Developer Digest: April 25, 2019

developer-digest-april-2019In this edition of Developer Digest, we look at new launches and updates that will help you learn, grow, and stay connected as a Shopify Developer.More

Essential App Marketing: 11 Ways to Successfully Promote Your App

how to market an appWhen you build an app, it can be a challenge to stand out from the competition. Learn tips and tricks for marketing your app from 10 top designers, developers, and marketing experts.More

How to Authenticate Your Embedded App in the Shopify Admin

embed-app-shopify-adminUsing the right resources and libraries is crucial to building successful apps. In this article, we’ll use Shopify’s koa-auth package to embed your app in the Shopify Admin. Learn how to take advantage of Koa middleware to help keep your server file tidy, test your UI, and solve merchant problems faster.More

15 Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators to Shake Up Your Design Mockups

lorem ipsum generatorAdd some flavor to the placeholder text in your design mockups with these funny lorem ipsum generators.More

Minimalist Web Design: How To Achieve More With Less

minimalist web designMinimalism is a trend that has taken the design world by storm. Well-designed minimalist products are impressive, but minimalism is tricky to get right. Learn the fundamentals of minimalist design, and the aspects of minimalism you need to consider in your designs.More

Project Budget Management: How to Keep Your Clients Happy

project budgetManaging budgets is one of the toughest parts of project management. We sat down with Shopify Partners to learn how you can keep track of your budget throughout a project’s process, from the sales stage all the way to completion.More

[Free Webinar] Migrating Your Clients From WooCommerce to Shopify: Why and How to Make the Move

migrate woocommerce to shopifyMigrating stores for your clients can be a lot of work. With our new WooCommerce importer tool, you can more easily transfer product and customer data from WooCommerce to Shopify. Join our free webinar to learn how to use the importer tool, and why migrating your clients to Shopify is a great business decision.More

Build Forms on Shopify: How to Use Liquid to Build Robust Forms for Shopify Themes

Build forms on ShopifyForms are used across a range of touchpoints on Shopify stores. In this article, we look at how Liquid can be leveraged to simplify the form building process by generating input elements, identifying errors, and outputting feedback to customers.More

Introducing API Versioning at Shopify

api-versioning-at-shopifyTo make changes to the Shopify platform predictable, clearly communicated, and easy to adopt, we are introducing API versioning at Shopify. Learn about how API versioning will work, our new developer preview environment, and where you can stay up-to-date on every version.More

Announcing Shopify Unite 2019

announcing shopify unite 2019Today we’re excited to announce Shopify Unite 2019, our fourth annual partner and developer conference, happening June 18-20 in Toronto, Canada. Attendees will hear from Shopify leadership, get an exclusive glimpse at product roadmaps, and explore the opportunity ahead.More

How to do a Competitive Analysis That Drives Results for Your Clients

how to do a competitive analysisA competitive analysis will give you useful insights into what your client's competitors are doing, and how you can improve your marketing campaigns. Learn how to do a competitive analysis and drive results.More

International Market Research: What You Need to Know Before Working with Clients Across Borders

international-market-researchThere’s lots to consider when expanding your business internationally. To help you minimize risk and maximize impact, we look at how and why you should conduct international market research, so you can increase your chances of success in going global.More

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