Web Design and SEO: Tips, Tricks and Common Mistakes

What is SEO and what impact does it have on your website? SEO stands for search engine optimization — this is a technique in which a search engine or a web crawler explores, reads and understands your content and your offering. If done well, this can improve your website traffic and can improve the visibility of your website dramatically. When designing or building a website, it is important to have a good SEO practice in place and structure the web pages accordingly. This will help your website rank higher and help users find information effortlessly. A “pretty” website doesn’t necessarily equal to a profitable or high conversion website. Most businesses don’t think about SEO until after the site is built. You could have a website that looks good on the surface but if it is not optimized for the users to find what they are looking for, it is not going to do well in the end. SEO should be an integral part of your website designing and building process and having an SEO strategy in place will not only help with the overall ranking and visibility but also help turn the user into a happy customer. We have gathered some tips on how best to optimize your site for better visibility and ranking. As a business owner, you should first have a clear understanding of the company and your offering. Once you have this in place structuring your web pages around your value proposition in addition to applying SEO best practices will help you create a functional website that is visible and user-friendly. Let us start with a few basics of web page optimization. 1. Create a clear, structured and intuitive web pages Search engines go through your content page by page so make sure to organize your pages in a clear and structured manner. Web crawlers search for link structure to find indexed pages. By structuring your site well, your pages are bound to be easily indexed and found. The general rule of thumb is that users should be able to find what they are looking for in no more than three clicks. So building your web pages to have intuitive navigation will help the users find relevant content in the least amount of time possible. 2. Use keywords in your URL Use a single keyword/phrase in your URL for best optimization. Also, the use of hyphens instead of underscores is preferred. When you use underscores in your URL, web crawlers read the phrase as one single...

How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2019

A career in web development is surely as exciting as it is lucrative. According to Maryville University, web developers earn a median salary of $90,000 per year, and overall job growth is projected to be 17% from 2014 to 2024. That is exciting news. As such, there has never been a better time to improve your skills as a web developer. The most obvious end results of improving your skills are better pay and improved competitiveness in the job market. And in this guide, we show you exactly how to become a better web developer in 2019 and beyond. With that preamble, get a mug of coffee ready and let’s start. How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2019 Becoming a better web developer goes beyond improving your coding skills. It involves knowing the perfect tools to use for any given task. On top of that, becoming a better web dev involves knowing when to ask for help and keeping the clients happy among other things. In this section, we go over each of these areas (among others) in a bid to point you in the right direction as far as launching and improving your web development career goes. The tips in this post will come in handy whether you work within a company setting or freelance. That being said, let’s get down to business. Learn and Learn Some More The quickest way to become irrelevant in the web development field is to get comfortable in the skills you already possess. It goes without saying that web development is a fast-paced environment. Technologies and techniques change day in day out. What worked a couple of weeks ago might be obsolete today, but you won’t know this if don’t spare time to learn the latest web trends. Or as Maryville University puts it, “There’s always something new to learn in the computer software industry. Companies need tech experts who can keep track of the trends in apps, agile systems, interface design and use it to their strategic advantage.” For example, we didn’t have responsive web design a couple of years ago, but today it’s a standard technique for all web applications. Another good example is the recently developed REST API, which allows you to create web apps in any language and run them on WordPress among other application frameworks. For this reason, the web developers of today and the future need skills in such technologies, something that wasn’t a requirement for web developers of days gone. The same applies to...

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