How to Create Flip Cards with Any Module in Divi Without a Plugin
Flip Cards are a fun way for users to interact with your website. Not only does it provide a cool flip animation, it also allows you to offer additional information in one concise location. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to turn Divi Modules into flip cards without using a plugin! With this method, you will be able to use one Divi module as the front of a card and another Divi module as the back of a card. You can even design each module (front and back) however you like using the divi builder. The functionality is accomplished through just a few snippets of CSS (no jquery).
I think you will be surprised at just how simple and fun building these cards can be.
Let’s dive in!
Sneak Peak
Here is a sneak peak of the design we will be building today.

What You Need for This Tutorial
All you will need for this Tutorial is Divi! No plugin needed. We will also be using the App Developer Layout Pack which is FREE and available within the Divi Builder.
The Basic Idea Explained
The inspiration for this concept actually came from this basic example of how to design flip cards. All it took was a little re-engineering to assign the div classes to Divi rows, columns and modules and then clean up the CSS a bit.
The Divi layout consists of a regular section with four one-column rows. In each row, I added two blurb modules stacked on top of each other (although any...
How to Show Before and After Images with Slider Effect in WordPress
Let’s assume that you are a fitness blogger and want to inspire your audience by sharing the before and after images of your body transformation. Instead of just placing the images side by side, it would be rather cool if you can use a before and after image slider to show the difference.
Wait! What is a before and after image slider?
It is an image slider that stacks one image on top of another and uses an interactive slider to reveal the images. If the slider moves horizontally, then the first image will be revealed when the slider moves to the extreme right and the second one will be visible when it moves to the left.

Such sliders are handy for comparing two similar images. And hence, it can be useful for a number of professionals like photographers, beauticians, designers, doctors, and dentists.
If you are a WordPress user and wondering how you can use it on your website, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will share how you can add before and after images with the slider effect on your website.
So without further ado, let’s get started.
How to Add Before After Image Slider
There are many free and premium plugins using which you can add the before-after image slider on a web page.
However, we will be using the Twenty20 Image Before After plugin in this article. Later, I will also mention some popular free and premium alternatives.
Introducing Six New Business-Oriented Themes
Today we’re excited to announce six new themes with an entrepreneurial spin: Calm Business, Elegant Business, Friendly Business, Modern Business, Professional Business, and Sophisticated Business.
Designed by Takashi Irie, each theme in this collection is based on a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that’s well-suited to a wide range of businesses — but with six unique styles and tones, there’s a version that suits your distinctive brand.
The sleek minimalism of Modern Business brings focus to your high-end fashion photography; Sophisticated Business brings a moody palette and stylized typography to complement the style of your upscale restaurant.

Calm Business’s softness matches the peaceful tone of your small yoga studio, while and Friendly Business adds subtle but uplifting touches to create a welcoming online home for your hobby farm.

Not to be outdone, Professional Business is solid and grounded to echo the integrity of your accounting firm, and Elegant Business’s combination of warmth and sophistication makes it a perfect fit for coffee shops.

Each themes has a bold accent color you can customize to match your business’s branding.

They all also include full support for the new WordPress block editor, allowing you to create a wide range of content for your site.

You can learn more about each of these themes in our showcase!
The 10 Best Divi eCommerce Child Themes
One of the strengths of Divi is its compatibility with WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms. Divi is well suited to create any type of product or service eCommerce website you can image. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Another advantage of Divi is the amazing number of professionally designed child themes available in the marketplaces from third-party developers.
In this article, we take a look at the 10 best Divi eCommerce child themes to help you build your eCommerce website. The child themes are in no particular order.
1. RoyalCommerce

RoyalCommerce was made for any type of store. It uses a minimal design to put the focus on your products. It has four style options and lots of pages. The design and features are based on the top eCommerce websites to improve the shopper’s experience. Features include quick view, slider, wishlist, image zoom, Ajax filtering, sticky shopping cart, header icons, fixed header on mobile, banners, and more. It also includes the Divi Logo Swap plugin. Each of these can be turned on or off.
Price: $150 | More Information
2. Luxe

Luxe is an online store child theme for any type of store. It comes with 20 layouts including lots of store and site pages. It includes several marketing pages, and also comes with email sign up and thank you pages. It includes the premium plugins Divi Woo Layout Injector and The Grid so you can...
16 Best WordPress Affiliate Programs to Participate In
Affiliate marketing kind of has a stigma against it, and it is almost entirely undeserved. When done correctly (and ethically), affiliate marketing can boost your revenue, bolster networks and relationships with both customers and brands, and get the word out about products and services that you love. In the WordPress space, there are a lot of WP-specific affiliate programs that can keep your wallet full and your customers happy and productive. Let’s dig through the absolute best WordPress affiliate programs out there, shall we?
Please note that while we do believe these are among the best WordPress affiliate programs available to you, we are presenting these in no particular order. They are numbered for your convenience, not ranking.
1. WPEngine

Straight up, if you’re looking for the best WordPress affiliate programs, then you absolutely need to look at WPEngine. Their payout is insanely good. You get either $200 or 100% of the customer’s first month — whichever is higher. In all our searching, all our looking, we could not find a simpler or more lucrative program.
The details are pretty simple, too. Someone clicks your link, and if they become a WPEngine customer within 180 days (6 months!), you get $200 bucks. On top of that, if they become an affiliate (or you just refer an affiliate in general), you get $50 for every person they refer. WPEngine...
How to Make Hidden Row Content Appear on Hover with Divi (Free Download!)
Adding subtle interactions to your website can really boost the overall user experience visitors have. One of the things that’ll make your website look that more fancier, while still respecting user-friendliness, is making row content appear on hover. This is a great approach for showcasing services, products, features and more.
In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a specific design from A to Z, but once you get the approach, you can make it work for any kind of website you’re working on. At the end of this blog post, we’ll also share the JSON file of this design that you can download for FREE and use without any restrictions.
Let’s get to it!
Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome on different screen sizes.


Let’s Start Creating!

Add New Section
Default Background Color
Start off by adding a new section to a new or existing page and change the section background color.

Background Color: #e0e0e0

Hover Background Color
Modify this background color on hover.

Background Color: #000000

Move on to the design tab and add some custom spacing values. To make this tutorial work, we’ll only use viewport units. This will help assure that everything stays in place, no matter the screen size.

Top Margin: 5vw
Bottom Margin: 5vw
Left Margin: 3vw
Right Margin:...
10 Best Speech to Text Tools to Speed Up Your Writing Process
Writing is one of the most common tasks we do in our professional careers. Whether we’re writing a blog post, answering an email, sending a newsletter, or even writing a novel, writing is a slow process. Even for those who type fast, they can usually talk faster than they can type. Fortunately, you can speed up the writing process by using speech to text software.
Many find that software helps them silence their internal editor so they can focus on writing now and editing later. Speech to text software is also great for those who have difficulty using their hands, have dyslexia, etc.
In this article, we’ll look at the 10 best speech to text tools to speed up your writing process. These apps have a high rate of accuracy of usually around 90% or higher. Prices range from free to hundreds of dollars, so there should be something here for every need and budget. The apps are in no particular order.
1. Google Docs Voice to Text

Google Docs Voice to Text works with Chrome browsers when using Google Docs or Google Slides. It’s available in lots of languages. You can add punctuation by saying the name of the punctuation you want to use. It also has voice commands to select, format, edit, add tables, move around the documents, stop or start, open help, and accessibility. It includes a help file with the instructions and all of the commands.
Price: Free | More Information
2. Windows...
How to Add Simple Stripe Payment Buttons to Your Pricing Tables in Divi
Stripe is an extremely flexible payment processing solution for online businesses, especially if you are a tech savvy developer. But, if you aren’t a developer, and still want to use Stripe to sell a few products online, there are simple ways to do just that. In fact, with a few snippets of code (or a simple plugin), you can add Stripe payment buttons to your website in a flash.
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add Stripe payment buttons to your Divi website using Stripe Payments for WordPress Plugin. I’ll even show you how to style your buttons to match your Divi layout.
Let’s get started!
Sneak Peek
Here is a sneak peek of the Stripe payment buttons we will create in this tutorial.

Getting Started
For this use case tutorial, you will need the following:

The Divi Theme (installed and active)
A Stripe Account
The Stripe Payments for WordPress Plugin by WP Simply Pay (installed and active)
We will also be using a the Digital Products Pricing Page Layout available for FREE within the Divi Builder

About the Plugin

Stripe Payments for WordPress by WP Simply Pay is a plugin that allows you to start collecting credit card payment with Stripe using a simple shortcode embed. You can actually create checkout forms and payment buttons manually without the use of the plugin, but since this plugin makes things easy and offers a few convenient...
What Is Search Intent and How Should It Factor Into Your SEO Efforts?
For many site owners, improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something to continually strive for. Finding new ways to boost optimization can give your site the extra push it needs to gain additional visibility. ‘Search intent’ is one SEO factor you may not yet be considering.
In this article, we’ll discuss what search intent is and how it can help improve your SEO. Then we’ll share a few strategies for optimizing your content for search intent.
Let’s go!
What Is Search Intent And Why Is It Important to SEO?
Search intent refers to the results a user hopes to see when they enter a keyword into a search engine. It’s sometimes broken into categories. Three of the most common search intents include informational, navigational, and transactional.
Informational search intent refers to users who are searching in order to learn something, whether it’s directions to a restaurant or facts on a certain subject. Navigational searchers are trying to get to a particular web page. For example, they may type “facebook” into Google in order to get to their Facebook profile, instead of navigating directly to the website.
Finally, transactional searchers are attempting to take action. This could be simply making a purchase, but it also includes those looking to sign up for an email list or join an online community. There are other...
Get a FREE Health Clinic Layout Pack for Divi
Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you.
This time around, Kenny and his team have created a modern and professional Health Clinic Layout Pack that’ll instantly help you connect to your visitors with the content you bring.

Check Out The Divi Health Clinic
Layout Pack Below
Get it for free today!

Landing Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Home Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
About Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Blog Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Contact Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Services Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Service Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Key Features
The Health Clinic Layout Pack will instantly give your website the professional look and feel it deserves. With its custom backgrounds and high-quality images, you will be able to elevate the web design style of any medical website you build.
Live Demos
Click the links below to see a live demo for each of the layouts included in the pack.

Health Clinic Landing Page (live demo)
Health Clinic Homepage (live demo)
Health Clinic About Page (live demo)
Health Clinic Blog Page (live demo)
Health Clinic Contact Page (live demo)
Health Clinic Services Page (live demo)
Health Clinic Service Page (live...
A Simple Guide to the Scrum Collaboration Methodology
Ideally, completing a long-term project should involve minimal backtracking, and end with a satisfied customer or client. In reality, this isn’t always the case. The ‘Scrum Collaboration Methodology’ – or simply ‘Scrum’ – attempts to prevent setbacks and improve customer satisfaction by tackling project development piece by piece.
In this article, we’ll explain the Scrum method and its benefits over more traditional project management strategies. Then we’ll provide steps on how to implement Scrum for your next project.
Let’s get to it!
An Introduction to the Scrum Collaboration Method
In order to understand what Scrum is, we first have to understand the Agile method. Initially created to help software developers to manage projects more effectively and efficiently, Agile refers to a set of values, principles, and practices. Development teams use Agile as a guide as they complete projects.
Scrum is a methodology that applies Agile values and principles. Like Agile, Scrum was first used by software developers. However, it has spread and is now used by other product developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else trying to take on a complex project.
Usually, Scrum involves a collaborative team made up of five to seven people. There are three roles within the Scrum team: the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the general team members....
Announcing Newspack by — A New Publishing Solution for News Organizations
Over the past 15 years, WordPress has grown to become the world’s most popular publishing platform for the open web — and it’s especially true for news organizations. Through and our enterprise service VIP, we’re proud to host sites for some of the most trusted names in journalism — from and CNN to FiveThirtyEight and Quartz, as well as individual sites for reporters and bloggers all around the globe.

Today we’re excited to announce funding for a new platform, Newspack by, aimed at small- and medium-sized news organizations. Google, through the Google News Initiative, is taking the lead in backing the project and has committed $1.2 million. Other funders include The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, which is contributing $400,000; ConsenSys, the venture studio backing Civil Media, which is contributing $350,000; and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which is contributing $250,000. An additional $200,000 from a fifth source is expected to be contributed toward the project later this month.

News organizations interested in being part of the pilot launch can go to to learn more.

With many local news organizations struggling to find sustainable models for journalism, we’re seeing a need for an inexpensive platform that provides the technology and support that lets news organizations...

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