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4 Ways to Resize Elements in Figma
In this quick tip I’ll show you 4 ways you can resize elements in Figma, in case the default method doesn’t behave as you expect it to. Let’s begin!Resizing Elements in Figma
Here’s a complete video version of the tutorial. Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

1. Default: Click and DragBy default in Figma, to resize an element you need to select it, then grab one of the transformation controls and drag the object as you need. Its dimensions will be displayed on a tool tip as you do so.Press SHIFT whilst you’re doing this and you’ll constrain the proportions.When Clicking and Dragging Doesn’t WorkYou’ll find that sometimes this approach doesn’t work as you might expect; like on objects with strokes for example. For example, this icon, when scaled using the same technique, gets completely distorted because the stroke stays the same width:To prevent this you need to do things differently.. 2. Figma’s Scale ToolThe scale tool in Figma can be found here (or keyboard shortcut K):The cursor will change slightly, and now you can click and drag the controls in the same way, but retain the stroke width proportion as you resize the object. 3. The Properties InspectorIf you want to change the size of an object extremely precisely, reach for the width and height fields in the inspector:Either drag the values with your mouse cursor, or enter the...
15+ Best Bed and Breakfast (B&B) WordPress Themes
Bed and breakfasts offer an opportunity for a fun, relaxing getaway. Often featuring a more laid-back atmosphere than hotels, B&Bs are great place to spend time with friends and family. They’re also quite popular, with booking site bnbfinder claiming 12,000+ properties listed worldwide. Those numbers mean that competition is fierce. With so many options to choose from, bed and breakfast properties need a compelling website in order to attract clientele. One of the best ways to showcase a bed and breakfast or guest house is through an attention-grabbing WordPress theme. The right theme can set the tone for your property by displaying welcoming photos, virtual tours, amenity listings and, with the use of a companion plugin, online booking services. Today, we’ll explore 15+ free and commercially available bed and breakfast WordPress themes. You’re sure to find one that’s just your style. Find Beautiful Bed and Breakfast, Guest House WordPress Themes on ThemeForest Looking to find a bed and breakfast WordPress theme that entices visitors? You’ll want to check out the vast selection available at ThemeForest, part of the Envato marketplaces.Bed and Breakfast, Guest House WordPress Themes on ThemeForest Download These Bed and Breakfast WordPress Themes Our collection of free and premium WordPress themes will help your bed and breakfast or guest house...
Accessibility in Web Stories
Web Stories are a new, exciting medium for storytelling on the web. We strongly believe that it is important that everyone is able to enjoy Stories. By virtue of being built on AMP and core web technologies, Web Stories already come equipped with high quality support for many useful accessibility features. Our goal is to ensure that Web Stories are accessible by default, and we recognize that we have a lot to do to get to this goal.  It is a top priority for us, and in this blog post, we’ll cover our approach and provide guidance on making more accessible Web Stories. Working towards accessibility by default It is important that we establish a clear, consistently-met accessibility standard for this new medium, akin to (or even surpassing) the well understood standards for articles and video. As a starting point, the Web Story format standardizes the core user interaction model and ensures that primary user actions like navigating from page to page, sharing the story, and swiping to page attachments can support important accessibility affordances by default. We are proactively working with industry experts to identify ways we can improve Web Story accessibility and need your input and feedback. If you find accessibility issues (or have suggestions for improvements) please file an issue in our Github repository. We truly appreciate your help! However, just like with...
14 Best Themes for Your Shopify eCommerce Business
When it comes to building an eCommerce online store you can never go wrong with choosing Shopify. It’s one of the leading eCommerce solutions and the choice of themes you can use with it is astonishing.
You might be excited and in a rush to launch your Shopify store, but it’s worth taking some time before you do–take a look over this list of amazing themes we’ve hand-picked for you.14 Best Themes for Your Shopify eCommerce BusinessHere’s a list of 14 Shopify eCommerce Business Themes that you absolutely have to take a look at.1. Wokiee - Multipurpose Shopify ThemeWokiee - Multipurpose Shopify ThemeWokiee is a great multipurpose eCommerce Shopify theme and will be a perfect solution for your current or future webshop.It has all the required tools to create a super-fast responsive website with amazing UX, so go ahead and give it a look.
2. XStore | Premium Multipurpose Shopify ThemeXStore | Premium Multipurpose Shopify ThemeThis elegant and intuitive Shopify theme is carefully developed and includes that set of pages, tools, and settings that will help you create a professional-looking and trustworthy online shop.
It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with the Advanced Custom Field Shopify app.3. Zeexo - Multipurpose Shopify ThemeZeexo - Multipurpose Shopify ThemeThis theme comes packed with a whopping 108 prebuilt demos to choose from, and what is...
20+ Best Single Product Shopify Themes
If you have a single product to sell, Shopify is a great platform to choose for your online store. Shopify is easy to use, integrates with several payment processors, and has tons of features and third-party apps that will help you sell more of your products. In addition to that, there are numerous Shopify themes for single product stores that will help you set up your store quickly so you can start selling your product. In this post, we’ll share the best single product Shopify themes. Find The Best Single Product Shopify Themes on ThemeForestThemeForest is one of the best marketplaces online where you can find hundreds of Shopify themes for any type of store. The themes from ThemeForest stand out with its modern and attractive design as well as the number of features that are built into each theme. Single product Shopify themes on ThemeForestEach of these themes can be purchased individually and installed in your store within minutes. You can then customize the theme to your liking and confidently launch your store. The Best One Product Shopify ThemesTake a look at some of the best one product Shopify themes from ThemeForest.1. Shella - Multipurpose Shopify Theme Shella - Multipurpose Shopify Theme The Shella theme has a modern, multipurpose design that can be used for any type of Shopify store. The biggest benefit of this theme is that it loads fast which will provide your...
33 Best Shipping & Pricing WooCommerce Plugins
With almost a third of all online stores running WooCommerce, it has become a powerful tool for online business. Once you begin to use it, you quickly see why it is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.Using WooCommerce in its vanilla form is great. It hasn't climbed to these kinds of heights without being a powerful tool or a solution that isn't complete. But because it has such a large user base and it is flexible, the number of plugins that can augment WooCommerce is almost breathtaking. Building a more custom, robust, useful, and profitable business using WooCommerce is easier now than ever before.One great way to level up your eCommerce build is to add new ways to handle pricing and shipping. There's a great diversity of products being sold online, so it only makes sense that the ways in which they are priced and shipped are highly diverse as well.To help build a better experience for both shopkeepers and customers, here are 33 of the best shipping and pricing WooCommerce plugins.Let's start with pricing.WooCommerce Pricing PluginsAdding pricing plugins to your WordPress WooCommerce-powered website is a great idea. Sure, running vanilla WooCommerce is just fine, but when you begin to dig into these different pricing plugins, you'll begin to see how much more power your sales platform can have. Not only for more sales, but to run a better business.Here are...
Divi vs. Elementor: WordPress Page Builders Compared
Let’s talk about the pros and cons of using the Divi vs. Elementor WordPress page builders. Divi and Elementor are two of the most popular page builder options available and if you’re just getting started with this kind of tool you’re probably wondering which is best for you.We’re going to look at the differences between the two, the similarities, and hopefully by the end you’ll be able to decide which is most suitable for you.Divi or Elementor?Watch this video for even more detailed analysis of which WordPress page builder is right for you. Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:
How We’ll Compare the TwoWe’re going to use 4 categories to compare these two WordPress page builders: Interface and User Experience Modules Premade Templates Price At the very end I’ll also give you my personal recommendation. So let’s look at Divi vs. Elementor! 1. Interface and User ExperienceBoth Divi and Elementor are visual drag-and-drop tools, which makes them really easy to use. Let’s start by opening up a page with Elementor. Here’s what we see straight away; an option to edit the page with Elementor:That will trigger a sidebar with all my Elementor options. To add an element to the page, find what you‘re looking for in the sidebar and drag it into position, like so:Dragging a heading element into positionIn this case, we can type directly into the heading...
25+ Best WordPress Wedding & Marriage Themes
Any wedding requires thorough planning, thinking, and many decision-making processes. When deciding whether your special event will have a website or not, a lot of factors kick in. 
Boston, MA WeddingWhether the aim is to keep things traditional, or digitalize the invitation through a landing page, or put a countdown online to remind everyone of that special day, falling in love with the right wedding theme isn’t always easy. “Love can't always be perfect. Love is just love.” – Massimo, The Wedding Planner Top Wordpress Wedding Themes on Themeforest
Bright, airy, classic, or romantic–just like picking out a wedding cake there are myriad styles to choose from when considering your premium wedding WordPress theme! To assist in the decision making process we’ve compiled some of the very best premium wedding templates available on Themeforest right now.
Top Wordpress wedding themes available right now on Themeforest1. Solene - Wedding Photography Theme A WordPress photo gallery theme for wedding photography, Solene is a refined way to save those special moments and to showcase the photography. This WordPress theme photo album come with 12 beautifully designed homepages and includes everything required to showcase and sell photographs.Further, the Solene WordPress photo gallery is responsive meaning that it displays perfectly whether its being viewed on desktop, tablet or...
How to Design Your Website for Generation Z (+ Great Theme Examples)
Generation Z can’t remember a time before the internet. Born between the late 1990s and early 2000s, they’re true digital natives—the first generation to grow up knowing that a world of information is available at the click of a button or swipe of a screen. And they’re powerful. With this generation expected to account for 40% of all consumers as soon as 2020, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Plus, now holding $44 billion in buying power, it’s clear that their finances have gone way beyond pocket money. As their influence and financial prowess continue to grow while they progress through working life, attracting and maintaining the attention of this key group can make or break your business. Now you know what is Generation Z and what they mean. Therefore, if you’re looking to set up or update your WordPress site by selecting a premium template from ThemeForest, follow these key tips to make sure you’re doing everything you can to appeal to this young yet influential generation. 10 Gen Z Websites Design Trends in 2020Now, let's start with some useful Gen Z graphic design trends and Gen Z websites tips so you can build an attractive and professional website. 1. Keep It SimpleGrowing up with technology means Gen Z are used to sifting through the noise to find the information most relevant to them. And with that, attention spans are decreasing—Gen Z have an attention span of...
How to Build a Responsive Navigation Bar With Flexbox
Time for a practical exercise in flexbox! In this tutorial we will use flexbox to create a mobile-first, responsive, toggleable navigation bar with different layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
Note: This tutorial has been updated to include a responsive submenu and pure JavaScript instead of jQuery.Responsive Flexbox Navigation BarHere’s a complete video version of the tutorial. Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:
Flexbox is Perfect for Responsive NavigationFlexbox is a versatile layout module with which we can create one-dimensional layouts that require flexibility, such as responsive menus. Using flexbox’s ordering, alignment, and sizing properties, we can build navigation bars that adapt their layouts to the viewport size while keeping the HTML outline logical and accessible.In this tutorial, we’ll look into how to create a responsive navigation bar with flexbox. Our flexbox navigation will have three different layouts, depending on the viewport size: a mobile layout in which only the logo and a toggle button will be visible by default and users can open and close the menu using the toggle, a tablet layout in which we will show two call-to-action buttons between the logo and toggle in the default state and the rest of the menu will remain toggleable, a desktop layout in which all the menu items, except for the toggle button...
20+ Best Moodle Themes for Your LMS Website
If you’re selling courses or if you’re looking to refresh your school or university website, you need a theme that makes it easy for visitors to see available courses as well as for your students to go through the courses and learn new material.Luckily, Moodle makes it easy to quickly create a powerful website. This task is even easier when you use a professionally designed Moodle theme. In this post, we’ll explain what Moodle is and share the best Moodle themes as well as best practices for LMS websites. What is Moodle?Moodle is a free, open-source platform that you can use to quickly create a website where you can sell courses and create personalized learning environments. Moodle is simple, flexible, and intuitive to use and has plenty of resources and documentation to help you launch your learning platform. In addition to that, Moodle has hundreds of plugins that you can download to add even more functionality to your course website. This includes plugins for writing essays, powerful statistics, plagiarism plugins, and more.moodle.orgWhat is LMS?Moodle is essentially a Learning Management System or an LMS. LMS is software that’s used for administration, documentation, delivery, and tracking of online courses, workshops, and other educational programs. Find the Best Moodle Themes on ThemeForestIf you’re ready to start your online course website with Moodle, be...
10+ Best WooCommerce Technology Themes for Computers and Electronics
A professionally designed and built WooCommerce theme for your computers and electronics business can make all the difference in how well it does, and how many visitors you turn into customers. For that reason, we decided to pick the 12 best WooCommerce technology themes for computers and electronics for you to choose from.Make a Great WooCommerce Technology Store with ThemeforestIf you want to build a successful technology store, your WooCommerce theme needs a few crucial things: A great layout to display your products Responsive design Ease of use (for the customer) Without these features, your store will go unnoticed and you won’t enjoy working on it if you constantly struggle with customizing and tweaking the design.The Best WooCommerce Technology Themes on Themeforest
Let’s dive right in!1. Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce ThemeElectro is a flexible WordPress electronics store theme that can help you make the most out of using WooCommerce to power your online store. Additionally, this design is well suited for electronics vendor-based marketplaces.
2. Shopkeeper - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce Shopkeeper - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerceThis is an easy to use WooCommerce theme which can be customized to your needs. It's also fully responsive and comes with great design and extensive...

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