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15 Logo Design Trends to Follow This Year

Logos are the most efficient way to leave a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. This is why you must leave a good impression on your audience by creating a good logo. It helps communicate your business identity to a great extent. If you are a new business whose products and services haven’t reach the majority of your target audience yet, you primarily rely on visual elements like the logo design to create an impression about your brand and planning marketing campaigns. Logos are the identity of a brand that a brand uses throughout its range of products and activities. This makes logos the face of a company. One of the primary purposes of creating a logo is for creating a perception and image of the brand that is different from the existing alternatives available in the market, and to do it the right way. This is why keeping up with the latest logo design trends is an essential element of logo design, to ensure your logo doesn’t get obsolete and is well perceived by today’s visitors. Here, we discuss 15 such logo design trends to follow this year that can help you create a unique, appealing and valuable logo. 1. Use of Flexible Logos: The concept of one logo for all purposes doesn’t work anymore. Earlier logos used to have one design that used to be carried out without replacement for years. This practice isn’t practical in today’s time. The business owners usually change their mission or vision, or communication lines a little to suit the popular trend of that time. Hence they want the flexibility of their logo to be able to do the same. Any logo that you design should be able to mould itself into different variations for different occasions. This flexibility of logo design helps the business connect to their clients by creating a more personalized experience and relation. 2. Emphasize on Color: If you study the colour theory, you’ll know that each colour denotes and evokes certain emotions, feelings and perception in the audience’s mind. This is very important to understand as by using the right colours for the right purpose, you can create a long-lasting, impactful effect on your target audience’s mind. The right colours help create a storyline for the audience to follow and also gives them a visual hierarchy to ensure the overall viewing experience is easy and yet efficient. You don’t need...

12 Fancy Travel Website Design Examples

Though a travel website may seem straightforward, there are several elements to keep in mind while designing a website in the travel industry. In general, a travel agency website must include a high-quality hero image, hotel recommendations, information about local activities, and a summary of the area. To further create a helpful website, you can add packing tips, maps, and public transport information. All of this depends on the kind of website you want to design and the audience you want to target. The best way to start ideating is to list out the functions you want on your website. If you are stuck and want some inspiration, here are 12 fancy travel agency websites to help you get started: 1. Telluride Colorado: They have used a great high-quality image gallery on their homepage to attract users. Telluride Colorado has used a great navigation panel for providing the option to users to book their stay. Along with this, they have also offered an option to navigate and see the weather of the place they are about to visit. They have provided a chat room on their homepage so that their users can contact them via call or message anytime. As you scroll through the homepage, you will see an option to book your stay. To make their website more helpful to the visitors, they have mentioned activities and dining places that their visitors can experience. Instead of having a detailed website, they have used photos to demonstrate how their experience would look if they choose to book through their website. This approach works as it combines attention-grabbing visuals with a clear call to actions. 2. On the Grid: Unlike other travel websites, on the grid are based on Different cities. The welcome page offers a variety of high-quality images of different countries that looks attractive. The navigation bar is prominent as the color is contrasted with the changing images. Without wasting much time of their users, they have provided an organized grid view for users to choose the country they want to visit. The places are arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy for the user to find a place. The background color of the website is blue with typography in contrast to the base color. They have also used a famous monument to represent a particular place. The site is straightforward and does not leave any room for the user to get confused. However, they haven’t provided...

10 Spooky Designs to Get You Inspired This Halloween

Is the eerie spirit of Halloween haunting your designs? Find spooky inspiration in these ten ghoulish illustrations, videos, and photos. From Polish artist Piotr Jabłoński’s off-kilter and unnerving fantasy paintings to Caley Hicks’ cutesy take on Halloween themes, you’re sure to find something here to get you in the spooky mood. Looking for spine-chilling photos, graphics, and video clips to use in your projects? Don’t miss our ultimate curated Halloween collection. 1. Día de los Muertos by Shutterstock contributors Taking place just after Halloween on November 2nd, 2019, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday held to remember the deceased. Viewed by Mexicans as a day of celebration rather than sadness, colorful costumes, parades, and sugar skulls are prominent features of the holiday. Families gather at the grave of the departed to leave offerings and say prayers, aiding their loved one in their spiritual journey. Imagery surrounding Día de los Muertos is vibrant and theatrical, giving Day of the Dead-themed designs an otherworldly feel. Explore the Shutterstock contributors’ Día de los Muertos video collection.           View this post on Instagram                   Celebrando a nuestros amados (celebrating our loved ones) • #DíaDeLosMuertos #ItsShutterstock _ [Link in Bio] _ #sugarskulls #dayofthedead #tradicionesmexicanas #cultura A post shared by Shutterstock (@shutterstock) on Sep 25, 2019 at 7:41am PDT 2. Fantasy Dreamscapes by Tithi Luadthong Inspired by horror, fantasy, and science fiction, illustrator Tithi Luadthong conjures up immersive and deeply compelling dreamscapes that tell intriguing stories. The digital impressionist injects his images with a sense of dynamism and movement, transporting the viewer to a multitude of action-packed horror-themed scenarios, from a zombie apocalypse to a cave inhabited by a horned demon. Read more about Tithi’s creative process in this interview with the Bangkok-based artist. Explore the artist’s full collection of horror- and Halloween-themed content here. Image by contributor Tithi Luadthong. Image by contributor Tithi Luadthong. Image by contributor Tithi Luadthong. 3. Halloween-Themed Curated Collection by Shutterstock Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, creating a seasonal social media post, or designing a hair-raising webpage, the Shutterstock...

26 best education website design ideas that skip to the head of the class

Having a well-designed education website is an ideal way to show who you are as an establishment, whether you’re an existing institution or building your education brand from the ground up. Get ready for a crash-course in education website design. Illustration by Orange Crush, web design by Mithum.Remember, you’re providing both a valuable and invaluable service: knowledge. The best education website design solutions will support this knowledge through a clean layout, captivating images and engaging features. Higher education and professional school websites
— The purpose of this type of website is to uphold the overall brand of the university or college. A higher education website contains a great deal of important information for students, faculty and staff. Additionally, it’s a way of representing the campus culture for prospective students. The Drexel University home page is full of navigational cues, but they are organized and separated in such a way that it never feels cluttered or confusing.This website communicates the nautical vibe of the school’s town as well as the professional vibe of the student body. Design by UndoRedoWhat works well? When it comes to higher education website design, the competition is fierce. The landing page needs to be simultaneously simple and striking in order to hold the attention of the visitor, especially if they happen to be a prospective student. via University of MontanaLook for a hero image that encompasses what makes your university unique. In the case of the University of Montana, the hero image celebrates homecoming season by highlighting their marching band. It’s timely, it’s engaging, and it gives the visitor an in-depth look at what makes campus life so great. This is your time to really show off. While a great hero image will encourage the visitor to stick around and explore, a clean design will help them make the most of the website experience. Think about simple, easy-to-comprehend categories which your user needs to see. Make everything clear and clickable. Create an intuitive, functional layout and remember to factor in a way for the navigation to work on a mobile device. Universities are going to have a lot of portals for students and faculty, so your navigation menus will need to be particularly well organized. Start with the three As of higher education website navigation: academics, admission,...

Request smuggling between Amazon ALBs and Go net/http

Attention If you are running Go services with Amazon ALBs and are yet to update to versions 1.13.1/1.12.10 please do so immediately as this vulnerability may apply to you! At 99designs, like many websites that take privacy & security seriously, runs a bug bounty program; we pay “good hackers” to hack us and inform us of vulnerabilities that we then fix. As a global creative platform predominantly delivered via the web, most of the issues raised are fairly unremarkable CSRF and the occasional XSS vulnerabilities, but recently we had a report that stood out and took us on an interesting journey: What is request smuggling?
— Request smuggling is a type of attack whereby a bad actor crafts a HTTP request in such a way that they can cause disagreement (desynchronisation) between intermediate servers in how the request should be processed, resulting in their request being interpreted as the start of the next (probably valid) request on the connection. In the case of this vulnerability, the disagreement arose between AWS Application Load Balancers and the HTTP library in Go, a language we love at 99designs: Design by Lera Balashova. Feel free to share this infographic, but please include a link back to this blog article.How request smuggling can be exploited
— Because the attacker has complete control over the beginning of the request, there are two basic types of attacks they can perform: The first forces random users to take actions that they didn’t initiate, e.g. liking a design or accepting a friend request. This is done by ignoring the user’s original HTTP Request-Line by turning it into a header: POST /anything HTTP/1.1 Content-Length: 4 Transfer-Encoding : chunked 0 GET /like-my-design HTTP/1.1 Ignore: XGET /any-user-request Cookie: UsersSessionCookie When used like this, the cookies of the original request are kept intact, but the attacker no longer has control of the body. This limits the scope of the attack to simple actions that don’t require a body. The second form of this attack takes control of the body of a request while using headers provided by the attacker. It can be much harder to find an endpoint that is vulnerable to this kind of attack, but if found it can be catastrophic to the end-...

19 lawyer business cards that do design justice

It might come as a surprise but business cards for lawyers are varied and often creative. Just because the industry is serious, does not mean the business cards need to be. There is lots of room to express what the law firm specializes in, who they want to stand for and how they set themselves apart. In fact, lawyer business cards should be memorable, communicating trust and expressing confidence, so prospective clients feel comfortable. To spark inspiration for lawyers, designers or anyone interested in what makes a lawyer business card work, we’ve compiled  examples of our favorite lawyer business cards. We think they’re tops, but you be the judge! Modern lawyer business cards
— This style of lawyer business cards are ideal for those who want to convey that they can adapt to the demands of today, even though they belong to an old world trade. These business cards are minimally designed with one or two colors for text and background at most. They tend to have geometric shapes and clean lines free of much texture or shading. Unlike traditional business cards for attorneys, modern lawyer business cards do not contain much text beyond the name of the company. These cards are a great choice for young law firms who would like to work with newer industries like technology, with artists and many other industries who prioritize keeping up with the times. This design is modern, easy and very clear. By Jecakp.Classic lawyer business cards
— When designed intentionally, classic never has to mean outdated or boring. Lawyers who would like to be considered more traditional, who work with bigger or older corporations, the government, or those law firms who have long-standing relationships with the same clients should consider this type of business card because classic cards are timeless and convey unchanging trust. Classic lawyer business cards are often monochrome, and typography is usually made up of elegant serifs for fonts. Since these cards are often quite simple, fonts play a key role. The preferred color combinations for these cards are gold and black or blue tones and white. Black, gold and evoking timeless justice symbols. By undrthespellofmars.Inventive lawyer business cards
— Lawyers who are looking to work with new businesses should consider this type of business card because inventive business cards tell clients that you can think outside the...

20 Freshest Web Designs, October 2019

You’ll find a few other trends, and sites that ignore trends altogether, in our roundup of the freshest web design this month, but it’s hard to ignore the vibrancy that’s taking over. Enjoy! Chevalvert Chevalvert is a French design agency whose site visually bombards you from the moment it loads. The maximalist approach is visually overwhelming in places, and individual work can be hard to distinguish, but what the site conveys brilliantly is the creative passion and courage of the agency. #24HourAce We’ve been vibing on minimalism for a decade or more, but recently a more anarchic, more colorful, more visually aggressive style has taken hold. #24HourAce for Gucci is the embodiment of this maximalist trend with crazy animation, color, and glitch effects. More is more. La Maison de Santé Pantinoise The web’s not all clashing colors and glitch effects. The site for La Maison de Santé Pantinose, a medical practice in a Parisian suburb, calms potentially anxious patients with pastel tones and simple color block animation that sensitively illustrates the conditions treated at the practice. Ride & Crash Back to anarchy, with Ride & Crash’s energy-packed site. From the variations on its deceptively simple, but carefully drawn logotype, to the text that transforms from gibberish as you scroll, everything about this site communicates creative confidence, admirable in a young project. Collage Crafting As if keen to demonstrate that modernist typography can also be expressive, Collage Crafting’s landing page text explodes deliciously as you scroll. But what I really love is the way the hover effects combine in the product page, making the box appear to slide from one item to the next. Genesis Block Genesis Block is an impressive site for a fintech company. The line art illustrations reach another level by using gradients to promote the feeling of three dimensions, and the animation that’s tied to the window scroll — not least the animated Rubik’s Cube — is all presented expertly. Dropmark Until the growth of maximalism the biggest trend on the web, favoured by SaaS, was animated blocks of complementary color, looping to produce low file size, high interest motion on a site. Dropmark uses the trend to frame its landing page and divide up the generous whitespace. Olivia Palermo As soon as CSS grid was announced we were promised it would herald new web...

Popular Design News of the Week: October 7, 2019 – October 13, 2019

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.  The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week. Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that were posted, so don’t miss out and subscribe to our newsletter and follow the site daily for all the news. MacOS Catalina: 5 Things Web Developers & Designers Should Know   Improve your CSS with these 5 Principles   8 Things to Stop Doing with Typography (Right Now!)   Google’s Free Coding Tool for Beginners Lands on Desktop   Natural Color Palettes from Random Beautiful Images   CSS Grid Garden   When Brand Identity Goes Wrong: 5 Embarrassing Mistakes   CSS Link with Rainbow Underline   Figma Introduces Smart Animate and Advanced Transitions   Spacing, Grids and Layouts   Dear Designer, It’s Time to Rediscover your Whiteboard   Feeling Sassy Again   Revenge of the Small Business Website   Moz Launches Domain Analysis, Free Tool for SEO Metrics   Optimizing Images for the Web – An In-depth Guide   Disney is Using AI to Correct Gender Bias in its Movies   Building Websites with the Future in Mind   Your Brand Needs a Social Media Design System-here’s How to Create One   Product Personas are a Waste of Time   UX Frameworks – Make Sense of Mess and Get that Spark, Faster   How to Increase Adoption of Branding Guidelines   The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI   How to Think like a Programmer   Dear Ueno: What’s your Design Process Like?   The 3 Stages of Empathy   Want more? No problem! Keep track of top design news from around the web with Webdesigner News. Source p img {display:inline-block; margin-right:10px;} .alignleft {float:left;} p.showcase {clear:both;} body#browserfriendly p, body#podcast p, div#emailbody p{margin:0;}

Fall Freebie: Downloadable Halloween Icons and Graphics

Looking for some free Halloween-themed graphics to spice up your designs? During the fall season, you’ll find a lot of freebies for autumn icons and backgrounds. If you want to decorate your website for October or create some festive Halloween banners, this is a great time to dive in and get some free graphics. We’ve collected some great sources of free Halloween icons, vectors, and designs. These will be perfect if you need some cute and spooky graphics. Free Fall Icons and Graphics Pack These cute digital icons are mostly made with the autumn season in mind, but there are quite a few Halloween examples in here as well. A jack-o-lantern, a witch’s hat, and spooky bats are just a few. There are both vector and PNG versions of each icon, so use whichever works for you. Design Freebie: Halloween Vector Icons Vector icons are great because they’re both scalable to any size and easily editable. These vectors use a simple, appealing style with cartoony monsters, grinning pumpkins, and expressive ghosts. There are 42 icons including both props and characters, so it should last you a while. Materia Flat Halloween Minimalism fits in almost anywhere. The simpler a design, the easier it is to integrate with other styles. These 41 flat designs won’t look out of place as icons on your website or background decoration in graphics. They are a bit scarier with angry skeletons, bloody props, and spooky spiders, but with a cute and simplistic style that makes them very endearing. Cute Halloween Background with Flat Design This adorable design would look great as a greeting card. It’s full of cute, smiling characters and varied background decorations. Since it’s a vector image, you’ll be able to customize and scale each of the elements to create the perfect scene. Spooky Halloween: 40 Icons, 4 Styles You’ll never run out of icons with this set of 40 minimalistic Halloween icons, suitable for web and graphic designs. Each icon comes in lined and filled styles, with an additional thin and thick version of each. There’s also both an SVG vector and PNG bitmap version of each in this pack. Flat Design Background for Halloween Here’s another cartoon Halloween background you’ll love. This one depicts a mysterious castle with bats, spiders, and a huge harvest moon, and it’d make a great banner background. It comes in vector format, so you can tweak each element to your liking...

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