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Embrace Localization and Multilingual Content with HTML and CSS

html localizationLeverage handy HTML and CSS features to make localization easier for non-English languages, such as  “中文”,「日本語」, and «Français».More

Determination and Devotion: How Two Entrepreneurs Changed the Ecommerce Industry in Mexico

how to grow a service businessToday, Triciclo is a leading Shopify Partner in Mexico—but success didn’t come easy. Learn how founders Renata Raya and Juan Sotres navigated the early struggles of starting a business in Mexico, overcame nearly going out of business, and went on to become a mega-successful Shopify Partner.More

8 Growth Metrics Every App Developer Should Track

8 App Metrics Every Developer Should TrackAs an app developer, it’s important for you to track specific metrics to gauge the health of your business. Learn what metrics you should track and how to measure them.More

User Testing Your Shopify App: Public App Use Cases You Should Test

user test appTaking into account the complexities of Shopify when building a Shopify app is tricky, so testing your app is important. Learn various use cases you should test before submitting your app to the Shopify App Store.More

How to Use Liquid to Create Custom Landing Page Templates

landing pageAt some point in their journey, almost every merchant will need to use a landing page to promote their products, capture marketing leads, or launch a marketing campaign. Learn how to customize existing themes in Shopify to build landing page templates for your clients. More

Microinteractions: The Importance of Micro-Moment Design

MicrointeractionsMicrointeractions are the small details in a design that contribute hugely to a user’s experience with a product. Learn when microinteractions are appropriate in designs, and look at use cases and examples in the apps, sites, and products you use every day.More

12 Ecommerce UI Patterns And Where To Find Them

ui patternsUI patterns help expedite both the design and development processes, and can help ecommerce site designers build faster. In this article, learn about 12 useful ecommerce UI patterns and the libraries where you can find them.More

Live Reloading Shopify Themes: Sass Compilation with Theme Kit and Prepros

Live reloading Sass with Shopify and PreprosNo one likes refreshing their browser every time they make a change to a file during development. Learn how to integrate Prepros into a Theme Kit development workflow, so you no longer need to reload your browser to see your changes. More

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Use a Contract You Found Online for Your Business

Business contract templateAs a business owner, you should always enter into written legal contracts with your clients. Learn why you should never use a contract you found through Google for your business.More

Universal Design: 11 Practical Tips to Make Your Sites and Apps More Accessible

universal designTo mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we share 11 tips from industry professionals and accessibility advocates to make your sites and apps more accessible for everyone.More

How to Fire a Client [With Script]

how to fire a clientNo one wants to fire a client, but it's a situation you'll inevitably run into at some point in your career. Learn how to professionally part ways, and use our script to make the process a little smoother.More

7 of the Best Time Tracking Apps for Designers, Developers, and Agencies

Best time tracking appAccurate time tracking is important for anyone in the design or development industries. Learn about seven of our favorite time tracking apps and why we like them.More

3 Project Management Strategies to Prevent Scope Creep

scope creepScope creep can have a negative impact on your projects and your business as a whole. Learn how to prevent scope creep with these three project management strategies.More

6 Tools to Create Beautifully Designed Mood Boards

mood board toolsIf you work in design, you’re likely familiar with how mood boards help you collect visual elements and share your vision. These six tools will help you build mood boards for any project.More

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