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13 Must-Have WordPress Plugins & Their Uses – 2020 Edition
Must Have WordPress Plugins
In our WordPress for Beginners series, we have covered How to Install WordPress on Bluehost and how to setup WordPress. Extending the list, I’m sharing a list of must have WordPress plugins that every blog should have.
Now, it’s not necessary that you should install all below mentioned plugins, but I recommend you to look into the description and decide if this plugin is going to be useful and important for your WordPress blog or not.
JetPack WordPress Plugin
WordPress SEO by Yoast
YARPP: Yet Another related post plugin
SEO friendly Image
AMP: Accelerated Mobile pages
W3 Total cache
WP-Db manager
WP-Optimize plugin
WP Smush.it
I will also add some of the best alternative options to these free and best WordPress plugins, so in case, if you are stuck with the configuration of any single plugin, you can try the alternative. Read on..
Must have WordPress Plugins For Every WordPress Blog:
If you are new to WordPress plugins, once you are inside the dashboard, click on Plugins > Add new and search for the desired plugin. I will add the exact name of the plugin that you need to search and install.
Most of these plugins come with extra configuration, and you should make sure to make optimum changes for making most of these plugins. If you need a tutorial for any specific WordPress plugin set up, you can let me know on our Facebook fan page.
WordPress Akismet plugin
This plugin is managed by official WordPress creator Automattic. This plugin is very useful to avoid spam comments. There are many alternatives to this plugin, but I prefer this one, as it’s fast and does the job pretty well. You can download the plugin from the official page here. You need API Key to activate this plugin, and you can quickly create a free account on WordPress.com and get your WordPress API key. Here is a video guide on how to get free API key from Akismet:

JetPack WordPress plugin
Jetpack WordPress plugin
Jetpack is an official plugin by WordPress parent company Automattic. This plugin does multiple things & have various modules which you can enable or disable. Here are few things which you can achieve with this plugin:
Automatic share your new posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus
Offers contact form
Subscription form powered by WordPress.com
Related posts
Mobile theme
Blog Analytics
And many more modules. This is one plugin which is actively updated & most popular choice for all WordPress users.
Download Jetpack Plugin
WordPress SEO by Yoast
Yoast SEO plugin
SEO by Yoast is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin which is free. Using this plugin, you can configure your WordPress site On-Page SEO, On-Site SEO, Generate Sitemap, Configure Robots.txt file, Edit .htaccess file & check all your crawl errors from WordPress dashboard. If you are serious about your...
Clean WordPress Database With Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin [Tutorial]
Deep-Clean & Speed up WordPress Database
Is your WordPress blog performing slowly on a fast hosting company?
It could be because of your bloated WordPress database. This can be fixed with a good database optimization plugin.
When it comes to cleaning the database of WordPress, we have many great options like WP-Sweep, WP-Optimize, and WP-Db Manager. These plugins clear the overload, optimize the database & in-turn make your WordPress blog perform faster.
However, none of them clean the unused tables, tasks & options left by plugins that you are no longer using.
Do you know that even when you delete a plugin, it doesn’t clean everything that it added onto the database?
I have already told you about deep-cleaning your WordPress database in an earlier post.
Recently, I was working on optimizing my main blog’s (ShoutMeLoud) WordPress database & had to deep clean the orphan tables & options. Using existing plugins (such as Clean options) were not enough and I was looking for a free alternative.
This is where I bumped into the Advanced WordPress Database Cleaner plugin which is available for free in the WordPress repo. However, the free version is limited to features that are offered by other database optimization plugins such as WP-Sweep.
They also have a premium version which made me purchase the plugin ($15 for one site or $30 for 5 sites).
In this post, I will give you a detailed overview of the Advanced WordPress Database Cleaner plugin & show you how to use it.
How to use the WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner plugin
If you just want to test out the plugin with limited features, you can download the free version from here.
If you are in the process of cleaning & optimizing a WordPress database (your site or your client site), purchase the Pro plugin from here. Do remember, it can take about 5 minutes to receive the email with your plugin file & license key.
Download the plugin by clicking on the link in the email & install it manually.
You can access the settings by going to Tools > WP DB Cleaner & input your license key to activate the plugin.
Activate WordPress database cleaner plugin
Using the plugin
Upon activation, go to “Overview & Settings” to see the current status of your WordPress database.
Hey, don’t forget to take backup of your database before starting to clean & optimize!
Before cleaning database
Now, go to the “General Cleanup” tab & start the basic optimization. If you are not sure what to do, just use the settings as shown below.
WordPress General cleanup
Cleanup Database
Once this is done, click on the “...
Cheap WordPress Hosting for Beginners: 2020 Edition
Cheap WordPress Hosting
Are you about to start a WordPress blog & to look for a reliable & cheap hosting? When you search for cheap WordPress hosting, you will be bombarded with tons of options. The funny thing is, all the hosting offering looks the same & you get to know the real quality of hosting when you are already on board.
You are wise here to research about the web-hosting company before hosting your WordPress site with them. In this guide, I will help you to understand all the important things you need to know before buying a hosting package for your upcoming WordPress blog.
From my seven years of experience, I will also suggest few cheap & best WordPress hosting which will be good enough for your new blog.
One important thing that you should know is: A shared hosting is good enough for your new WordPress blog. If you end up buying VPS or dedicated hosting from day one, you will end up paying a lot & it’s not recommended. Rather, you should start your blog on shared hosting & when your traffic increases, you can upgrade to VPS, dedicated or managed WordPress hosting.
Limited & Unlimited bandwidth & space:
This is one secret which no one would tell you & I discovered it the hard way. Most of the hosting companies will offer unlimited resource such as bandwidth, storage. Do remember, in this world nothing could be truly unlimited.
Though the good news is, the amount of resources that you would get in unlimited is relatively so high that you would feel you have unlimited resources. I urge you to be fair with all the hosting companies where you are hosting your site & you will have no problem.
Below you can find a list of cheap web hosting for WordPress, which is tested & proven itself numerous time. These are the hosting companies I have experienced for my sites & they offer world-class service at an affordable price.
Cheap WordPress Hosting companies which are reliable:


Free Domain


1. Bluehost


2. Inmotion Hosting


3. Hostgator


Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Higher Ranking in Search Engine – 2019
best seo plugin for wordpress
WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best blogging platforms, and with the help of plugins, you could add unlimited functionalities and features.
Today, I will be sharing few best WordPress SEO plugins that are completely free and will help you to optimize your blog for search engines. I will also share some of the alternatives and will suggest which SEO plugin you should stick to.
One major problem with SEO plugins are, there are so many options available, and it creates confusion for newbies.
Whenever you install a new plugin, make sure you read the complete description and use only which you need to use and make sense.
I won’t recommend you to install all the plugins listed below until you know how to use them properly.
Read: Must have WordPress plugins and uses
In this best WordPress SEO plugins list, I will be recommending few of the best and free plugins that are available from official plugin repo.
In upcoming articles, I will do a detailed write-up on how to use these below-mentioned SEO plugins. So let’s go on with our list here.
Best WordPress SEO plugins to improve Search engine ranking:
WordPress SEO by Yoast
SEMRUSH: Complete SEO suite
WP Super Cache
WP Broken Link Checker
SEO friendly images
Author hReview
You must have heard that WordPress is SEO friendly, and it’s not completely true. But, when you compare WordPress SEO with many other existing platforms, WordPress is far superior regarding search engine optimized platform, and with the help of many plugins, you could take the complete SEO of your WordPress blog to next level.
Before you install these plugins, understand how SEO works. Any website including your WordPress blog needs to be SEO optimized on 3 level:
On page SEO: This is where you will ensure your post is optimized for the particular keyword. You take care of Keyword placement, Image Alt tag, heading tags, Keyword density & LSI Keywords & few more things.
On-Site SEO: This consist of overall indexing & crawling of your site.You submit your sitemap to Webmaster Tools, configure your robots.txt file & other things that help search engine to crawl better & understand your site. It’s important to know that your website speed is also a ranking factor
Off-site SEO: This consists of generating backlinks to your blog and getting more social media sharing. Social Media part falls into both On-Site & off-site SEO.
More or less, you need to ensure that your WordPress blog takes care of all these three parts & you will notice a great improvement in traffic to your blog. The plugins that I have listed below will let you optimize your blog in first two parameters of good SEO. So, let’s get on with this exclusive list of best SEO plugins for WordPress.
WordPress SEO by Yoast
Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin 2019
Yoast SEO is so far one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, as it offers a great deal of control of your blog SEO. You might have heard of many plugins like All in one SEO, headspace, and many others, but SEO by Yoast is far better than any of the plugin that you heard.
Yoast is one of the well-known WordPress ninjas, and his work with this free plugin is incredible.  You can control the over all no indexing/do indexing of your WordPress blog, and you can optimize the single post for search engines using this plugin. This is a complete SEO suite for...
2 Popular Ways to Backup WordPress Blog (Including Best Backup Plugins)
When we work online, the problem comes without knocking our door. Being a blogger from last 4 years, I know the importance of taking timely backup of my blog. As WordPress runs on a web hosting, there are many possible issues which can come with your blog, anytime.
Like –
Your hosting company might shut down.
Your hosting company suspects your WordPress blog for high memory usage.
A hacker hacks your blog.
You accidentally delete or corrupt your WordPress database
If someone injects malicious code into your themes (it happens with free themes mostly)
If you lost complete data of your site, etc.
I know, what I’m talking might sound like a hypothetical situation for you, but in reality, it happens to many users. The only thing which you can do to ensure your peace of mind is: Take a timely backup of your WordPress blog.
Which WordPress folders you need to backup?
I know, you have heard an ample amount of time about taking timely backup of your blog and must have been bombarded with multiple options for backing up.
My advice: Pick any backup system, until it’s not a part of the main hosting. Try to keep a remote backup, and different from your hosting account.
For a WordPress blog, you need to take timely backup of these two:
WordPress database
WP-content folder
With your WP-content, and database file, you can restore your blog on any hosting. Additionally, you can also keep a backup of your .htaccess and Robots.txt file.
Also Read: How to take WordPress backup on Dropbox [Tutorial]
3 Ways to take complete WordPress blog backup:
I have tried many methods, and these days I’m using Jetpack to manage my multiple WordPress blogs and to take WordPress backup. Here are few other options along with Jetpack. Most of the following methods are FREE, you can use to store and create automatic backups of WordPress sites.
Best WordPress Backup Plugins
WordPress has a wide range of plugins in its directory, the following are the best backup plugins you can use to backup your WP sites.
1. Jetpack (Earlier VaultPress)

VautlPress is a premium tool to back up your WP sites. It is a subscription-based protection, security and backup service for WordPress blogs.
Features of VaultPress are:
You can back up your content in real time (it means whenever you get a new blog comment, publish a post or update a page on your blogs, VaultPress will automatically backup those files!
Security scans will be performed daily (if VaultPress finds any security threats, it will notify you automatically)
Restoring the backup files is as easy as 1-2-3 (you can restore the backup files via FTP, SFTP or SSH)
You can get all the above features using VaultPress. VaultPress offers three pricing plans-
VaultPress Pricing Plans
$3.50/month Personal plan
$9/month Premium
$29/month Professional plan

Download Backup Jetpack
2. Updraft Plus:

With over 1 million downloads, Updraftplus is the most popular WordPress backup plugin in the market. This plugin has both free & PRO versions & you can pick one according to your requirement.
Once you have Updraftplus installed & activated, you can schedule & automate your WordPress backup. The premium version let you store your backup on their own cloud called Updraft Vault storage. If you want, you can...
9 Best WordPress Plugins to Create Comparison and Pricing Tables
Comparison tables are a great way to help your readers pick the right product for them.
They may be deciding between two or more products. Or maybe they’re deciding which type of service to purchase from you. No matter what the situation is, a visual comparison is a great way to push them towards making a purchase.
Unfortunately, as effective as they are, there’s not really a good way to create comparison or pricing tables in WordPress with the WordPress Editor.
You could create a table yourself using HTML…if you want to waste a lot of time. Or, you could just turn to a plugin to create good-looking tables for you.
And guess what?
You’re in luck because I’m about to list off the best WordPress comparison table plugins and best pricing table WordPress plugins. I’ll include both premium and free options so that you can find a plugin no matter what your budget is.
Best Comparison table & pricing table WordPress plugins
WP ComPEAR is a powerful premium plugin that lets you create both vertical and horizontal comparison tables.
One thing that differentiates this plugin from the rest is the ability to create both static and interactive drag and drop comparisons. Visitors can choose which products they want to compare by dragging each product onto the table.
In addition to that cool feature, WP ComPEAR also lets you make your tables sortable or static, change each column’s width, duplicate tables, and create unlimited tables with unlimited comparison criteria.
If you need to compare products, WP ComPEAR is one of the most unique and feature-rich plugins on this list. This plugin is also compatible with EasyAzon which is most popular Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin.
It’s also fairly affordable – a single site license is $15, and you can get an unlimited license for just $25.
Check out WP ComPEAR
2. TablePress
With over 400,000 active installs and an impressive 5-star rating, TablePress is one of the most popular free comparison table plugins.
While not specific to comparison tables, TablePress lets you create all types of tables and insert them into posts or pages via a shortcode. You can edit your tables in an interface that looks like a spreadsheet, so you don’t need to worry about knowing how to code.
In addition to those major features, TablePress also includes these helpful options:
Add pagination, sorting, and more.
Import/export tables to Excel or .csv.
Contains any data type (even formulas).
Premium add-ons enable responsive design, detailed filtering, and lots more.
Check out TablePress
3. Table Maker
Table Maker WordPress Plugin
Table Maker isn’t quite as popular as...

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