8 Great Watermark Apps to Protect Your Photos and Videos
Content theft is a real issue for anyone who posts photos or videos online. When someone can easily right-click/save as and do what they want with your creations, you need to take some precautions so that you get credit for your work. Even YouTube videos aren’t safe from people who really want to pull them offline. However, one of the easiest and simplest ways of protecting your content is to watermark it. These days, it’s actually pretty quick and painless to do, so let’s look at the top options and choose the right watermark app for you.
1. Snagit

Snagit isn’t a watermark app by itself, but it has one included as a feature. It’s easy to do, and you get a good number of options to choose from. You don’t overlay a logo or text itself so much as Snagit converts the image or logo you choose into a transparent watermark that you can style it to be embossed or faded (or any other number of things) before placing it unobtrusively on your image. You get a ton of control over every aspect of your image editing with Snagit, so it’s worth checking out. Especially if you need more than simple watermarking. It’s not necessarily cost-effective for just that feature, but when added in when everything else, it’s worth every penny.
Price: $49.95 | More information
2. Watermark X

Watermark X is one of the easier apps to use for...
How to Make Your Headline Pop with Divi’s Animation Settings
Your headline is usually the first thing people read when they’re visiting your website. Besides having a really good headline, it’s also important to make people notice and actually read whatever it is you’re showing them. Headlines usually don’t go unnoticed because of their size and central position in the hero section, but if you want to take it one step further and literally make the headline pop, this tutorial is for you.
We’re going to combine Divi’s animation settings to create a headline that stands out and grabs the attention of your visitors. We’ll divide the headline into 5 pieces and create a flash effect that’ll make your visitors want to follow the movement and read what’s being shared.
Let’s get to it!
Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome on different screen sizes.


Let’s Start Recreating!
Add New Section
Background Color
Let’s start creating! Create a new page and add a regular section to it. Open the section settings and change the background color.

Background Color: #ededed

Then, go to the spacing settings of the section and add some custom bottom padding.

Bottom Padding: 10vw

Add Row #1
Column Structure
Continue by adding a new row using the following column structure:

Background Color
Without adding any...
8 Best Pixel Art Makers for Designers and Artists
Whether it’s a retro feel that hearkens back to the good-ole-days of the internet or a new hi-bit look that technology has allowed to emerge, pixel art is a simple way to give your designs a style and feel to set them apart from their competitors. While pixel art might seem simple, it takes a bit of knowledge to make something other than jagged-edged Pac-man ripoffs. We’re going to walk you through the best pixel art makers so you can get a head start on filling in those gridlines.
1. Pyxel Edit

Pyxel Edit is a simple and free-to-use pixel art tool that lets you import existing art in to either edit pixel by pixel, or you can create your own images at any dimension and resolution you need. With preset palettes to emulate retro gaming consoles, you can pretty much do anything you want with the software. There is a new version that is paid with a better interface and more features, but if you just need a barebones pixel art maker, Pyxel Edit should be at the top of your list to try out.
Price: Free | More information
2. Adobe Photoshop

Admittedly, Photoshop isn’t necessarily the easiest program out there to edit art on the pixel level. You have to zoom in a lot, set a pencil tool or brush to 1px (or slightly larger, depending), and then deal with the quirks that come from scaling down program meant to make high-res pieces of art really pop. That said, though...
How to Rotate Text for Unique Layout Designs in Divi (Tutorial + FREE Layout Download)
Most of us are used to reading text from right to left and from top to bottom. But when it comes to web design, it might be a good idea to break free from the norm. One way to do this is with text rotation. Rotating text on your website may seem impractical, but it does seem to have a place. In fact, vertical text orientation seems to be common in modern web design. And, although most rotate text purely for design purposes, the argument can be made that rotated (or vertical) text (although harder to read) can be an effective attention-getting technique.
With Divi you can rotate any element on your page using the built-in transform options. So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to successfully rotate text to create unique layout designs in Divi. To do this, I’ll be designing a three-part layout that incorporates examples of rotated text.
Let’s get started.
Sneak Peek
Here is a sneak peek of the entire layout we will be building in the tutorial. Notice there are examples of text rotated in three different sections of the layout.

Download the Complete Layout from this Tutorial for FREE
To lay your hands on the free Rotated Text Designs layout, you will first need to download it using the button below. To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily email list by using the form below. As a new subscriber, you will receive...
Bringing Intentional Living Practices to the Workplace
Reject buzzwords all you want, but leave “intentional living” alone. It sounds new age-y and spiritual on the outside, but intentional living is actually about the effort it takes to do something other than drift through life. When it comes to living intentionally for the sake of your career, abstract daydreaming isn’t going to cut it. You have to be actively intentional.
6 Signs You Need Intentional Living

Every day feels like a slog.
You live for the weekend because you hate your job.
You always want to be somewhere else.
Your life will start “if only…”
You’re settling into dissatisfaction. It’s becoming comfortable.
Weeks, months or years have passed by and you have nothing to show for them.

What is Intentional Living?
Intentional living means doing everything consciously and with focus. It’s about partaking in the activities that fulfill your core values, and not doing the things that don’t fulfill those values. To entrepreneurs and CEOs, that’s a familiar concept. Successful professionals are masters at only focusing on the projects that move them toward their goals and leaving the rest behind.
There’s an element of minimalism to intentional living. Pick one thing and focus on it – one book, one documentary, one project or even one small part of one project. Do that task without distraction or multi-tasking. Tune everything else out. Intentional living leads you to...
How to Create Locked Content Corner Popups with Divi
Every week, we provide you with new and free Divi layout packs which you can use for your next project. For one of the layout packs, we also share a use case that’ll help you take your website to the next level.
This week, as part of our ongoing Divi design initiative, we’re going to show you how to create locked content corner popups with Divi and the Resort Layout Pack. The concept of a locked content optin form is simple. People have to enter their email address and as soon as they do, hidden content will reveal. You can use this hidden content to share a discount code for instance. To make all of this happen, we’re going to use the Bloom plugin and add the locked content optin form shortcode to a Text Module which we’ll style as a popup. The Text Module will also include an animation with an animation delay to make the Text Module appear as if it is a popup.
Let’s get to it!
Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome across different screen sizes.


Install the Bloom Plugin
Download Bloom
The first thing you will need to do is download the Bloom plugin. If you’re already an Elegant Themes member, you can find the plugin by going to the members area. There, you’ll be able to download the zipped file. If you’re not an Elegant Themes member yet, you’ll need to purchase a...
How Responding vs. Reacting Can Improve Your Business
The biggest react vs. respond writing challenge I’ve ever faced was in a DM with my ex-roommate. She was wordy and angry, insulting and dramatic. My thumb hovered over the keyboard and I willed myself not to type. “Stick with the plan,” I told myself. From the get-go, my intentions were to clear the air and move on. Defending myself, arguing about details and repairing the friendship were not on my list. Instead of meeting her words with a flurry of my own, I kept my responses short and to-the-point.
That story packs itself nicely into one paragraph, but that situation went on for three days – three whole days to come up with about five sentences. Five calm sentences.
Stopping yourself when you’re fired up and ready to fire back is an extremely hard thing to do, in personal life as well as in business. Emotions are high, you want the problem over with and that upsetting comment is lingering there, taunting you, tempting you to smash it with a comment of your own.
Whether it’s an ongoing issue or a one-time conversation gone bad, this type of react vs. respond communication obstacle is exhausting. It can knock your energy right out of your body, make you question everything you know about your career and leave you with a stress-induced eye twitch.
In the spirit of halting a problem in its tracks, I’m going to start with the takeaway: waiting to respond will have a better...
Get a FREE Home Improvement Layout Pack for Divi
Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away a brand new, free Divi Layout Pack from our design team to you.
For this week, Kenny and his team have created a bold and colorful Home Improvement Layout Pack that I think will surprise you. This layout pack has beautifully bold design with professional layouts for promoting home improvement services with style. The service page layouts make it easy to showcase a wide variety of services. And the home page is perfect for leading visitors to get a free quote online.
Check it out!

Check Out The Divi Home Improvement Layout Pack Below
Get it for free today!

Landing Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Home Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
About Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Blog Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Contact Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Services Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Service Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Key Features
This Home Improvement Layout Pack has bold fonts, colors, and images. This makes the content standout in a way that should help conversions. Also, the use of custom shapes as background images really brings the design together in a uniquely modern way. The Service page does have a fresh presentation that showcases multiple service categories as well.
Live Demos...
Electric Literature Moves to WordPress — Here’s How an Indie Publisher Thrives on the Open Web
Electric Literature launched 10 years ago in Brooklyn, New York, as a quarterly print journal with a mission to make literature more relevant, exciting, and inclusive. And today they’re celebrating the launch of a new website on WordPress, at electricliterature.com.

Surviving (and thriving) for ten years as an independent publisher is no small feat. Over the years the nonprofit organization has grown its online audience — with offerings like Recommended Reading and The Commuter — while expanding its membership of readers who help fund its work. The website is free to everyone and relies on the generosity of its community to donate to the site and support its mission.

How does an indie website make its business work in 2019? We talked with Electric Lit’s Executive Director Halimah Marcus about some of the lessons they’ve learned in the past 10 years.

Slow and Steady Growth Can Be a Very Good Thing

Sometimes raising a lot of money from investors means you’ll grow fast — but also burn out sooner. “Slow and steady growth has been important to our longevity thus far. Ten years for some companies isn’t that long, but ten years for an indie online magazine is quite long. We’ve seen many of our peers close during that time and also many publications that were much better funded and larger than us as well.”

Focus On Your Mission...
7 After Effects Plugins You Have to See to Believe
Adobe After Effects is a powerhouse and one of the most robust pieces of software in the whole Creative Cloud suite. The motion graphics you can create with this software is downright breathtaking. For motion graphics artists who want to take even that to the next level, there are a plethora of After Effects plugins available that can dumbfound and awe your audience. We think these are the very best of the best.
1. Plexus 3

Not a lot needs to be said about Plexus 3 after you see it in action. A particle engine that generates data procedurally and then renders the visuals with polygons, Plexus 3 does have to be seen to be believed. You get custom visibility settings, unified rendering, the ability to slice your objects, depth mapping, and is specifically designed to take advantage of the After Effects multi-threading that was introduced in version 13.5.
The power comes at a price, however. A license for Plexus 3 starts at $249.99 for a single user. But if you are the kind of artist who can take advantage of what it offers, that’s a steal.
Price: $249.99 | More information
2. Instagram Filters for Video

There’s not a lot to say about the Instagram Filters AE plugin, except that it does exactly what you think it would do. It adds Instagram-style filters to your videos, so if you need to give the video you’re working on that vintage flair, you can drench it in...
What is a KPI? A Marketer’s Guide
Your marketing is performing beautifully. You have a ton of backlinks, more website traffic than ever and a newsletter open rate that’s higher than the industry standard. You know all of this because you have a KPI for each goal. Kick your feet up – you’re awesome at this job.
Except, if you were to dig deeper, you’d find out a few things. Those backlinks are mostly coming from directory sites. Your website traffic is booming, but your bounce rate is high and your conversions are low. People are opening your newsletters, but they’re not clicking on any links or forwarding them to their friends.
Surface-level numbers won’t tell you what’s really going on with your marketing. That’s why you need the right KPI to uncover details you won’t notice on your own.
What is a KPI?
KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. A KPI is a measurable value that tells a business how well it’s achieving objectives. In other words, it’s a way to compare where you currently are to where you want to be.
High-Level vs. Low-Level KPIs
High-level KPIs are used to measure broad performance goals. An example of a high-level KPI is company-wide Annual Growth.
Low-level KPIs are more focused and actionable than high-level KPIs. They target specific employees, departments or processes.
Most of the KPIs we’ll be discussing in this article are low-level KPIs because they’re...
Divi Plugin Highlight: Battle Suit for Divi
Battle Suit for Divi is a third-party plugin that provides a collection of Divi Builder Modules, Divi Extensions, Tweaks, WordPress Widgets, and more, that add new features to Divi. It’s a modular system that’s highly expandable. The plugin itself is free and it can be expanded with lots of free and premium add-ons.
In this Divi plugin highlight, we’ll take a look at Battle Suit for Divi and see what it includes. Since you can get the plugin for free in the WordPress depository, I’ll mostly show examples of the premium add-ons.
Battle Suit for Divi

Install and activate Battle Suit for Divi. A new menu item called Divi Sensei Suit is added to the dashboard menu.

Clicking Settings takes you to the Divi Theme Option. A new tab is added to the Divi Theme Options called Battle Suit. Here, you can enable features and widgets.

Selecting Add-Ons opens a screen with several choices. You can purchase the premium add-ons from here. Toolset for Divi requires Toolset Views and Toolset Types to be installed. This requires the premium version of Toolset. I’ll be using all three of these add-ons in this plugin highlight.

Upload and activate each plugin as normal.

Add your license key and activate the license to use the add-ons.
Battle Suit for Divi Modules

Lots of new modules are added to the Divi Builder. The modules include the expected Content, Design, and Advanced tabs and features...

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