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How to Create an Index List for Metaobject Pages

In this blog post we'll explore how you can create index pages using Liquid to generate dynamic links for for metaobject templates, and help you understand how to access different types of metaobject data with Liquid.More

Introducing the Shopify Mobile Checkout SDKs for iOS and Android

With just a few lines of code, Shopify’s Mobile Checkout SDKs enable mobile app developers—merchants and partners—to deliver the world’s best-converting, app idiomatic, customizable, and easy to maintain checkout experience in their apps.More

What’s New for Partners and Developers at Shopify

Learn what's new and keep up to date on important product updates and goings-on for Shopify Partners and developers in 2023.More

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program: Connecting Plus Merchants with Best-in-Class Apps

Shopify plus appsShopify Plus merchants need to know that your app can handle their specific requirements, and you need a way to prove that your product can manage their complex needs. This is why we’ve introduced the Shopify Plus Certified App Program—a program for developers who provide a level of product quality that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants. Learn more about what this program entails, and how you can apply.More

Build seamless app experiences with admin action extensions, now generally available

Admin action extensions let you create modals on Shopify admin pages so merchants interact with your app without having to switch context.More

Help Your Merchants Cut Customer Acquisition Costs by up to 50% with Shopify Audiences

Shopify Agency Partners can now improve the relevance and precision of their merchants' ad targeting across digital ad platforms with Shopify Audiences to help them find new customers who are ready to buy.More

How Form Factory Accelerated Solo Brands Headless Development Using Metaobjects

Chubbies, ISLE, Oru KayakForm Factory used Shopify's headless Hydrogen framework and metaobjects platform to 2X development speed and easily manage multiple storefronts.More

Shopify named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce

Shopify recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic QuadrantShopify has been named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce – here’s what that means for partners.  More

Accelerate growth with new homepage ads on the Shopify App Store

Introducing homepage ads on the Shopify App StoreGet your app in front of more merchants with homepage ads on the Shopify App Store.More

Optimize your marketing efforts with full-funnel Google Analytics attribution

Setting up Google Analytics for your Shopify App Store listingWe’re adding visibility into the app install event itself, giving developers more robust, full funnel analytics.More

A Web Designer’s Guide to Project Schedules

Web Design Project ScheduleOne of the most effective tools for planning any web design project is the schedule. Project schedules allow you to outline, assess, and communicate all the essentials of a job. Today, we’ll show you how to skip costly automated software in favor of creating your own project schedule.More

The Shopify Collaborator Account: What You Need to Know

shopify collaborator accountYou may already be familiar with development stores, which are free Shopify accounts that allow you to build stores for clients, and to test out new themes and apps. But, if your client already has a paid Shopify store, it’s time to use a Shopify collaborator account. Here’s the issue though: your client may have no idea why you’re asking for access to their store, which is required when activating a collaborator account. In this article, we walk you through what a Shopify collaborator account is, how to request access to your client’s store, and how to use collaborator accounts to make your client’s experience even better.More

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