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WordPress is number one CMS, it is most popular and it powers around 70% of all web sites worldwide that use content management system. WordPress look could be enhanced with custom professional theme and functionality via thousands of different plugins. The initial blog platform now grow up to a multisite, metalanguage, e commerce and more. These days WordPress powers from small blogs to big corporate web sites.

Basic Facts

  • Popular and Widespread
  • Multiple user management
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Search engine optimized 
  • Taxonomy
  • Custom Permissions
  • Custom Content Types & Views
  • E-commerce Development
  • WordPress Community

WordPress History and Facts

WordPress was released in 2003. It’s now 15 years old. and now. Only 39% of WordPress websites are running the most current version of the software (4.8). Major core updates of WordPress are released about every 152 days on the average. The WordPress software incorporates the programming languages PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. There are 72 (and counting) translations available for WordPress. WordPress sites make up 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world. 50,000 WordPress.com websites are launched daily.

WordPress News

The Incredibly Easy New WayTo Adjusting Sizing & Spacing In Divi The new draggable sizing controls take full advantage of Divi’s visual builder technology to give you a new and super intuitive way to design your pages. Today we are introducing Draggable Sizing for Divi. This new UI innovation allows you to quickly adjust the width, height, margin and padding of any module, row or section with ease. Instead of having to open a settings panel and type in sizing values manually, you can instead drag to adjust the elements right on the page and see the results instantly. It’s quick, it’s easy and it really leverages Divi...
A big part of your website’s success depends on whether or not you’re able to impress your visitors. Not only with your products or services, but also with the way you communicate and how well-designed your website is. Because let’s face it, websites are often first impressions. And similar to any other kind of first impression, you want it to leave a good aftertaste. Now, if you’re looking for a unique way to put some of your content in the spotlight, creating subtle overlapping animations might be just what you are looking for. These subtle overlapping animations are kind of like a slideshow for your...
“If we’re gonna be friends, you should know that I re-heat my coffee as many times as it takes to burn my tongue, I only watch horror movies through my fingers and I seriously dislike elephants, although I wish them all the best.” That’s the most-commented-on line from my About Me page. It’s the very last sentence and the sixth paragraph of 275 words, which means that people read all the way down to it, including one scroll. They then feel compelled to email me to ask about it. (“You reheat your coffee? Like, in the microwave? And what’s with the elephant thing??? Who doesn’t love elephants...
Keeping your visitors interested is the key to a successful website—and one great way to do that is with email. A smart email outreach plan piques peoples’ interest, keeps them engaged, and brings them back to your website. To send emails, you need a mailing list, and Mailchimp is the list-building tool of choice for lots of folks. With WordPress.com’s new Mailchimp block, you can add a signup form to any post or page. Give visitors the opportunity to join your list wherever they are on your website. Using the Mailchimp block If your website is on WordPress.com or uses Jetpack (version 7.1 or higher), the...
Creating floating corner designs is a simple and easy way to add a little creative style to Divi Modules that you may not have thought was possible without custom code. Good news! With Divi, you can use dividers and blurbs to style the four corners of your module using Divi’s built-in options. And, it can be pretty fun to try out the different possibilities. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create floating corner designs for your content in Divi. Once you have the elements in place, you can style those corners with countless shapes, icons, and colors! Let’s get started! Sneak Peek Here is a sneak...
Choosing the right source control platform for your team is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make. There’s a good chance that you’ll choose Git for the version control software (VCS) itself, but the platform where the code lives is equally important. Many times, it comes down to Bitbucket vs GitHub. Over the years the two have grown strong communities and userbases. In this post we want to take a look at both platforms to see which would better serve your development team’s needs. GitHub vs Bitbucket: The Basics If you are a newcomer to Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket entirely, you may want to...

Web Design with Marketing in Mind

Professional Web Design - 16GB VPS Server - DYN Enterprise DNS - IMAP and WebMail - Comodo SSL - cPanel and Web Admin - Updates and Backups

WordPress Tutorials

Getting hacked is every blogger’s worst nightmare. Isn’t that true? While there are many things you can do to secure your WordPress site using plugins and simple tweaks, one of the best ways to prevent security lapses is to choose a secure...
When we work online, the problem comes without knocking our door. Being a blogger from last 4 years, I know the importance of taking timely backup of my blog. As WordPress runs on a web hosting, there are many possible issues which can come with your blog, anytime. Like – Your hosting company might shut down. Your hosting company suspects your WordPress blog for high memory usage. A hacker hacks your blog. You...
create-comparison-pricing-tables-in-wordpressComparison tables are a great way to help your readers pick the right product for them. They may be deciding between two or more...
SEMrush Free Trial OfferSEO & social media go hand in hand when talking about the success of your site. No matter what kind of site you are running, you need the perfect tool which will help you with the SEO...
Ad Management Plugin For WordPressAdvertising is the heart & soul of a growing blog. It’s the advertising that pays for our hosting, domain & gives us an ample amount of reasons to...

Basic and eCommerce SEO Services

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16 Apr

WordPress Website Optimization

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Google Site Kit for WordPress

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Technically speaking, WooCommerce today is an open source (... WooCommerce WP Pros and Cons

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WordPress 5.0 Beta 5 is Available

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New WordPress Cloud VPS

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Wix Site Builder vs WordPress

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