Gamification in Business: How to Apply Gaming Principles to Digital Product Design

gamification-in-businessAdding elements of gamification to your digital products helps encourage users to take action and feel like winners. Learn how to incorporate gamification into your own product designs. More

How To Create a Successful Educational YouTube Channel for Your Business

create youtube channel for businessStarting an educational YouTube channel can help you connect with your audience and grow your business. Learn more about the four steps needed to create a successful educational channel.More

How to Bring Disruptive Thinking to Your Agency’s Clients

How to Bring Disruptive Thinking to Your Agency’s ClientsThere has never been a better time to bring disruptive thinking to your clients. In this article, you will learn how to do it, get inspiration from brands who epitomize disruptive thinking, and look at why measurement is essential along the way.More

Data-Rich: Use Holiday Data to Enhance Your Client's Conversion Strategy

conversion-strategyShopify Partners Justuno share their data from the holidays to determine the best performing on-site promotions, so you can build stronger campaigns for your clients this year.More

Follow This 3-Step Process to Hire the Web Developer of Your Dreams

hire-web-developerWeb developers have a very specialized role in the software industry, which means you should have a specialized hiring process to find them. In this post, Shopify Partners Swym share the process they’ve adopted to find, interview, and hire new web developers to grow their business.More

3 Simple Steps for Setting Up a Local Shopify Theme Development Environment

local shopify theme developmentLearn how to develop Shopify themes beyond the Shopify Theme Editor. In this article, we look at using Theme Kit for a more localized experience when editing themes.More

Everything You Need to Know About Collaborator Accounts

Shopify collaborator accountCollaborator accounts allow you to request access to, and work on, your clients’ Shopify stores. Managed directly from your Partner Dashboard, they’re a clean and safe way to collaborate with your clients. Learn more about collaborator accounts and how they work.More

Getting Paid: An Overview of Shopify App Billing Cycles

shopify-app-billing-cycleThe Shopify Billing API is used by app developers to charge merchants for their app. In this post, we’ll go over app subscription cycles and how you, as an app developer, get paid. More

[Free Course] 10x Your Shopify Theme Development Skills with These Free Courses

free-course-10x-your-shopify-theme-development-skills-with-these-free-coursesThere's a lot to consider when it comes to building and launching a successful Shopify store. In this article, we look at four resources you can use to develop and grow your Shopify theme development knowledge.More

Developer Digest: February 1, 2019

developer digest january 2019In this edition of Developer Digest, we look at new launches and updates that will help you learn, grow, and stay connected as a Shopify Developer.More

Enhancing the On-Screen Reading Experience With Variable Fonts

Variable fontsGood typography is barely noticeable, but is indispensable in helping the reader enjoy every aspect of the content in front of them. Learn how you can use variable fonts to improve the online reading experience.More

7 Inspiring Stores Built by Shopify Partners to Get You Through the Winter

 inspiring-shopify-storesBrowse seven beautiful stores built by Shopify Partners to spark new ideas and inspire your creativity.More

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