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25 Best WordPress Themes for Accountants and Bookkeepers 2020
Having a website for your accounting and bookkeeping practice is essential if you want to get more clients. Creating a website might seem difficult but with a platform like WordPress, you can quickly launch your website even if you don’t know how to code. What’s more, if you use a WordPress theme made specifically for accountants and bookkeepers, you’ll have an even easier time getting your website up and running. Find The Best Accounting WordPress Themes on ThemeForestOne of the top places to find the best WordPress accounting and bookkeeping themes is ThemeForest. This marketplace allows you to purchase single-use accounting firm website templates for WordPress, customize them to your needs, and launch your website quickly.The bookkeeping themes for WordPress from ThemeForest have an attractive design that looks good on all devices and they have tons of features needed to create a powerful accounting and bookkeeping website. Best Accounting WordPress Themes From ThemeForestTake a look at some of the best accounting WordPress themes that are available on ThemeForest. 1. Accountant — Accounting WordPress TemplateAccountant — Accounting WordPress TemplateThe Accountant theme opens up our list strong with a variety of pre-made homepage layouts for both one-page and multi-page websites. On top of pre-made homepages, the theme also has a number of inner pages...
13 Best Help-Desk Plugins for WordPress (and 5 Free Plugins)
Are you looking for a reliable WordPress help-desk plugin? Solving issues related to your products on time will lead to happy clients and customers. In this post, I'll show you some of the best WordPress plugins for creating and running a help desk. Why Do You Need a Help Desk?A professional help desk will help you address your customers questions and technical problems in a fast, reliable, and timely manner. 
It will help you organise customer complaints and queries in the order they come in, assign them a ticket, and finally redirect them to the right department for help. It will also help you look up customer queries using a ticket number so you can inform customers about the progress of their queries. A well run help desk will leave your customers satisfied, which will in turn translate into repeat business. 

Top Selling WordPress Help Desk Plugins for 2020 on CodeCanyon
CodeCanyon is the world's premier marketplace for professional WordPress themes and plugins. Grab one of these WordPress help desk plugins and transform the way your give technical support to your customers. 
10 Best WordPress Help Desk Plugins 
At CodeCanyon you will find many help desk plugins for your WordPress website. Lets have a look at the best of the best.1. Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base WordPress plugin helps you build a customer self-service help desk in minutes....
How to Implement Smooth Scrolling With Vanilla JavaScript
In this new tutorial, we’ll learn how to implement smooth scrolling in our web pages. We’ll start with a common jQuery approach for creating this functionality. Then, we’ll get rid of jQuery and discuss two pure JavaScript solutions.Just to give you an idea of what we’ll discuss during this tutorial, check out one of the demos we’ll be building:
Let’s get started! 1. Begin With the HTML MarkupFor demonstration purposes, we’ll define a header wrapped within a container and four sections. Inside the header, we’ll specify a navigation menu and an introductory text. Each section will have an id whose value matches the href value of a menu link. This association (what we refer to as a fragment identifier) will allow us to jump to specific parts of our page.Here’s the HTML:<div class="container"> ... <header class="page-header"> <nav> <ul> <li> <a href="#...">...</a> </li> <!-- more links --> </ul> </nav> <div class="header-text">...</div> </header> </div> <section class="section" id="">...</section> <section class="section" id="">...</section> <section class="section" id="">...</section> <section class="section" id="">...</section> 2. Define the StylesThe CSS part will be...
19+ Best Shopify Themes For Clothing and Fashion
The design of your online store is crucial to its success, and nowhere is this more the case than in the fashion design industry.Premium themes save you a lot of time when customizing your Shopify store; reflecting your brand and style without you having to design things from scratch. Since the code has already been created, you just need to make a few adjustments in order to suit your (or your client’s) requirements. Stunning Fashion and Clothing Shopify Themes on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)
You can find loads of awesome and stylish Shopify themes on Envato Elements. It’s an undeniably great offer: download as many as you want for a single monthly fee. 
 Download as many Shopify Themes on Envato Elements as you likeIn this roundup we’ll highlight the best clothing and fashion Shopify themes available right now on Envato Elements. After that, we’ll go over some tips and advice so that your online store stands out from the crowd and draws in customers.
1. Aaron Fashion Shopify Theme The Aaron Fashion Shopify Theme has intuitive features needed for successfully running your online store. It gives you options to change the home page layout order using a Drag & Drop builder. A featured products slider, product sale label, and carousel option to showcase products are all important features offered by the Aaron Fashion Shopify Theme. In addition you can create...
What Are Color Fonts?
SVG color fonts are poised to take over the graphic design world in 2020, but what exactly are they, and how can you use them?
Here we’ll sift through the tech jargon and get to the simple truth of color fonts. This unashamedly in-your-face trend promises to put the fun back into typography. A must-know for web and graphic designers alike, this nifty new technology will have a transformative effect on digital and print design for years to come. So don’t get left behind, and read on! 
Looking to learn how to make a color font? Check out our tutorial on How to Create a Color Font With Adobe Illustrator and Fontself. Image from color.typekit.comWhat Exactly Are Color Fonts?If you want to use highly detailed type on a design, you have to use a vector or raster image of a letter or group of letters. Whether created from scratch by typography artists or downloaded from a stock site, these images are time-consuming to make and don’t have the functionality or flexibility of a font file. At least that was the case until now. Color fonts, sometimes referred to as chromatic fonts, represent the next evolutionary step for typography, incorporating details like color, gradients, and textures into a font file, in either vector or bitmap format. Vector details look clear and sharp however large they are scaled, while bitmap color fonts can look pixelated or blurry when scaled to a size...
25 Best Agency WordPress Themes: For Creative Site Designs in 2020
Running a successful agency is no small feat.Whether you’re providing photography services, design services, marketing, advertising, want to showcase your architect’s portfolio, or any other type of creative work, one thing is sure—you need a professional looking website.Key Features of Great WordPress Agency Themes in 2020You can make a great agency website in 2020 with the right agency WordPress theme.There are plenty of agency themes available, but the best themes that cater to creative agencies have a few things in common. Here are key features to keep in mind when choosing your creative WordPress theme: Multiple Demos: Multiple demos make it easy to create a website that matches your purpose and integrates with your brand seamlessly. Customization Options: Integrating your brand into your website is crucial if you want to stand out. So, a rich theme options page or a panel is a must. If you’re not code savvy, consider a theme that comes with a visual page builder as well, to make things even easier.
Responsive Design: Nowadays there is no excuse whatsoever to forego responsive design. Not only would you be doing your clients a huge disservice but you would be hurting your SEO as well. Here are a number of the best creative agency WordPress themes with these professional features, available on ThemeForest: Best-selling agency WordPress themes on ThemeForest for...
18+ Best WordPress Themes for Bakeries 2020 (Free & Premium)
Baking is on the rise. As the world responds to COVID-19, many supermarket shelves have been stripped of flour, with sales in France surging by 160% year-on-year in March. You may have also noticed Instagram feeds filling with tasty lockdown creations to help keep the hunger (and the boredom) at bay. Maybe this period has re-ignited your passion for baking and you’re looking to launch a business, maybe you’ve run your baking business for years and you want a bigger slice of the baking hype. One thing is certain, having a quality website that tells your current and/or potential customers your story will be key. Read on to find out how you can do it without having to spend too long away from the kitchen.How to Create a Bakery WordPress Theme You don’t need years of design or development experience to create a bakery website you’ll be proud to share with the world. Instead, you can visit the world’s largest collection of WordPress themes, ThemeForest, and scroll through hundreds of bakery website themes before picking your favorite and customizing it to make it your own. Top 18+ Bakery WordPress Themes Read on for our pick of 18+ of the best WordPress themes for bakeries. 1. Cake Bakery - Pastry WP With more than 3,000 sales, this is a bakery WordPress theme with plenty of fans! Plus, it has an average rating of 4.59 out of 5 stars so it clearly has substance as well as style....
Best WordPress Magazine Themes for Blog and News Websites in 2020
When it comes to magazine and news websites, WordPress is top of the bill. Well-known news sites like The New York Times, TechCrunch, CNN, Reuters, Mozilla’s Blog, and many others use WordPress as their platform of choice, highlighting just how scalable WordPress blogs can be.Online News Consumption is RisingPrecise digital circulation and consumption of online magazine and news is difficult to gauge. However, according to Pew Research Center's latest Digital News Fact Sheet, a great number of adults in the United States consume news online, either via a mobile device or desktop/laptop.The average monthly unique visitors for the primary domains of these outlets in 2018 was a whopping 22.4 million. (function(){function async_load(){var s=document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.async=true;s.src='';s.onload=s.onreadystatechange=function(){var rs=this.readyState;try{iFrameResize([],'iframe#pew63735')}catch(e){}};var embedder=document.getElementById('pew-iframe');embedder.parentNode.insertBefore(s,embedder)}if(window.attachEvent)window.attachEvent('onload',async_load);else window.addEventListener('load',async_load,false)})();20+ Best WordPress Magazine Themes for 2020Choosing the perfect WordPress theme for your magazine website or news blog can be trickier than...
25 Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes 2020
Creating a classified ads website is a good way to make money online. And the best part about it is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to a developer to make the website for you.With a tool like WordPress and a WordPress theme designed specifically with classified ads websites in mind, you can launch your website quickly and effortlessly. Find the Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes on ThemeForestIf you’re wondering where to find the best classified ads WordPress themes online, look no further than ThemeForest. ThemeForest is a marketplace that offers thousands of WordPress themes for various industries, including classified ads websites. Classified Ads WordPress themes on ThemeforestThe themes from ThemeForest have professional design and have been coded with best practices in mind to help your website rank better in search engines. They also have plenty of features to help you create a standout classified ads website.Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes From ThemeForestTake a look at some of the best classified ads WordPress themes that are available on ThemeForest. Keep scrolling for a selection of the best free WordPress themes for classified ads too!1. Classima – Classified Ads WordPress ThemeClassima – Classified Ads WordPress ThemeThe Classima theme has 5 homepage layouts to choose from and supports grid and list view for your ads. Users can...
6 Best Practices for Building Responsive Dropdown Menus
Creating a responsive dropdown menu is a tricky task. There are many decisions you have to make, in both the design and development phases. Recommended solutions usually depend on the characteristics of the website or application you’re building. However, there are also some general best practices that are recommended for all types of responsive dropdown menus.
I collected these best practices while writing my how to build a responsive navigation bar with flexbox tutorial. As it’s more of a hands-on tutorial, I didn’t have much space to explain what design and development decisions had to be made—so here you are. These recommendations are not just for flexbox menus but any kind of responsive dropdowns.Flexbox How to Build a Responsive Navigation Bar With Flexbox Anna Monus 1. Use Mobile-First DesignProblemAlthough it might seem easier to design a menu first for desktop screens then adapt it to smaller viewports, this is usually not the case—especially if your menu has a dropdown submenu. If you design the menu for desktop first, it can quickly get complicated and you can end up with a very long menu on mobile that users just keep scrolling and scrolling without ever reaching the end!SolutionYou can implement mobile-first design by using min-width media queries instead of max-width ones:@media all and (min-width: 960px) { // ... }With min-width media queries, the mobile...
25+ Best Job Board WordPress Themes for 2020 Listing Sites
There is no shortage of options for monetizing your site nowadays. From affiliate marketing, to selling your own products or services, almost anyone can launch a successful online business. However, you don’t necessarily need to have special skills or products to make money. Running a directory site can be just as efficient at creating a passive income stream.You can create all kinds of directory sites from listing all the different attractions in your city to listing ads for things people want to sell.They are especially useful as they allow users to quickly find what they are looking for in one central place instead of browsing multiple sites. Wordpress job board listing theme designs. ( JobCareer WP theme .)One type of directory site that is bound to attract lots of visitors is job board sites. Considering there are always people who are either looking to enter the professional field or want a change of career, a job board site is a viable way to create a monetized site.Where to Find Top Job Listing WordPress Themes in 2020We have thousands of professional Wordpress themes available to download on ThemeForest. Some multipurpose and others made with specific niche site components built in. Our selection of Job Board WordPress themes has the pro features you need to make a great listing site fast: Best job board WordPress themes, available for download on ThemeForest (2020)...
12+ Best WordPress Food Blog Themes 2020
Whether you’re a food critic, chef, or a foodie looking to create a food blog, using a WordPress theme will make the process simple and efficient, not to mention that you’ll have your pick of many amazing WordPress themes that could elevate your blog to a whole new level.In this post, I’ll show you how to choose a theme for your food blog, and show you a collection of the best WordPress food blog themes of 2020.Download the Best WordPress Themes for Food BlogsThe culinary blog Wordpress themes on this list have stunning and modern designs that are also mobile-friendly. On top of that, they’re packed with features that will help you build an amazing blog.Choose from hundreds of food WordPress themes on Themeforest13 Best WordPress Food Blog Themes on ThemeforestHere are some of our favorite Wordpress food blog themes available on ThemeForest right now.1. TinySalt - Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme TinySalt is a modern and fresh theme for food bloggers, chefs, and food-related businesses.
This theme also provides a rich blog style making it easy to create and manage your recipes.
TinySalt - Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme2. Lahanna - Food Blog WordPress Theme This is a beautiful and user-friendly WordPress food blog theme created for foodies that like to keep it light and fresh. It’s packed with all the features you need as a food blogger. So what are you waiting for...

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