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15 Feature-Packed Bootstrap Admin Templates
When you’re building something which needs a backend, or a dashboard of some kind, one of the best ways to get your project up and running is with Bootstrap. Open source, community-led, and deeply rooted in industry best practices, Bootstrap has been a shining example of front-end development since its public release back in 2011:“Our intention is to [push] for newer CSS properties, fewer dependencies, and new technologies across more modern browsers.” – the Bootstrap team We’ve compiled a list of 15 admin templates to take your Bootstrap admin dashboard one step further, adding style and loads of extra features.
This list is updated regularly to ensure the templates we feature stay current.
Bootstrap Admin Templates on ThemeforestWhy Would You Need an Admin Template?Admin dashboards are the backbone of many a website or web app. If you have any kind of dynamic website you’re going to need some sort of interface to manage the data that goes into it. An admin template gives you the tabular views you’ll need to display records, and the forms you’ll need for data entry.Or it could be that an admin template forms the basis of your website or web app itself. Perhaps you’re building some kind of public dashboard which shows live data; weather, stock or currency values, or social feeds. Bootstrap admin templates are ideal for this.Crypto-tracking platform CoinMarketCap’s...
Announcing AMP Toolbox 1.0
AMP Toolbox has been around for a while now, but I thought it’s a good idea to make a proper introduction now that we’ve reached the 1.0 milestone. In short, AMP Toolbox is a collection of command line tools and JS APIs to make it easier to successfully publish AMP pages. Each tool can be downloaded and used separately. The 1.0 release includes two big updates: 1. A linter for AMP documents: AMP Linter reports errors and suspicious constructions such as missing or incorrectly sized images, missing CORS headers, or invalid metadata.
Valid optimized AMP Support: the AMP Optimizer will now produce valid AMP, making it a lot easier to host optimized AMP pages. See the previous blog post on this for more details. But there’s more cool stuff! Let’s take a closer look at what else is in AMP Toolbox. AMP CLI First of all, there’s a command line interface available for most features included in AMP Toolbox. You can install it globally via NPM: $ npm install @ampproject/toolbox-cli $ amp help or you can run a one off command using NPM’s built-in `npx` tool: $ npx @ampproject/toolbox-cli help AMP Linter The brand-new toolbox-linter checks your AMP documents for common mistakes and best practices: $ amp lint PASS 1x1 images are specified by <amp-pixel> WARN All <amp-img> have reasonable width and height > [https://blog....
Faster AMP on the origin: AMP + SSR = ⚡
AMP now officially supports a technique called server-side rendering (SSR) which you can apply to your AMP pages to make them load even faster. Our tests show increases of up to a whopping 50% on the popular FCP metric. The Google AMP Cache has utilized this technique for a while, but now you can also use it on your own domain! Installing this extra optimization is especially important if you are using AMP for delivering your main site experience. Even if you are using what is called the “paired AMP setup” where you have AMP and non-AMP pages, this technique ensures optimal performance for your user if the AMP Cache isn’t used, such as by users using the Twitter app. SSR is a technique for improving first-contentful-paint times (FCP) for frameworks rendering the page client-side such as React or Vue.js. The downside of client-side rendering is that all Javascript necessary to render the page needs to be downloaded first. This delays the time until users can see the actual content of the page. To alleviate this, both React and Vue.js support pre-rendering the DOM on the server on navigation requests. Rendering is then picked up by the client-side Javascript, a process called (re)hydration. Users will be able to see content much faster as a result.  AMP SSR works by removing the AMP boilerplate code and rendering the page layout on the server. The AMP boilerplate code...
AMP Advisory Committee midterm election
In September 2018, Malte Ubl—then AMP’s tech lead—announced a new open governance model for AMP built around a series of working groups and two committees: the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), responsible for the direction of the AMP project and day to day operations, and the Advisory Committee (AC), which provides perspective and advice to the TSC. An important goal of this governance change was to ensure that the voices of those who do not contribute code to AMP, but are nonetheless impacted by it, get heard. This responsibility is shared across all contributors but falls particularly on the shoulders of the AC, which has a duty to ensure its membership is as representative and diverse as possible. Despite spanning nine(!) time zones, representing a wide variety of constituencies, and being fairly diverse, the AC’s membership is still predominantly US-based, white, and male. This is one of the main reasons why the AC has decided to expand its membership by about four members and is running a midterm election (terms are a year and are renewable). All candidates are welcomed and encouraged to apply, but preference will be given to those who bring an underrepresented perspective to the AC and help broaden its horizon. For a better understanding of what the AC’s work consists of, you may have a look at its GitHub repository and in particular its working mode...
AMP Roadshow: It’s Everywhere!
In June, we held an AMP Roadshow in Berlin in conjunction with JS Conf EU. We held another in Atlanta as an adjunct to, a new conference devoted to diversity and inclusion in tech. This year, we’ll continue bringing the AMP Roadshow to new places and new people in several ways: Tech conferences. In August, we’ll be running an AMP Roadshow / learning event at BrazilJS, where we’ll also be giving two talks. We’ll have more AMP learning events at Brazil JS on the road.

New locations around the world. We’ll hold AMP Roadshows in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dubai, Karachi, Warsaw, Kiev, Busan, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Dhaka (stay tuned for links to other locations on

Do it yourself. Get in touch with us via the forms on our Roadshows page. Ask us to visit your city. Or sign up to run your very own AMP Roadshow! We’ll give you all the materials you need.

AMP Study Jams. All around the world, Google Developer Groups will be running AMP learning events. There are about 1000 GDGs worldwide. Find one near you! Finally, we’ve updated all the talks with information about all the exciting new things in the ever-expanding world of AMP, including the latest on Email, Stories, JavaScript in AMP, Analytics, the WordPress plugin, and so much more! Check here for more information...
AMP Contributor Summit 2019 Applications Now Open
Applications for the AMP Contributor Summit 2019 are now open!  If you have contributed to the AMP open source project–or want to start–please apply to attend today. This year’s summit will take place in New York City on October 9 & 10, with an optional New Contributor Workshop / Hackathon Day on October 8. The AMP Contributor Summit is our annual opportunity for the AMP open source community to meet face-to-face to discuss the latest in AMP and where AMP is going.  This technical summit consists of a mix of different formats, including talks, breakout sessions and many opportunities for informal conversations. The day before the main summit kicks off, we’ll have an optional New Contributor Workshop / Hackathon day, with two different tracks depending on your experience: If you haven’t contributed to AMP before or want a refresher, we’ll have a New Contributor Workshop with talks and codelabs to get you up to speed on how to contribute to AMP.If you already have some experience contributing to AMP, we’ll have a Hackathon for people who want to have a fun, concentrated day of coding with others in the community to make AMP better. 100% of those who responded to a post-summit survey for last year’s AMP Contributor Summit said they’d recommend the event, and our goal is to make this summit even better. Apply to attend the AMP Contributor...

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