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Color Psychology: How Color Influences Decisions

Color PsychologyColor impacts how users make decisions online, so understanding color psychology helps you better design sites for conversion. Learn more about the influence color has on the decision-making process of your users.More

Web Performance: 11 Must-Read Tips to Give Your Site a Speed Boost

Web performanceWeb performance has never been more important. Slow websites mean lost and frustrated customers, which is bad news for your clients. To help you improve the performance of your websites, we spoke with seven experts to get their best performance tips.More

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

Email marketing best practicesEmail marketing is more relevant in today’s ecommerce landscape than ever. Learn how to improve your client’s email marketing strategies, introduce effective A/B testing, and leverage best practices that will help make 2020 their best year yet.More

10 Ecommerce Trends That Will Set Your Client’s Brand Apart in 2020

Ecommerce trendsIn our annual roundup of ecommerce trends, we share predictions of what will define online shopping in 2020. These trends will help you help your client stand out in a fast-moving and increasingly international ecommerce world.More

Shopify API Release: January 2020

Shopify api release january 2020The 2020-01 API release is here. This roundup will help you stay on top of the features included in this release, including changes to FulfillmentOrders, order editing, Smart Collections, product media, and discounts.More

Announcing Shopify Pursuit 2020: Turning Ideas Into Action

shopify pursuitAnnouncing Shopify Pursuit 2020! This year, our international conference series is stopping in five global cities from February to June. Join us to share your knowledge with other Shopify Partners and Developers, expand your expertise, and turn your ideas into action. Click through for all the details on Pursuit 2020.More

13 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2020

web design trendsHappy New Year! In this year’s annual web design trends post, we look at 13 trends and advances in design and development that will help build a better web, and catch the attention of users in a busy, always-connected world.More

Built on Trust: Making Apps More Secure for Merchants

Shopify public appsToday, we’re putting safeguards in place to make new apps more secure, and introducing a new type of custom app. Please note that no existing apps will be affected by this release. Click below to learn more.More

How to Build Fast and Secure Websites With the JAMstack

jamstackJAMstack is a web development architecture that makes it easier to build fast, secure websites. Learn everything you need to know about this new stack, and how it can help you build better websites.More

The 21 Best Atom Packages for Front End Developers

Best atom packagesWe all know great tooling can help us move faster and be more productive when coding. We’ve put together a list of the 21 best Atom packages for front end developers to help accelerate your work and improve your development experience.More

5 Ways to Improve Store Loading Times with Minification

minificationMinification refers to the process of removing unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the resource is processed by the browser. In this article, we'll look at some of the approaches you can take when attempting to minify the code of Shopify themes.More

4 Project Management Tips Shopify Partners Learned During BFCM

Project management tipsIt’s almost Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which means it’s the busiest time of year for Shopify Partners and merchants. We spoke to four partners and developers about the lessons they’ve learned during previous BFCMs. Learn their project management tips, and how they can be applied year round.More

Data Visualization: Interpreting Uncertainty in Product Design

Data VisualizationData visualization helps make data engaging and easy to understand. However, creating effective visualizations is challenging for designers. Learn how to properly design data visualizations to communicate complex information to users..More

How to Use Eye Tracking in Usability Tests

Eye trackingEye tracking is a tool that can be used in usability testing to understand how your users perceive a page, allowing you to create better experiences. Learn how eye tracking works and how to use it to improve usability testing.More

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