Understanding DesignOps and Their Role in Design Teams

designopsAs the importance of good design only increases, companies are becoming more aware of the importance of having a streamlined design process. Enter DesignOps, a new role intended to help organize and maximize the value of the design process. In this article, we look at what this role really means, and how to tell if it's time to add a DesignOps team to your organization.More

10 Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Designers and Developers in 2018

Gifts for designersWith the saintly austerity that January’s resolutions bring, it’s understandable that we like to go a little wild during the holidays. This year, let’s challenge ourselves to give gifts with real staying power. Here’s a list of ten thoughtful and lasting unisex presents that will delight the designers and developers in your life every day, as they use and appreciate them again and again.More

How to Overcome Choice Paralysis to Improve Conversion

conversion-paralysisIf you ask most people whether they like having a choice, the answer will be yes. Too many choices, however, quickly overwhelm users and cause your conversion rate to plummet. In this article, we cover how to encourage fast decision making through a concise and intuitive user journey.More

Using Humor in Design: Why, When, and How

humor-in-designPeople don’t just use products; they experience them. Every time we interact with a particular product, we put emotions into that experience. In this article, we’ll see why humor is an incredible tool for emotional connection, and what techniques designers can use to create that connection with their users.More

3 Ways to Use a Phone Number to Boost Your Client’s Business

business phone numberIntroducing a phone number into your client's marketing repertoire can be a powerful tool—but only if used correctly. In this post, we look at how to leverage your client's phone number as a way to grow their marketing campaigns and boost their business.More

Your Network is Your Net Worth: The Basics of Networking as a Shopify Partner

Building your networking is a long term play—results aren't instant and won't immediately validate today's efforts. But those who have invested in it know the exponential impact that networking and forming partnerships have. In this post, we'll look at four key mindsets that will help you create impactful relationships with others in your industry.More

7 Seemingly-Innocent, Yet Commonly Made, Design Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Marketing

web-design-mistakesDesigning your websites with an understanding of marketing and what makes people tick is important for conversion. In this article, we look at seven of the most common design mistakes, and how you can avoid making them, so your marketing and design efforts won’t work against you.More

Announcing the App Development Certification Exam in Shopify Partner Academy

app-development-certificationIntroducing the new App Development Certification exam! Test your ability to build quality Shopify Apps and identify areas that you may need to work on. By passing the App Development Certification, you will demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills to produce products at a level of quality Shopify, and merchants, expect.More

Developer Digest: November 30, 2018

developer digest december 2018Welcome to the December edition of Developer Digest, your guide to all the changes and updates that affect you as a Shopify app developer. In this edition, we look at updates to Shopify App Store functionalities, new opportunities for you as a developer, and API updates impacting your work.More

How to Optimize Popups on Your Clients’ Stores

How to Optimize Popups on Your Clients’ StoresPopups are a powerful tool you can leverage to improve conversion on your clients' stores—but you have to know how to use them properly. Learn how to optimize different types of popups to boost your clients' businesses.More

How to Use White Space in Your Mobile Designs

white-space-designWhite space is an important aspect of design—it helps connect everything to create compelling landing pages. It is equally important in mobile designs. In this article, we look at the role white space plays in design, and how to optimize it for mobile.More

What Are the Most Important Website Metrics You Should Track?

website-metrics-to-trackHaving a way to measure the performance of a website is fundamental to its success. It focuses the work you are doing on projects that create a tangible return on investment. Learn to outline company objectives with the appropriate key performance indicators: trackability, usability, and conversion.More

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