SEO Quick Start

Quick SEO Start

Keyword Research

Research your audience, find the search terms in use now, make a list of important, relevant topics, check out the competition, research related search terms, build keyword list, use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner (or HubSpot's Keywords App).

Prepare Content

Clearly introduces who you are and what you do, lists your office address and contact phone number, highlights your propositions, provide a detailed description of your products, includes reviews or testimonials on your product and services.

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Business Web Hosting
Business Web Hosting

User Experience

Have a Deep Understanding of Users

Get and submit high resolution and vibrant product pictures, headlines - What is the benefit of the products or services you’re offering, sub-headline or a 2-3 sentence, 3-4 bullet points. What makes your offering unique and different?

Focus on Conversion

Your content should be original, site should be easy to use, your content needs to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite. Start blogging, create a sitemap, submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, submit website URL to search engines.

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SEO Promotion

Social Media Profiles

Make it easy for customers to share there content, encourage customer reviews, feature unique hashtags, include your company name in the title tag and the meta description, keep focus on blog post titles.

Collect Analytics

Create a new Google Analytics account. Use the Google Analytics tracking code for website/mobile app for that purpose.

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Business Web Hosting

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