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A Beginner's Guide to Sass with Shopify — Part 1: Getting Started With Sass

sassAs CSS has gotten more complex, and stylesheets have become larger and harder to maintain, CSS preprocessors have become very popular. In this article, learn the differences between Sass and SCSS, get an introduction to variables and nesting, and understand some of the limitations of Sass in Shopify’s online theme editor.More

Intro to CSS: A Beginner’s Guide to Cascading Style Sheets

intro to cssCSS is a key tool for web designers. In this article, gain an understanding of the role CSS plays in web applications, how CSS applies styles, and a breakdown of the most frequently used concepts with their related properties.More

How to Debug Liquid Render Performance with Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome

shopify liquid debugAnnouncing the Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome, a tool that helps pinpoint specific lines of problematic code in your theme development. Learn how to use this new tool to optimize your clients’ stores, speed up render time, and convert more customers.More

An Overview of Liquid: Shopify's Templating Language

Shopify liquidLiquid is Shopify’s templating language. In this article, learn how to get started with Liquid, including how it fits into Shopify theme building, and the core concepts that will enable you to start building powerful and immersive ecommerce templates.More

How to Build Point of Sale Apps Using Shopify App Bridge

point of sale appsShopify merchants use Shopify POS to sell at their stores, at pop-up locations, and on the go. As omnichannel commerce gets bigger and bigger, building apps that serve the whole shopping experience is a real opportunity for developers. Learn how to extend your app or build new apps for Shopify POS using Shopify App Bridge.More

How to Get More App Downloads in the Shopify App Store

app downloadsGetting more installs in the Shopify App Store can be a challenging question for developers. Building a great app is only half the battle—you also need to consider how merchants will find, select, and install your app. Learn five key strategies you can leverage to get more installs in the Shopify App Store.More

Extend Into the Storefront With Online Store App Extensions

Online store app extensionsIntroducing online store app extensions, a new, simpler way to use apps to customize Shopify storefronts. With these extensions, your app can add custom features and sections to the new online store design experience. Learn more about how to leverage these new tools.More

How to Refactor a Shopify Site for Javascript Performance

Javascript performanceEveryone wants their site to be fast, but the truth is that there is no silver bullet for site speed. In this article, learn six steps to help you refactor a Shopify site to improve performance for merchants and their customers.More

Announcing the Shopify Unite Fund and Our Call for Speakers

shopify unite fundShopify Unite, our annual partner and developer conference, is back this May in Toronto. We’ll celebrate our shared success, forge new connections, and ignite the future of commerce technology. Learn about how to apply to the Shopify Unite Fund, or how you can share your knowledge with the rest of the partner community as a speaker at the event.More

Color Psychology: How Color Influences Decisions

Color PsychologyColor impacts how users make decisions online, so understanding color psychology helps you better design sites for conversion. Learn more about the influence color has on the decision-making process of your users.More

Web Performance: 11 Must-Read Tips to Give Your Site a Speed Boost

Web performanceWeb performance has never been more important. Slow websites mean lost and frustrated customers, which is bad news for your clients. To help you improve the performance of your websites, we spoke with seven experts to get their best performance tips.More

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

Email marketing best practicesEmail marketing is more relevant in today’s ecommerce landscape than ever. Learn how to improve your client’s email marketing strategies, introduce effective A/B testing, and leverage best practices that will help make 2020 their best year yet.More

10 Ecommerce Trends That Will Set Your Client’s Brand Apart in 2020

Ecommerce trendsIn our annual roundup of ecommerce trends, we share predictions of what will define online shopping in 2020. These trends will help you help your client stand out in a fast-moving and increasingly international ecommerce world.More

Shopify API Release: January 2020

Shopify api release january 2020The 2020-01 API release is here. This roundup will help you stay on top of the features included in this release, including changes to FulfillmentOrders, order editing, Smart Collections, product media, and discounts.More

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