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Understanding Progressive JPEG and WebP Formats

JPEG and WebP Just last week, Shopify started to automatically serve WebP images to improve the performance and delivery of visuals on your clients' stores. Learn the fundamentals of WebP versus progressive JPEGs, and how this change affects merchants stores.More

Mobile Design Trends in 2019

mobile design trendsWith 2019 already halfway over, we’re looking at how trends in mobile design are changing. Learn how factors like personalization, 3D design, and security will impact how you design mobile products.More

A Modern Approach to CSS Pt. 2: Building Resources

css resourcesWith strong CSS tools and organizational methods in your toolkit, you can start building resources for your website. Learn how to navigate the CSS spec and see examples of how it will help you solve common problems.More

Use the Kit Skills App Extension to Engage Your Users Conversationally

Kit Skills app extension Kit is a made-by-Shopify app that helps merchants tackle their to-do lists by proposing and completing tasks through chat. With the new Kit Skills app extension, you can extend the capabilities of your app into Kit’s conversational interface. Learn how the Kit Skills app extension works and how it can help you further connect with users.More

How to Write Excellent Commerce Content for Your Clients

How to Write Excellent Commerce Content for Your ClientsCreating high quality commerce content has become an important facet of marketing, and leveraging this tool can drive impressive results for your clients. Learn the different angles of commerce content and how you can use them to improve your clients’ sales.More

10 Things we Learned Building Our First Shopify App

build shopify appWhen you start developing your first Shopify App, it can be challenging to know where to start. In this article, Shopify developers share the top 10 lessons they learned when building their first Shopify App.More

A Modern Approach to CSS Pt. 1: Tools and Organization

css toolsThe style layer of the web has never been more complex and complicated than it is now. In part one of this two-part series, learn about the CSS tools and organization methods that will help you level up your CSS writing.More

The 9 Best Codepens for Summer

best codepenFor many of us, this week marks the true start of summer. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the most fun, summer-inspired pens on Codepen.More

An Insider's Look at the Technology That Powers Shopify

shopify technology platformAt Shopify Unite, we announced launches and features that will continue to bring commerce to everyone, everywhere. What makes these launches possible is the technology in our retail operating system. In this article, we dive deep into this technology, how it’s built, and what we’re building next.More

Selling in Multiple Currencies with Shopify Payments: What this Means for App Developers

multi-currency-app-developersGlobal expansion is booming, and today’s buyers expect a personalized purchasing experience. To address this, we’re extending the ability to sell in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments to all merchants. Learn what this means for you as an app developer, and how to adjust your apps to take full advantage of this new opportunity.More

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