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How to Work With Shopify Theme Blocks

How to Work With Shopify Theme BlocksShopify Developers can build a wide range of flexibility into themes by working with section blocks that add functionality, and empower merchants to control the design of their store. In this article, we'll look at how to build basic blocks into a section, explore best practices to follow, and explain how app blocks can improve the merchant experience when enhancing the functionality of their store. Let’s get started.More

Commerce+ 2021: A Recap of What’s Next in Commerce

Commerce+ logoThis year’s virtual Commerce+ event brought thousands of business leaders and brand builders together to discuss what’s driving ecommerce today, and what’s next. For Shopify Partners and Developers, it was an opportunity to learn how some of the world’s biggest brands are thinking about the future of their businesses, and how Shopify is building products to support their growth—all to better prepare partners to exceed merchant expectations. Read on for an overview of the event’s biggest takeaways and new products you should know.More

Build for the 20 Percent: How Cleverific Evolved to Meet Merchant Needs

cleverificBuilding an app that meets merchants’ needs means having a long-term strategy while staying adaptable to continuous change. In this article, Shopify Partner Cleverific shares the six scrappy ways they stay flexible and continue to evolve their app to meet merchant needs.More

Important Product Updates for Shopify Developers

What's new 2021Stay up to date with all the product news you need to know in October to continue your work as a Shopify Developer and Partner.More

Shopify API Release October 2021

Shopify API ReleaseThe 2021-10 API release is here. Learn what’s part of this release, including bulk operation webhooks, manual fulfillment holds, and SMS marketing consent endpoints.More

Canonical URLs: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

canonical urlsSEO is important for every website, and an online store is no exception. Using canonical URLs can help to better inform search engines which URLs have identical or highly similar content. In this article you will learn what a canonical URL is, why canonical URLs matter, and best practices to keep in mind when using them.More

Customer Empathy in Overdrive: Rewind’s 3 Principles for a Successful App Business

Rewind’s 3 Principles for a Successful App BusinessRewind helps Shopify merchants back up, protect, and restore their data. They work with merchants on what can feel like their worst day in business. Learn how keeping true to their three core values helped the founders build, launch, and grow a successful app business.More

App Performance: From Data Outage to Four Nines Uptime

 From Data Outage to Four Nines UptimeMaking mistakes is all part of the process when building an app business—and long-term success comes down to what you learn from your challenges and setbacks. In this article, you’ll learn how one major data outage inspired the Littledata team to overhaul their app performance and processes, and build a data pipeline with four nines (99.99 percent) of reliability.More

Shopify App Challenge Past Participants: Where Are They Now?

Shopify app challenge past participantsThe Shopify App Challenge is an opportunity for app developers to build in public and submit creative, high-quality apps, no matter the merchant's need or niche. So what happens after you participate in the Shopify App Challenge? Four past participants share their stories about how the app challenge impacted their unique journeys as Shopify Partners and Developers.More

How to Write a Product Roadmap That Works

Product RoadmapProduct roadmaps help you visualize how your product will develop over time. But product roadmaps also present challenges—it can be difficult to build one that is realistic and responds to your user’s needs. Learn how to rethink the product roadmap to create one that brings real value to your product.More

Feature Creep: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

feature creepFeature creep (or scope creep) is when you add excessive features to a product that make it too complicated or difficult to use. It can cause a project to go over budget and extend its deadlines. In today’s article, you’ll learn how to recognize feature creep, and how to prevent it from taking over your own projects.More

API Deprecation at Shopify: 2021-10 Edition

image of a road leading off into the distanceOn October 1, 2021, the 2021-10 API version will become stable and ready for general usage, and the 2020-10 version will become unsupported. The 2020-10 API version, which will become the default version, includes breaking API changes. Learn what those changes are and how to prepare your app.More

How to Market an App: 11 Expert Tips

how to market an appWith Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) on the horizon, there’s no better time to invest in marketing your app to the users who need it. In this article, learn how to stand out from the competition, get your app in front of your target audience, and build momentum for your best BFCM yet. More

Shopify Fulfillment Orders API: A Better Fulfillment Experience

Shopify Fulfillment Orders APIAs merchants grow, managing inventory, orders, and delivery only becomes more difficult and complex as they rely on third-party fulfillment service providers (3PLs). In this article, we’ll explore how you can use the new Shopify Fulfillment Orders API to create a better fulfilment experience for your merchant clients, no matter how or where they fulfill orders.More

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