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Build Stunning New Backgrounds Using Custom Shapes And Textures
Introducing Two Brand New Design Settings For Divi
Create Stunning Backgrounds By Combining Colors, Gradients, Images, Masks And Patterns!

Today we are excited to introduce Backgrounds Masks and Background Patterns for Divi, two brand new design settings that allow you to create a vast array of new visual effects by combining colors, gradients, images, videos, masks and patterns using a simple new interface. There is a lot to share about these new settings, so keep reading for all the details!

Introducing Background Masks

Background masks use positive and negative space to frame backgrounds and create new shapes. Background masks are placed on top of your background elements and below you content. They work by framing your background colors, gradients, images, and videos; letting only those elements shine through the mask to reveal new shapes. This adds quite a bit of utility to Divi by allowing you to use backgrounds in brand new ways. You can transforming backgrounds into unique shapes that can interact with surrounding content. Masks are built using SVGs, so they are super crisp, lightweight and will automatically conform to the size of your elements.

Choose From 23 Unique Masks
Divi comes with a wide range of wonderful masks to choose from. Masks can also be flipped, rotated and inverted to create different...
The Ultimate Guide to Canonical URLs
When content that’s exactly the same or almost exactly the same appears on two or more pages, that’s called duplicate content. The biggest problem with duplicate content is that search engines don’t know which version of the content to index or show in search results. It’s also difficult to figure out where to direct link metrics, like authority and trust. And when other sites need to choose between duplicate content versions to link back to, any of the many links may be chosen, which dilutes link equity. This is where canonical URLs come in. They’re used to clear up issues presented by duplicate content, which can improve your search engine ranking.
What Are Canonical URLs?
A canonical URL, referred to because of the HTML tag rel=”canonical”, is what search engines use to find the master version of content when there are multiple versions of a page either on the same website or on different websites.
For example, let’s say you publish a blog post on your own website. Then, you want to also publish that blog post on your LinkedIn and Medium accounts. With a canonical tag, you can let search engines know that even though the same blog post is on multiple websites, the one on your website is the master version, the one that should show up in search results.
And keep in mind that technically, a canonical URL isn’t really a URL — it’s more of a tag that’s attached to a...
Download a FREE Blog Post Template for Divi’s Print Shop Layout Pack
Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new freebies. This time around we’re building upon the Print Shop Layout Pack with a brand new blog post template that matches the rest of the pack perfectly. Hope you enjoy it!

Check Out The Print Shop
Blog Post Template Below
Get it for free today!

Download The Blog Post Template For The Print Shop Layout Pack
To lay your hands on the free Print Shop Blog Post Template, you will first need to download it using the button below. To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily email list by using the form below. As a new subscriber, you will receive even more Divi goodness and a free Divi Layout pack every Monday! If you’re already on the list, simply enter your email address below and click download. You will not be “resubscribed” or receive extra emails.

Download the Files

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What is Cornerstone Content and Why is it So Important?
Cornerstone content is a major element of link building that will help your website rank higher in search results. Creating and publishing cornerstone articles that function as the foundation of the rest of your site’s content is just one facet of a pro-level approach to SEO. A strong SEO keyword strategy is multi-pronged, and it requires a lot of work on the front end if you want to rank later.
Interested in how cornerstone content fits into that? Read on.
What is Cornerstone Content?
Cornerstone content consists of content on your website that serves as a focal point for site visitors. It’s the content whose keywords you want to rank for above all else. Essentially, it’s what you want to be known for.
For example, pieces of cornerstone content could be high-value blog posts that offer readers a wealth of information. These blog posts act as “pillars” whose main idea branches out into multiple related posts. Related posts are then linked back to the cornerstone piece.
Building out these strong internal backlinks helps to establish pieces of cornerstone content. When properly mapped and strategized, they’re part of a clear hierarchy in your website. Visitors whose Google search sends them to your cornerstone article can then follow the links in your post to learn more about the topic.
When you develop and designate cornerstone content, you...
How to Redirect After Filling Out an Email Optin Form in Divi
One of the options inside Divi’s email optin form redirects the user to a new page when they subscribe. This is a simple process and opens lots of possibilities for sales pages, welcome messages, and more. In this post, we’ll look at Divi’s email optin redirect URL option to see how to redirect after filling out an email optin form in Divi. We’ll also design a page to welcome them as a subscriber.
Let’s get started.
Redirect to a Custom URL
Let’s start by seeing how to perform the redirect within the Divi email optin module. For my examples, I’m using the free Print Shop layout that’s available within Divi.
First, open the settings for the email optin module by clicking the gear icon that appears when you hover over the module.

The Content tab has the settings we’ll need to adjust. This tab includes settings for Text, Email Account, Fields, Success Action, Spam Protection, Link, Background, and Admin Label.
Scroll down to the section labeled Success Action. You’ll see a dropdown box under Action.

Click the box to see its options. Select Redirect to a Custom URL.

This opens a new set of options including a field for the URL and a list of queries that will add query arguments to the URL.
The URL that you add will be the location the user is redirected to when they submit the email form. The Redirect URL Query allows you to select data that you want to pass along to that...
What is Apache Web Server?
Web servers use software to process requests and make your website’s content accessible to browsers. However, there are many different server software types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common server architectures is Apache Web server, but exactly what is Apache?
In this post, we’ll answer that question. We’ll explore Apache’s pros and cons, and show you how to find out if your web server uses this software. Let’s get started!
What is Apache?
Apache HTTP Server Project is an open-source web server software that operates across various operating systems, including Windows and UNIX. That means its software is free to use and edit, with developers continually working to improve the project:

It’s important to understand that Apache is not the server itself. Web servers are computers that store your site’s files and process requests from visitors’ browsers. These servers use software (such as Apache or NGINX) to receive requests, retrieve information, and serve it to users.
The software is a project from the Apache Software Foundation, with more than 350 initiatives. These ventures span diverse areas such as database management, website security, cloud computing, and virtual machines.
Apache is one of the most popular web server software options, and has been since it was released in 1995....
Get a FREE Camera Product Layout Pack for Divi
Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you.
This time around, the design team has created a beautiful Camera Product Layout Pack that’ll help you get your next website up and running in no time! This layout pack includes:
– 7 Premade page layouts strategically designed for any camera product website
– Original royalty-free images
– Plus, a large collection of pre-designed website elements that are customizable and reusable anywhere.
This layout pack is available right inside Divi for all Divi customers for FREE as the latest addition to our growing Divi library of 200+ premade layout packs, 1800+ page designs, and countless web design elements and resources.
Check it out!

Check Out The Divi Camera
Product Layout Pack
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Shop Page Design

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Product Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo
Key Features
If you’re looking for a layout pack that puts your products in the spotlight, you’ll want to check out the Camera Product Layout Pack for Divi....
How to Optimize Cornerstone Content for SEO
Cornerstone content is a key part of your website. It can help you drive more traffic, increase user engagement, and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fortunately, producing and optimizing this content can be easy when you follow the right steps.
In this post, we’ll show you how to plan, create, and optimize your cornerstone articles. We’ll also cover some cornerstone SEO strategies. Let’s get started!
What Is Cornerstone Content?
Cornerstone content refers to the most important articles on your website. These are typically long, informative posts that show readers what you can offer and how you can help them. Ideally, this content should contain internal links to other relevant pages on your website.
For example, let’s say you run a blog on digital marketing. Your cornerstone piece could be a comprehensive guide for beginners, covering areas such as SEO, email marketing, and social media advertising. This article would also include links to more specific pages and posts on those topics.
Cornerstone content is an opportunity to show off your expertise and build authority in your niche. Plus, it’s a great way to get readers highly invested in your content and encourage them to stick around for longer.
Planning Cornerstone Articles
Before you can start planning your cornerstone articles, you might want to do some research about your audience. For instance, you...

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