides, just walks in the park Stephen finding Ansible useful Story: Recording episode 300 - get your recordings into show@talkingdrupal.com Elevator pitch for webform When did Jacob begin maintaining Webform What is sustainability? Open collective How to make Drupal more sustainable Ways to contribute Donations vs time contribution Why open collective? Is there an exit plan Resources https://www.jrockowitz.com/blog/webform-open-collective-funds-spent Open Collective Promotion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtlFTwZLKpc&t=1s jrockowitz.com Guests Jacob Rockowitz www.jrockowitz.com @jrockowitz Hosts Stephen Cross - www.stephencross.com @stephencross Nic Laflin - www.nLighteneddevelopment.com @nicxvan John Picozzi - www.oomphinc.com @johnpicozzi Jason Pamental - rwt.io @jpamental
Morpht: Announcing Sajari AI powered search for Drupal
Those of you who work with Drupal, you are probably familiar with the combination of using Search API with a search backend such as MySQL or Solr. A pluggable architecture makes Search API a good choice for indexing content in Drupal.
OSTraining: OSTips - Alternatives to Acquia’s DevDesktop For Local Drupal Development
If you've installed or updated Acquia’s DevDesktop lately, you've seen this message: And so you know that DevDesktop is approaching end of life.   In this video, I'm going to give you two alternatives to Acquia’s DevDesktop For Local Drupal Development. You know I've used this software for years now and introduced literally thousands and thousands of people to Drupal using Acquia’s DevDesktop. It's a shame that it's going away, but we've got alternatives. Let's dive in.
Tag1 Consulting: DevOps is a culture, not a Technology
DevOps is a word or phrase that’s getting more and more attention as organizations move more towards delivering applications and infrastructure services through automated IT processes. Rather than automate IT staff out of a job, DevOps aims to reduce time spent on repetitive processes and enable personnel to focus on bigger problems as well as developing technologies. DevOps, at its core, aims to build tools to help developers do their work, and deploy it more easily and efficiently.Read more lynette@tag1co… Thu, 06/17/2021 - 07:34
Lullabot: How to Plan Your Drupal 7 Migration
Migrations from Drupal 7 can be as varied and diverse as humanity itself. Goals, audiences, servers, content models, and more all come together to form a unique fingerprint. No two migrations are ever really the same. But despite the uniqueness of each, there are some commonalities. You can take steps to ensure your migration will be a success, no matter how complex or simple. Map out your Source You need to know where you are coming from. This is how you begin to determine the length of the journey and how many supplies you’ll need along the way. 
Redfin Solutions: Drupal Migrate Basic Fields to Entity References
The Drupal migration pipeline wants each source entity to go to one destination entity, but a single node may need to transform its text fields and list text fields into several entity references. So how do you break up data from one entity and migrate it into multiple entities?
Ben's SEO Blog: The Hreflang Module
The Hreflang Module Have a multilingual #Drupal website? Then the #hreflang module is a must! Search engines use the alternate hreflang tag to serve the correct language -- even pages that don't have translations should have one. Tracy Cooper Wed, 06/16/2021 - 09:09
OpenSense Labs: Business impact of agile transformation
Business impact of agile transformation Maitreayee Bora Wed, 06/16/2021 - 18:35 Enterprise agility is one of the most commonly adopted transformation approaches which comes up along with a lot of challenges. The companies need to reshape the organizational structures, make changes in the operational models and reform the old ways of working techniques. The agile transformation includes a big shift in organizational culture and that makes an organization ponder over it or even neglect it. But eventually, organizations realize the importance of it, apply agile transformation techniques, and receive immense benefits that help them evolve and move closer towards their goals and aspirations. This article will guide you through the right approach needed towards adopting the agile transformation in your organization.  To successfully adopt an agile transformation, you need a plan To succeed with the agile transformation, you need to clearly understand the fact that why are you making such time and effort to adopt this transformation and what exactly you want to gain from it. It is important to have clarity upon what changes you will have to make so that the desired outcomes can be achieved by your business. For this let’s firstly, understand the importance of preparing a proper business case for adopting agile transformation at your organization. It is important to...
Drupal blog: Drupal 9.2.0 is available
What’s new in Drupal 9.2.0? The second feature release of Drupal 9 helps keep your site even more secure, and comes with increased visitor privacy protection, improved migration tools from Drupal 7, enhancements to the Olivero frontend theme and early support for the WebP image format. Download Drupal 9.2.0 Security and privacy improvements Critical security advisories and public service announcements will now be displayed on the status report page and certain administration pages for the site's administrators. This helps prepare site owners to apply security fixes in a timely manner. For increased privacy protection of your site visitors, Drupal 9.2.0 now blocks Google Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) cookie-less user tracking by default. Better building blocks out of the box The Olivero theme, soon to be Drupal's new default frontend theme, has dozens of major improvements in this release, including a new form design and various accessibility fixes. The built-in Umami demo is now also more flexible with a built-in editor role and more versatile Layout Builder demonstration. On the way to Drupal 10 In preparation for Drupal 10, all Symfony 5 and and several Symfony 6 compatibility issues have been resolved. As part of modernizing the frontend of Drupal 9, core's Tour feature now uses ShepherdJS instead of jQuery Joyride. This significantly improves accessibility of tours...
Aten Design Group: Upgrade paths for your Drupal 7 website
Upgrade paths for your Drupal 7 website Eric Toupin Tue, 06/15/2021 - 14:14 Drupal Drupal 7 will reach end-of-life (EOL) in November of 2022, which means that at least a half million webmasters & site owners have some decisions to make. What’s the next step for your organization’s website? What sorts of costs might you be looking at for this upgrade? What timeline can you plan on for this change? All good questions. If you’re interested in this topic, take a moment to register for our Director of Engineering, Joel’s free webinar coming next week. He'll be covering aspects of these options in greater detail. Webinar, June 23rd:
Options for upgrading your Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 site Register Now What is EOL and what does it mean to me? The Drupal ecosystem of core and contributed modules is protected against hackers, data miners, automated exploits and other malicious actors by the Drupal Security Team — more than thirty developers working across three continents in almost a dozen countries to keep Drupal websites safe. The security team responds to reports of potential weaknesses in the Drupal core or contributed code and coordinates efforts to release new versions of the software...
Web Wash: Generate Twitter Card Meta Tags using Metatag in Drupal
When someone tweets a link from your website, Twitter can use Twitter Cards to attach rich photos, videos and media to Tweets. By doing some minimal configuration changes on your Drupal site using the Metatag Module and the Twitter Cards submodule, users can see a “Card” added below the tweet that contains neatly formatted information coming from your website, as shown in Image 1 below. The cards are generated using HTML markup in the HEAD region of your Drupal site; that’s why the Metatag module is used. Twitter will scrape your site and generate the card using the HTML meta tags.
OpenSense Labs: The Open Source Security Manual
The Open Source Security Manual Gurpreet Kaur Tue, 06/15/2021 - 16:42 Imagine you created something and that something is a software. You wanted your creation to be used by as many people as possible, you wanted to make it universally accessible. So, you did just that, you made the software source code accessible so that anyone could inspect it, modify it and enhance its capabilities. This is the scenario that makes an open source software what it is; a publicly accessible tool that is all for the community. It honours open exchanges, collaborations, transparency and perpetual development that is community-centric. These principles have made open source software become immensely popular today. And here is proof of that.  Source: GithubMany of the public repositories, like PHP, Java and .NET, use open source software and in heavy numbers. If we look at the revenue open source software is deriving, the numbers are again quite impressive. Source: Statista All these numbers speak volumes to the efficiency of open source software. However, if there is one aspect of open source software that needs some kind of assurance, I’d say it’s open source security. The reason is probably the fact that OSS is completely open for everyone, so it is assumed that something with this level of openness cannot be secure.  In this blog, we’ll try to find an answer to the question...
Agiledrop.com Blog: Top Drupal blog posts from May 2021
We’re back with a recap of our favorite Drupal blog posts from last month. We hope you enjoy our selection for May! READ MORE
Oomph Insights: The New Rules for Company Intranets: Why You Need to Go Beyond the Desktop
Not long ago, company intranets were little more than a repository for shared files, general announcements, and the all-important list of holiday office closures. Today, the humble intranet has evolved as a way to enhance internal communication and employee engagement, and to help workers do their jobs. While organizations tend to have more content- and feature-rich intranets these days, many are missing one crucial element: a mobile-optimized version. As a result, they can exclude a large proportion of workers—including the 80% of people who make up today’s Deskless Workforce. Top “deskless…
Centarro: Understanding the Drupal Commerce 2.x Address Book
Drupal Commerce 2.x includes address book functionality for both customers (from their account pages and checkout form) and administrators (from order edit pages). This article provides a quick summary of the address book architecture to help you understand how customer addresses are modeled / saved to your database and what you need to take into consideration when writing custom code / data migration processes for orders and customer profiles. Commerce Core uses our Address module to add address fields to various entities, including stores and customer profiles. Address fields are not added directly to orders, payment methods, or shipments - the things for which we might typically expect an address to be selected from an address book. Those entities instead reference profiles with addresses that represent billing and shipping addresses. As a result, a user’s address book is basically just a collection of profiles with the same uid as the user. These profiles are created in various ways: Read more

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