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Email Authentication: A Powerful Way to Help Get your Emails into the Inbox with DKIM

Getting into the inbox is the foundation of successful email marketing. You can spend hours crafting the perfect message, but if it goes to the spam folder, your subscriber won’t see it. 

Mailbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, and others) are always looking for ways to make the email they place in their customers’ inboxes more relevant. With the ever-increasing amount of emails being sent each day, the filters and systems they have in place are more advanced than ever, and are evolving continuously.

To get into the inbox, you first need to follow fundamental email deliverability best practices:

Only send email to people who have asked to receive it.Make your content relevant, well-designed, and engaging.Don’t send people content they are not expecting.Don’t send more email to a person than they can easily read, and don’t send so little that they forget about you.

If you have these best practices covered, then read on to find out how to supercharge your emails’ performance with DKIM.

Making your emails stand out

Imagine a large, fast-flowing river. It’s autumn, so there are leaves floating down the river. I ask you to jump into the river and get me a leaf with my name written on it that fell from a specific tree. Now imagine that there are billions of leaves in the river.

This is like what mailbox providers do every day to place emails into their customers’ inboxes.

Given this, when mailbox providers receive a message they attempt to identify who sent it, which allows them to treat emails from them as a group. Note, though, that doesn’t guarantee that every email will have the exact same outcome.

This identification goes beyond just looking at the sending email address; behind the scenes there are email authentication standards in use that senders can take advantage of to ensure that their emails are grouped correctly and that they stand out from the crowd.

Giving your emails authentication superpowers

Want to give your emails that extra effort to improve your email deliverability? Then setting up your DKIM is a must email deliverability best practice.

So what is DKIM?

DKIM is an email authentication technology that helps stop spoofed emails. It also connects domains in the email to the email message in a strong way that mailbox providers pay attention to. In other words, it makes an email “leaf” stand out in that...
The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Insights for Advertisers
Customers, founders, marketers, your neighbor down the street—everyone is on Facebook these days. With billions of monthly active users, marketers still look at the social media giant as an effective channel for customer acquisition. By running paid ads on the channel, you can reach your target audience for a relatively low cost per click. Your ads can be served directly to your prospects in their newsfeeds, messages, and sidebars.

However, Facebook ad campaigns can get costly if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t measuring the effectiveness of your ads. Most marketers think they know Facebook, but until you dive in and truly see the breadth of data and options available, you might not know what you're up against. Making the most of the Facebook Insights tab isn’t easy.

Ad performance data can look like another language if you aren’t familiar with the terms and how they relate to one another. That’s why it’s so imperative to understand the Facebook Insights framework and what each of the metrics means. In this guide, I’m going to walk you through Facebook Insights, including:

How to get results using Facebook.
How to navigate the Facebook Insights dashboard.
Which Facebook Insights data to track.
How to improve your ad campaigns based on data.
Now, let’s start by taking a look at why so many marketers continue to allocate substantial portions of their marketing budget to Facebook ad campaigns.

Getting results: Facebook Insights for customer acquisition

Facebook ranks high when it comes to marketer preference. An overwhelming 97% of B2C marketers and 89% of B2B marketers picked Facebook when asked the question, “Which social media platforms do you use for marketing your business?”

Image source

It seems like everything ranging from sought-after Amazon products to B2B software is sold on Facebook. But why?

The answer lies in the effectiveness of the ad campaigns that are run on the platform and the low customer acquisition costs. While Facebook ad costs have risen over the years, it can still be a valuable, cost-efficient way to reach your customers.

The average Facebook cost per click (CPC) was $0.50 in 2019, which is a 5% decrease from the year prior. With engaging creative and proper targeting, you can get that number much lower depending on what industry you’re in.

Image source

Marketers or...
Get Higher Open Rates with 22 of the Best Email Subject Lines

If you’ve ever sat down to write an email, you’ve probably asked yourself: “what if no one opens my email?” 

Not a fun feeling, right? Especially if you’re worried that the success of your email rides entirely on your subject line. It’s basically the thing that will make subscribers want to open your message. 

Thankfully, there are formulas to help make writing the best email subject lines as easy as pie. 

These 22 subject line formulas will help you write catchy subject lines that make subscribers eager to open your emails in no time.

Descriptive subject line formulas

The best email subject lines give your subscribers instant value. How? Tell your subscribers exactly what they can expect from your email using just your subject line. 

[Number] ways/strategies to [desired end goal]

Example: 10 ways to get more email subscribers

[Desired end goal] without ever [negative feeling]

Example: Lose weight without ever feeling hungry

How to [desired end goal] even if [barrier to accomplish desired end goal]

Example: How to design a website even if you don’t have coding skills

[Action verb] with/by [lead magnet]

Example: Kickstart your business with our Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

[Desired end goal] with/by only [plan/strategy to reach desired outcome]

Example: Get a job by only networking on LinkedIn

Want more [desirable outcome] and less [undesirable outcome]?

Example: Want more time and less stress?

Short subject line formulas

Want to stand out in the inbox? Then a shorter subject line may be the best strategy.

On average, there are about 44 characters in an email subject line. Plus, mobile devices tend to cut subject lines off around 33-43 characters. If you want to make sure your subject line is fully visible — no matter how or when your subscriber receives your message — the best email subject lines may be short. 

Get rid of [pain point] forever

Example: Get rid of sleepless nights forever.

[Action/plan/method]. Here’s why/how

Example: A/B test your videos. Here’s how

New [content]

Example 1: New guide! 

Example 2: New arrival: check it out

[Number] recommended [product] for you

Example: 7 Recommended homes for you

Personalized subject line formulas

Plus, don’t overlook the power of personalization. Personalized email subject lines have...
How to Use Personalized Video Marketing to Increase Your Engagement
The average person will watch 84 minutes of online video every day this year. Every day. With users consuming that much video, your marketing needs to stand out. That’s why personalized video marketing is key.

After all, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize them as individuals and provide relevant offers and recommendations. So whether you’re running a large B2B-SaaS company that helps with business intelligence and data analysis or managing an ecommerce store that sells comfy furniture at a fair price, you’re going to want to leverage personalized video marketing to complete your digital marketing strategies.

In this guide, we’re going to share six ways to leverage personalized video marketing to help you accomplish your overall goals while providing tips on how to scale personalization and how to do personalized video marketing on a budget.

What is personalized video marketing?

Personalized video marketing is when companies use data (whether from their analytics accounts, CRM accounts, or even more in-house data-sourcing strategies, such as customer satisfaction surveys) to market a video towards a specific customer or group of customers.

There are levels of personalization. Sometimes a video will feature photos, names, and locations of specific people.

Perhaps the clearest example of personalized video marketing is the Cadbury Glow campaign. Cadbury customers were able to create a personalized video “gift” that took their personal photos from their Facebook profile:

But personalized videos don’t need to be this complicated. They can be as simple as listing, at the very beginning of the video, “This video was made specifically for [Customer Name], who wants to [complete a buying action].”

By including this personalized intro, now the rest of the video feels personal, too.

Benefits of personalized videos in your marketing strategy

87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, so it makes sense that 90% of video marketers feel “the level of competition and noise has increased.”

But what are the benefits of personalized marketing?

Image source

Personalized video marketing is a fantastic tool because it marries two popular strategies: personalized marketing and your overall video marketing strategy.


85% of the US internet audience watches videos online, yet 93% of...
6 Steps to Grow your Audience with Webinars and Email Marketing

Freedom Digital Marketing founder Laurie Conrod helps real estate agents and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  She teaches entrepreneurs how to automate their lead generation using direct response marketing and social media marketing. 

She knew there had to be a better way to grow her small business efficiently and her client base than the time-consuming task of traditional prospecting. "I didn't want to prospect people anymore for lead generation. I wanted to learn how to tap into the millions of people that are on the Internet," said Conrod.

She needed a way to entice potential clients to attend her free training and then capture these attendees to offer her digital marketing services. This strategy would enable Conrod to demonstrate her knowledge and skills to prospects in a low-risk format. However, she lacked a reliable platform to manage her growing client database and power her online training.

Until she came across AWeber and GoToWebinar.

Here are the 6 steps Conrod followed to grow her audience without prospecting. 

Step 1: Create an engaging lead magnet

Conrod uses webinars as her lead magnet to attract prospects. "The goal as an entrepreneur is to build 'know, like, and trust' with people as quickly as possible in order to make sales. Letting them see me on a webinar, how I present myself and my expertise is one of the fastest ways for people to get to know, like, and trust me. GoToWebinar has been such a powerful platform for me to use," says Conrod.

She usually offers free training on topics such as online lead generation, social media marketing, and email marketing. In Conrod's training, she teaches realtors the basics of running Facebook campaigns and social media marketing.  

AWeber provides a direct integration with GoToWebinar, which means you can instantly add GoToWebinar registrants directly to your AWeber list.
Click the video box to start the video. Step by step instructions listed below.

Step by Step on how to integrate GoToWebinar with AWeber

In your account, click the Integrations link in the upper right corner of the page.Find the GoToWebinar integration and click on it. On the next page, you will want to click the "Connect" button.You'll then be asked to log into your GoToWebinar account. After doing so, click the...
5 Simple Steps to Set Up Your TikTok Ads
If you haven’t taken up TikTok during quarantine, power to you. I was a doubter for some time, but let me tell you: This platform is addictive in all the right ways. Not only is there something for everyone (dance Tiktok, activist TikTok, beauty TikTok, beans TikTok), you will inevitably learn new skills and songs. Oh, the songs! It’s also basically a free comedy show for as long as you can swipe—or until you get a Netflix-like warning that tells you to be responsible and stop scrolling. Guilty.

My point? If you’re not on TikTok, you should be. And your business should be, too. The platform is quickly surpassing Instagram for youth engagement metrics and if your audience is there, that’s where you should be speaking their language. In this guide, I’m going through how to get started with TikTok advertising in five simple steps. Plus, I’ll share how to report on your ads.

But first, let’s talk about why you should be advertising on TikTok.

Why TikTok ads?

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform with more than 2 billion downloads to date. Particularly in this pandemic-world, TikTok can be a whiff of fresh air for people looking for new and funny ways to connect with each other by creating their own content.

TikTok was downloaded 87 million times just last month.

While TikTok doesn’t release audience data, reports confirm that their user base is expanding from Gen Z to Millennials; however, 67% of users are under the age of 29. They have about 800 million MAU (monthly active users), and 65 million of those are in the US.

5 steps to set up your TikTok ads

TikTok advertising is structured in three layers: ad campaigns, ad groups, and ads. In this section, I’m going to walk you through the steps to create each of these to get your TikTok ads up and running.

Step #1: Create a business account

Even if you already have a personal TikTok account, you’ll need to create an account specifically for your business—I would recommend using your business email here. In the past, you had to get your business approved to advertise on the platform, but now anyone can get in and start launching campaigns.

Step #2: Create an ad campaign

Once you log in, TikTok will take you straight to the campaign creation. Lucky you. If you’d like to poke around before getting started, you can easily navigate back via the “Campaign” tab....
Build Landing Pages That Stand Out with New Templates and Easy to Use Features

We know your passion is your business (whether it’s full time, side-hustle or a passion project) and not necessarily designing landing pages. 

So we took care of that for you. We put together beautiful, ready-to-use landing page templates. The best part? They’re already in your account.  

Each landing page is professionally designed and chock full of content ideas to help you get started. All you need to do is add your logo and a few other content elements to customize the landing page. Creating a high-converting landing page shouldn’t be difficult, so we’re already adding new landing page templates to help you convert more subscribers.

Why you need a landing page, even if you have a website

The purpose of a website is to encourage visitors to learn about you and your business by visiting different web pages. The problem is that websites can distract your visitor from the one action you want them to take: sign up for a specific service, attend an event, purchase a product, or download a piece of content. 

On the other hand, a landing page is a single web page built to drive visitors to take one specific action. It intentionally limits where visitors can navigate to limit distraction. A landing page is an awesome opportunity to provide incredible value to your visitors, turn followers into subscribers, and engage with your audience at a deeper, more meaningful level. 

A landing page can be part of your website. If you have a WordPress website, AWeber makes it super easy to add your AWeber landing page to your WordPress website. But you don't need a website to have a landing page. 

The power of the AWeber Landing Page Builder

AWeber's landing page builder is a powerful tool to grow your business without the restrictions and limits of many of the other landing page and email marketing companies.

"With AWeber's Landing Page Builder, you can have a fully functioning website out of the box without paying for anything more. We know it can get challenging, managing, and paying for multiple solutions. AWeber provides one unified place where you can manage everything," says Andrew Prawl, AWeber Product Manager.

Why invest hours or thousands of dollars into creating a multi-page website when you can launch a landing page to test an idea or a concept in minutes for free?

New landing page templates...
How to Write Undelete-able Promotional Emails (With Examples!)
As far as technology has come, email marketing is still the most effective way to stay in touch with your target consumers. It allows you to stay at the forefront of their minds so that they can take action on whatever you’re offering when the time is right. Just as a successful email marketing strategy has many different components, writing a solid promotional email has many moving parts. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to craft promotional emails that drive results. We’ll go over: 

What promotion emails are and when to use them.
Considerations to make before writing your promotion email.
Tips and best practices for crafting your email.
Promotional email examples you can use as inspiration for your own.

What are promotion emails?

Promotion emails are exactly as they sound: a marketing email written to your audience—whether they’re customers, leads, or subscribers—with information about a promotion you are running. You can create promotion emails for just about any offer you are running:

Limited-time offers.
Subscriber- or customer-exclusive deals.
Seasonal or holiday promotions.
Product launches.
New arrivals.
New subscriber/customer welcome offers.
Contests and giveaways.
Free content like eBooks, white papers, guides, infographics, and more.
Any other special deals, like buy-one-get-one, refer a friend, coupons, and promotional codes.
I’ll be providing examples of the many types of promotional emails throughout this guide and at the end.

Promotion emails are effective because, first of all, email marketing is highly effective:

91% of consumers open their email on a daily basis.
58% of consumers check their email before doing anything else.
Brands get a return on investment 42 times the amount they invest in email marketing.

Image source

Second, everyone loves a promotion. So when you put the two together, you see that promotional emails are a successful marketing strategy:

68% of millennials say promotional emails have influenced their purchase decisions.
76% of email subscribers have made purchases from an email marketing message. 
Before you start writing your promotion emails

As effective as email promotions are, you can’t just throw one together and expect to get results. There are general email marketing best practices that you’ll want to follow, as well as some guidelines...
The Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Snapchat Filters
Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has allowed users to share quick pictures that vanish into thin air in the matter of seconds. Who would have thought that the popular social tool would become a leading social platform for users of all ages eventually turning into a valuable tool for marketers? Now, Snapchat has are over 229 million daily users, and lands on the list of the top 10 most popular apps worldwide with over 53 million downloads!

Why in the world is Snapchat so popular, especially amongst Millennials? Well, one of the biggest reasons is the ability to apply fun and creative filters showing your audience the cool park you’re visiting or the Sunday Funday adventures you’ve embarked on. Even more than a fun way to use the platform, the Snapchat filter is an extremely useful marketing tool for businesses. How so?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

What Snapchat filter is
How to create a customer Snapchat filter
How to use a Snapchat filter for your brand
What is a Snapchat filter?

A Snapcaht filter is an overlay for photographs that you can create and purchase to advertise your brand. Also called a Snapchat Geofilter, is essentially the tool in the app that allows businesses (and personal accounts) to create your very own custom Snapchat filters promoting your brand or message.

You can make filters available for lengths of time, as well as in specific locations. A Snapchat filter that targets a particular location is a Geofilter.

“A Geofilter is a location-based overlay you can find by swiping right on your Snapchat photo,” says HubSpot. “It’s a particularly useful tool for promoting your business… A Geofilter can help you alert foot traffic to your business’s nearby proximity, and spread awareness to users both in and outside your chosen location.”

Why businesses should use Snapchat filters

Snapchat filters are one of the main ways Snapchat was able to successfully grow their popularity. Before Snapchat introduced the world to these swipeable filters, the app was download 600,000 times each day worldwide; once Snapchat filters were added to the platform the daily download rate DOUBLED.

A Snapchat filter, left, is overlay, as opposed to a VR lens, right.

One study found that one of the main reasons users spend time on Snapchat is because of the filter feature. Realizing this, Snapchat has made it possible for...

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