Customize Your Dashboard
We’re happy to announce new improvements to your dashboard for a more accessible and customized experience. From your desktop, you can now customize your dashboard by choosing one of our two new color schemes, Classic Bright for a fresh modern feel and Classic Blue as the standard you’ve known and loved. As part of our commitment to inclusive design, these new colors have been optimized for higher contrast and increased legibility with a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.



We’ll soon be introducing additional color scheme options that will continue our mission of a better more accessible web for everyone.

Here’s how to customize your color scheme:

On your desktop, sign in to your account that you’d like to customize.Click your account avatar in the upper right corner.Select Account SettingsUnder Dashboard Color Scheme select an option

Have ideas for color schemes you’d like to see? Please comment below.
Introducing the 2019 ‘Anything Is Possible’ List
A coffee co-op owned by its farmers, a sewing community empowering people of all body shapes and sizes, and a 12-year-old journalist are among those named in’s first-ever “Anything Is Possible” List for 2019, celebrating 14 extraordinary people and organizations who are using the web to make the world a better place.

This year’s inaugural list includes nonprofits, artists who are using their work to raise awareness, and bloggers who created community when they saw a critical gap.

Here are 14 inspiring sites for 2019, where Anything Is Possible:


Congolese-American sisters Melissa and Annette Roche started NappStar, an innovative hair salon specializing in loc hairstyles, after growing up watching their mother work on people’s hair in their community in Maryland. They now operate a thriving business in New York City.

It Gets Better Project

The It Gets Better Project was launched in 2010 to help LGBTQ+ youth feel supported and connected in the face of bullying and intolerance; over the years, the organization has collected a massive archive of over 60,000 stories all sharing the same theme of empowerment.

Orange Street News

Hilde Lysiak started Orange Street News, her small town’s only newspaper, at the age of 9. She’s been serving her community nonstop since then, reporting on everything from snow...
How to Apply a Gradient Text Color to Your Copy Using Divi’s Built-in Options Only
No matter what kind of website you’re creating, highlighting copy and content remains one of the top priorities. With Divi’s built-in options, there are a ton of ways to get there. One of the possibilities you have is applying a gradient text color to your copy. This is a great approach for adding color to your website, especially if you’re keeping the rest of your website clean and minimalistic. It helps to balance whitespace and it gives your website a breath of fresh air.
In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to give your text a gradient color using Divi’s built-in options only.
Let’s get to it!
Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a look at the outcome on different screen sizes. We’ll show you how to make this work using both a light and dark color palette. Once you get the approach, you can create all kinds of designs with gradient text.

1. Understanding Divi Blend Modes
Blend modes work exactly the way you’re used to them in image editing software. They’re based upon layer structures. Concretely, that means a blend mode in Divi will follow a certain hierarchy:

A blend mode applied to a module will blend the module + column below it
A blend mode applied to a column will blend the column + row below it
A blend mode applied to a row will blend the row + section below it

For this...
How to Determine the Best Blogging Platform for You
Right now there are more choices than ever for anyone interested in starting a blog. Years ago you had to choose between Blogspot and WordPress. They were the only two major contenders. Today the competition is a bit stiffer. Which is why in this article we’ll be going over the current batch of top blogging platform contenders, weighing their pros and cons, and highlighting which platform is the right fit for specific types of users.
Let’s get to it!
Things to Consider
When looking for the best blogging platform, you have to realize that not all services are created equal. WordPress is a full-blown CMS, meaning that it can run an entire website as well as a blog. Ghost and Medium are dedicated to publishing content above and beyond anything else. So depending on your goals and situation, one platform may be better than another for you.
Some particular points you should run through are

Do you have a budget for your blog? Some platforms are free, while others have an initial or monthly cost.
Are you a designer or have access to one? Some platforms require more expertise than others.
Do you intend to make money or run a store from the blog?
Are you hosting the website, or do you need the blogging platform to cover that?

While there are other considerations (overall traffic and user scaling, number of contributors, and so on), these should help you narrow down your...
Get a FREE Video Game Layout Pack for Divi
Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you.
This time around, Kenny and his team have created a gorgeous Gaming Layout Pack with amazing free illustrations that you’ll want to lay your hands on.

Check Out The Divi Video Game
Layout Pack Below
Get it for free today!

Landing Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Home Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
About Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Blog Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Coming Soon Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Community Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Support Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Key Features
The Video Game Layout Pack is ready to take your video game website to the next level. It includes amazing illustrations, a dark color palette and some of Divi’s finest design combinations. In other words; this layout pack will undeniably do justice to any website you decide to create.
Live Demos
Click the links below to see a live demo for each of the layouts included in the pack.

Video Game Landing Page (live demo)
Video Game Homepage (live demo)
Video Game About Page (live demo)
Video Game Blog Page (live demo)
Video Game Coming Soon Page (live demo)
Video Game Community Page (live demo)
Video Game Support Page...
How to Be Confident in Life and Business
For some of us, appearing confident is a challenge. Walking into a crowded room, meeting new people, or having to lead others are much more difficult when you listen to the little voice in your head that likes to put you down.
To make matters worse, low self-confidence could prevent you from progressing toward your goals, be they personal or career-related. Without a little confidence, you’re a lot less likely to go for that promotion or introduce yourself to potential new clients or friends. In this article, we’ll discuss what confidence looks like, why it’s important, and how to increase yours.
Let’s get to it!
What Confidence Is, What It Looks Like, and Why You Want It
Defined simply, confidence is the feeling you get when relying on or trusting someone. This could be applied generally or could relate to a specific task. Self-confidence, therefore, is the ability to rely on and trust yourself.
There are several characteristics that, when we see them in others, make us perceive them as confident. The first is positivity. A person with a can-do attitude appears able – or at least willing to try – to accomplish just about anything.
Self-confident people also seem nearly fearless. They’re willing to try new things and they approach tasks without worrying about whether they will make a mistake. If they do mess up, they simply fix the problem when it...
How to Style a Beautiful Pricing Table in Divi
Pricing tables are often the main CTA of a page. That’s why it is important to style them properly. With Divi, you can take many turns and create pricing tables exactly the way you imagine them. To give you some food for thought, we’ve created a stunning pricing table that you can use for any kind of website you’re working on. We’ll guide you through creating the outcome from A to Z using Divi’s built-in options only.
Let’s get to it!

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome on different screen sizes.


Download The Images for FREE
To lay your hands on the images that are used within this tutorial, you will first need to download it using the button below. To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily email list by using the form below. As a new subscriber, you will receive even more Divi goodness and a free Divi Layout pack every Monday! If you’re already on the list, simply enter your email address below and click download. You will not be “resubscribed” or receive extra emails.

Download the Files

.et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content { background-color: #4843d2 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container .et_bloom_form_header { background-color: #ffffff !important; } .et_bloom...
How to Minify Your Websites CSS, HTML & Javascript
When you minify your website’s CSS, HTML, and Javascript files, you can shave some valuable time off of your site’s page load speed. Now we aren’t talking about cutting your page load speed in half or anything, but when it comes to the speed of your website, any little bit helps. How fast your site loads is not only important for first time visitors, but it is also important for moving search engine ranking.
The term “minify” is programming lingo that describes the processes of removing unnecessary characters in the source code. These characters include whitespaces, line breaks, comments, and block delimiters which are useful for us humans but unnecessary for machines. We minify the files of a website containing CSS, HTML, and Javascript code so your web browser can read them faster.
Here is an example of what CSS minification looks like.
CSS Before Minification

/* Layout helpers

.ui-helper-hidden {
display: none;
.ui-helper-hidden-accessible {
border: 0;
clip: rect(0 0 0 0);
height: 1px;
margin: -1px;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 0;
position: absolute;
width: 1px;

CSS After Minification

.ui-helper-hidden{display:none}.ui-helper-hidden-accessible{border:0;clip:rect(0 0 0 0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px}

Obviously, this is just a small...
How to Design Custom Full Screen Page Layouts in Divi
Full Screen page layouts can really come in handy in the world of web design. One main benefit of a full screen page layout is visibility. With full screen pages, all your page content remains within the browser window. In a world where users are quick to scroll, having all of your content contained within the browser viewport from the start can be refreshing for the viewer and could also help with conversions.
If you are familiar with Divi, you should already know about the fullwidth header module that has full screen functionality built in. This is a wonderful solution for creating full screen pages with minimal content. But if you want to take advantage of building a full screen page layout using a regular section with multiple rows and modules, this is the post for you. I’ll show you a few simple tricks to make sure your page content (even the header and footer bar) fit within your browser window and then scale nicely on different browser sizes.
Let’s get started.

Sneak Peek
Here is a sneak peek of the final full screen page layout we will be creating in this tutorial.

Notice how the page height adjusts to the height of the browser window so that everything stays in place.

What you Need
For this tutorial, all you really need is Divi. I will also be using the Fitness Gym Layout pack which is accessible from the Divi Builder.
How to make a Custom Full Screen...
Are These Logical Fallacies Limiting Your Personal and Professional Growth?
One of the most frustrating situations is trying to argue with someone who doesn’t respond to logic. If someone refuses to see reason, they might not even agree that two plus two equals four. The scariest part is, logical fallacies are much more common than you might imagine – and you may be guilty of a few of them yourself.
If you have a good head on your shoulders and you rely on reasoning and logic, you’ll get pretty far in your personal and professional lives. To help you, we’re going to talk about what logical fallacies are and how they can affect you. Then we’ll introduce you to seven of the most common logical fallacies you’ll run into, and how you can spot them.
Let’s get to it, Watson!
What Logical Fallacies Are (And How They Can Limit Your Growth)
Imagine you’re a kid running a lawn-mowing service for your neighbors. You do a great job, and your customers love you. However, there’s one neighbor with a ruined prized rose bush, and he’s blaming you for it.
Being a responsible person, you walk over and explain to him the rose bush was in perfect state the last time you came by. In fact, he checked out the garden himself before paying you for it, so there’s no evidence against you.
If your neighbor is a reasonable man, he’ll agree that he can’t blame you without any evidence and nothing is linking...
Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from December 2018
It’s that time again for our monthly Divi Showcase where we take a look at 10 awesome Divi websites made by our community members. Each month we showcase the best Divi websites that were submitted from our community and today we want to share with you the top ten websites for the month of December. Throughout the post, I’ll point out some of my favorite design features that draw me to each of the websites.
I hope you like them!
Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from December 2018
1. Rad Speicher

This site was submitted by Saskia Lund. It uses a multi-column layout for the hero section with an overlay in the larger column to describe the purpose of the site and a set of blurbs in the smaller column with overlays to show the products. Hovering over the blurbs reveals a description and a button. Services are shown with images that include text with a styled gold box. Hovering changes the color of the text and its background. The styled gold boxes carry through the layout’s design and appear behind several images. Gold is also used for headers and titles. The menu includes a styled reservation CTA.
Visit Site
2. Ane Riel

This site was submitted by Rikke Ekelund. The site uses a left vertical menu that remains in place as you scroll. The full-screen header shows the author’s name and photo with an arrow showing you to scroll down. The next two sections showcase a...
10 Rules of Good UI Design to Follow On Every Web Design Project
Gone are the days of Geocities sites with their hardcoded, never-changing HTML. Sites and apps today are dynamic and interactive. Our job as designers is to make it so that the interface through which they interact with our web UI design is as close to ideal as possible. Luckily, there are some nearly universal rules of that can help. We have put together what we think are the best design principles so that you can enhance all your future web design projects.
1. Make Everything the User Needs Readily Accessible

Whether it’s a series of design tools for web design apps, the inventory for a character in a video game, a spreadsheet, or anything else, if the user can’t find what they want, they bounce off your software. Tabs make things accessible. Shortcuts and hover tooltips, too.
We chose to use tabs to organize Divi, for instance. All the tools you need are right there in the builder, separated by category. Toolbars are similarly accessible. If you use WordPress, the admin toolbar gives you the ability to quickly get to the post editor, the theme customizer, plugin settings, and so on. The options are clearly labeled, and you don’t have to search them out.
Another example is the Help/Support/Contact options. When designing a UI, whether it’s for a mobile app, web apps, WordPress websites, or anything else, your users will always need to find the Help...

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