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8 Growth Metrics Every App Developer Should Track

8 App Metrics Every Developer Should TrackTracking the right growth metrics will help you make better decisions for your app business. In this article, you’ll learn the top eight app metrics you should be tracking, why they’re important to grow your business, and how to use them. More

Building Shopify Apps: 9 App Developers Share Their Experiences

building shopify appsBuilding Shopify apps can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time. In this article, nine Shopify App Developers share their experiences—from tough lessons and mistakes made, to business breakthroughs. They share how their experiences helped them build for long-term success in the Shopify App Store—and how you can too.More

Everything You Need to Know About Development Stores

Development storesDevelopment stores are the perfect test environment for your app projects. As a Shopify Developer, you need to be familiar with development stores. You can use them for testing and installing your apps, providing example stores running your app, and for signing up clients to Shopify. Learn everything you need to know about development stores in this step-by-step guide.More

Persistence Matters: 6 Lessons From My First 6 Months on the Shopify App Store

App store lessonsIn this article, Shopify app developer Mukul Verma shares his biggest lessons and insights from his first six months on the Shopify App Store. Click through to read more about what Mukul has learned about building your app development business, growing your app, and finding success.More

5 Community-Built API Tools Developers Should Check Out

API toolsOne of the big advantages of developing apps for Shopify is that you can build with the tech stack of your choice and rely on your existing development process. Because of this flexibility, some Shopify app developers have built open-source libraries, demo apps, and packages to help support their fellow developers. In this article, we look at five of these resources.More

6 Principles of Effective Interaction Design

interaction designIn this article, developer Nick Babich shares the six principles of effective interaction design that make the biggest difference in user experience. Read on to learn more about how these principles work as a system to help you improve usability and boost user engagement with your app.More

How to Build a Shopify App: The Complete Guide

How to build a Shopify appMore than 1.7 million merchants use Shopify to power their businesses, and apps play a critical role in their success. Apps empower merchants to meet their unique challenges and needs. While there are limitless opportunities to build an app, if you haven’t developed an app for the Shopify App Store before, where exactly do you start? In this guide, you’ll learn the six stages of app development you need to know to create and launch a successful app on Shopify. Let’s get started.More

How to Optimize Ads in the Shopify App Store

Optimize adsBuying ads on the Shopify App Store is a great way to accelerate your business growth, by advertising directly to merchants looking for apps. In this article, we take a deep dive into how to optimize your ads, so you can improve your overall marketing strategy and start seeing results.More

How to Launch a Self-Serve Shopify App: 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting

self-serve appLaunching a successful self-serve app that genuinely helps merchants solve a problem or achieve a goal can feel like a lot to deliver. In this article, Étienne Mérineau, co-founder of Heyday AI, shares the top five things you need to know before you launch.More

API Deprecation at Shopify: 2021-04 Edition

api deprecation update 2021-04On April 1, 2021, the 2021-04 API version will become stable and ready for general usage. At that time, private apps will start to follow the same API version deprecation schedule as all other apps, and will no longer have access to unsupported versions of the API. Learn more about the upcoming breaking changes, and how to prepare your app.More

App UX Design In 2021: What You Need to Consider

app uxA great app UX is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. And that is exactly what you should be aiming for as you build an app in 2021. Learn what you need to consider as you build so your app meets the needs of your users and consistently performs well on all devices.More

Tips for Creating Effective Technical Documentation for Your Shopify App

Technical documentationWriting technical documentation may not be your favorite part of being an app developer, but it’s an important aspect of supporting your app users. In this article, we dive into top tips to help you write more effective, helpful docs.More

How and Why to Integrate No-Code Automation into Your Shopify App

no code automationNo-code automation is getting more and more popular among merchants. As an app developer, integrating no-code automation into your app can help your app users better run their businesses, and open up new opportunities for you to grow your business. Learn what to consider when implementing no-code automation in this article.More

The Top Trends in the Shopify App Store in 2020 (And What You Can Learn From Them)

 3 little plants in potsAs we all know, 2020 was a year of change. Nowhere was this reflected more than the Shopify App Store, where merchants sought integrations that could help their business grow and thrive during a tumultuous time. Learn what categories saw the biggest growth, and how those insights can help you take your app development business forward in 2021.More

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