Leading Successful Discovery Sessions: Set the Stage for Client Projects

discovery sessionDiscovery sessions are a series of meetings that help uncover the needs of your client before projects begin. They allow stakeholders to define the value, goals, and success factors—and are key to the successful completion of any project. In this article, you will learn how to structure your discovery sessions, how to engage your clients during the discovery stage, where to find exercises and resources to get you started, and more.More

How to Create a Customizable Logo Bar Section

logo barVery often clients will want to highlight the businesses that they deal with, to assert themselves as a trustworthy and in-demand company. One of the easiest ways to achieve this effect is with the use of a logo bar on their website. In this article, you will learn why logos are important for demonstrating social proof, how to add an image picker to a dynamic section, how to use Liquid to manage style settings from the Theme Editor, and more.More

Symmetry vs. Asymmetry in Layout Design

asymmetrical-designKnowing when to use asymmetry and symmetry in layout design is a powerful skill set. Both approaches evoke different feelings from the user and can make or break a design. Learning how to combine the two helps create designs that are unique and memorable to viewers. In this article, we cover:  How asymmetry and symmetry work for design Website examples for asymmetry and symmetry design Tips and techniques for best practices in layout design  More

Affiliates 101: What is the Shopify Affiliate Program and How Can You Successfully Apply

shopify-affiliatesAffiliate marketing is a buzzword that seems to be everywhere—from Instagram sponsored #ads to your favorite blogs. But affiliate marketing isn't limited to celebrities and those with millions of followers—there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved with Shopify's Affiliate Program. In this article, we cover:  The ins and outs of the Shopify Affiliate Program What we're looking for in an applicant Current successful Shopify Affiliates More

What’s New: November 16th, 2018

what's new november 2018In this edition of What's New at Shopify, we walk you through all the updates that will help you guide your clients through the busiest time of year. In this article, you will learn: All about platform updates, merchant improvements, international updates, and tools to get your clients ready for the holiday season New languages capabilities in Shopify Mobile and the wholesale channel Shopify Payments Spain Improvements to discounts, checkout, and return labels And much more! More

Understanding hreflang Tags for Multilingual Stores

hreflang tags for multilingual storesAs websites grow, we look for more ways to increase a site’s visibility to users in multiple countries. One way of doing this is considering what languages a store is offered in, as well as how to best localize content for customers. The hreflang attribute helps websites to show search engines the relationship between web pages in alternate languages or region-specific pages. In this article you will learn: What hreflang is, how to structure hreflang tags, and where to place them What localization looks like Common mistakes that are made when implementing hreflang for multilingual sites More

Sustainable UX: How Designers Can Help Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

sustainable-uxJust because our work is often intangible, it’s not without environmental consequences. The internet is a major polluter, and every site or service we produce does some level of harm.

However, the things we make have a huge potential to help reduce pollution. Laddering up from local concerns to the global perspective, there are four main spheres of influence that designers can make the most impact on.

In this article, we'll cover: Reducing pollution in our work process Understanding internet infrastructure and how design shapes energy use Adding sustainable thinking to product design Working with human behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes More

5 Content Angles That Only Affiliates Can (and Should) Create

how-to-write-content-for-affiliate-marketingAffiliate partnerships are an excellent revenue source for web designers, developers, and freelancers. They can help you grow not only revenue, but also your client roster and expertise. There are five content angles that are not only extra useful for affiliates—they are also topics that affiliates can cover best. In this article, we’ll cover: Five recommended content angles How to use these content angles in affiliate marketing Finding the right content for your marketing More

10 Ways to Establish Trust on Ecommerce Sites and Apps

establish trustIn today’s world of misleading privacy practices and fake news, establishing trust on an ecommerce site or app has become crucial. But what signals can you leverage to prove to users that your product is one they can trust? In this article, you will learn: Ten key components of establishing trust on your site or app What other ecommerce professionals believe are the most important aspects of building trust Examples of how to implement trust signals into your work More

How Driving Quality Traffic Will Boost Conversion

Website metrics 390One of the biggest reasons for a poor conversion rate is that a website receives the wrong kind of visitor. This is because too often digital marketing is measured by the amount of traffic it drives, rather than the quality of that traffic. In this post, you will learn: How to identify and remove failing channels How to carefully consider who you want to target and tailor your marketing to How to know where your site sits in the user journey, so you drive people to the site at the right time More

Giving Feedback: What We’ve Learned About Building Strong Design and Development Teams

giving-feedback What makes for a strong, efficient design and development team and how can you build an empowering company culture? To answer these questions, we decided to talk to our own teams here at Shopify, to try and learn what empowers individuals to increase their impact and build stronger relationships across disciplines. In this article, you will learn: Insights from our company survey on giving feedback How to offer meaningful feedback Three key mechanisms for building excellent teams More

The Shopify GraphQL Learning Kit

shopify-graphql-learning-kitUsing GraphQL is an exciting way of interacting with APIs, and opens a whole world of new possibilities for app developers. To help you take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the Admin API in GraphQL, we’ve put together this learning kit. It will guide you through making various calls to the Shopify GraphQL Admin API, using the Insomnia API client. In this article, you will learn:  How to configure Insomnia Query and mutation structure examples GraphQL examples, and more! More

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