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Canonical URLs: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

canonical urlsSEO is important for every website, and an online store is no exception. Using canonical URLs can help to better inform search engines which URLs have identical or highly similar content. In this article you will learn what a canonical URL is, why canonical URLs matter, and best practices to keep in mind when using them.More

How to Build AI Chatbots for Your Clients

ai chatbotsArtificial intelligence in the form of chatbots can save your clients valuable time. By automating responses to common questions and setting up scripts to engage customers and visitors, chatbots can allow your clients to earn back time, and provide elevated customer service. In this article, we walk you through how to set up a chatbot for your client, and how AI will be used in the future of marketing.More

How to Use an Empathy Map in the Design Process

empathy mapTo design a good product, you need to know your end user intimately. An empathy map is a tool product teams can use to learn about their end users, so that they can build a product those users will love and adopt. In this article, we show you how to use this tool and create one with your team.More

Announcing the Shopify App Challenge Honorable Mentions

Shopify app challenge honorable mentionsA couple weeks ago, we announced the winners of the Shopify App Challenge. We were overwhelmed with the quality and creativity of the submissions we received. So today, we’re excited to announce our honorable mentions. Read on for inspiration from other app developers that are building solutions for the challenges merchants are facing today.More

Build Forms on Shopify: How to Use Liquid to Build Robust Forms for Shopify Themes

build forms on shopifyForms are used across a range of touchpoints on Shopify stores. In this article, we look at how Liquid can be leveraged to simplify the form building process by generating input elements, identifying errors, and outputting feedback to your client's customers.More

How to Optimize Your Clients’ Themes to Sell Digital Products

digital productsSelling digital products can help add new revenue streams for your clients who already sell physical products. However, optimizing their Shopify stores to sell digital products requires specific UX and theme design considerations. In this article, we’ll cover the practical strategies and insights to keep in mind throughout the process.More

Internationalization: Practical Tips to Build for a Global Audience

internationalizationWith more people than ever shopping online from all over the world, it’s essential to think about internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n). If you don’t, your clients’ apps or websites may be received poorly by international audiences, and they could lose out on additional customers, users, and revenue. In today’s article, we talk to designers and developers about how to become an expert in these areas.More

5 Steps to Design Apps with Keyboard Accessibility in Mind

keyboard accessibilityIn honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’ve put together best practices for building an app that users can navigate with their keyboard to meet keyboard accessibility and web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). We cover intuitive interactions, focus order, and more.More

Everything We Announced at Shopify Reunite 2020

shopify reunite announcementsToday was Reunite, our first-ever broadcast event for Shopify business owners. There were lots of exciting updates and announcements that help merchants run their businesses in today's environment. Learn more about what we announced to stay informed and continue your work with clients and app users.More

Announcing the Winners of the Shopify App Challenge: Commerce and COVID-19

Shopify app challenge winnersLast month, we announced the Shopify App Challenge, asking developers to build innovative, impactful apps that help merchants navigate the current reality of running a business. We were beyond impressed with the quality of the submissions. Developers got creative and moved fast to build impressive solutions for merchants. Today, we’re excited to share the winners of the Shopify App Challenge!More

The Shopify Collaborator Account: What You Need to Know

shopify collaborator accountYou may already be familiar with development stores, which are free Shopify accounts that allow you to build stores for clients, and to test out new themes and apps. But, if your client already has a paid Shopify store, it’s time to use a Shopify collaborator account. Here’s the issue though: your client may have no idea why you’re asking for access to their store, which is required when activating a collaborator account. In this article, we walk you through what a Shopify collaborator account is, how to request access to your client’s store, and how to use collaborator accounts to make your client’s experience even better.More

Landing Page Optimization: 10 Tips for Increasing Conversions

landing page optimizationIf the landing pages you build are poorly designed or not optimized well, your clients can lose out on customers, subscribers, and revenue. In today’s article, you’ll learn our top 10 tips for increasing conversions on landing pages.More

How to Optimize Your Client's Ecommerce Store in Response to COVID-19

ecommerce storeIt’s a confusing time. Everything has changed so fast that it can be difficult to figure out how to help your clients right now. COVID-19 is massively impacting online shopping⁠—how do you even optimize an ecommerce store during a time like this? For this article, we talked to 11 ecommerce experts to first understand what’s actually happening, and second, how you can help your clients adapt their online stores accordingly during this challenging time in a responsible way.More

The Essential List of Resources for Shopify App Development

The Essential List of Resources for Shopify App DevelopmentWhether you’re building a Shopify app for the first time, or you’re an experienced developer looking to grow your business, there are guides, blog posts, webinars, and documentation that can help you along the way. We've rounded up a list of great Shopify app development resources (updated for 2020) that will help you through the various stages of your app development journey. Some topics include: Shopify app building tutorials Information on APIs Front end development Launching and marketing your app Customer service More

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