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How To Add Your App to the Shopify App Store

getting your app in the shopify app store If you’re a web developer ready to submit your new app to the Shopify platform, you’re one step closer to being a valued member of the Shopify community. However, before you add your new app to the Shopify App Store, you need to ensure you’re covering all your bases from a technical and user experience perspective.More

Introducing New Tools for App Billing Management in Your Partner Dashboard

Billing managementWe’re launching new billing management tools in your Partner Dashboard, enabling you to view information about app billing charges, and issue refunds directly to users when necessary. Learn more about how these tools work.More

Important Product Updates for Shopify Developers

What's new 2021In this edition of our monthly newsletter, register for Shopify Unite, and learn about important updates like subscriptions support for PayPal Express, partner-initiated app refunds, and VAT changes for ecommerce purchases.More

6 Shopify App Reviewer Insights for a Faster App Review

 A jet aircraft speeds across a clear sky, leaving contrails in its wake.In this article, we recap some of the top takeaways from our recent live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Shopify Devs Twitch channel. Two Shopify App Reviewers share six insights that, if followed, will help lead to a faster app review process and help users better understand what your app does and how it works.More

Announcing Shopify Unite 2021: Coding Commerce, Together

Registration for Shopify Unite 2021 is now open! This year, Shopify Unite is a developer-first livestream event. Join us to hear directly from our own developers while taking a first look at the latest product announcements, infrastructure, and developer tooling, so you can build for the future of commerce on Shopify. Register today.More

5 Product Lessons I Learned Failing To Build My App

Product lessons failed appIt can be difficult to trust the app-building process when you’ve experienced a setback. Product development is painful, and even the best-laid plans can fail. In this article, Shopify Partner Gopi Para from Coderapper shares his top five product lessons from his first app idea that didn’t go as planned, and how to use these lessons when you’re feeling stuck.More

Effective App Onboarding: How to Convert Free Trial Users to Paying Customers

app onboardingEffective app onboarding is critical. When done well, it goes beyond the first impression and encourages your new users to continue using your product for the long term. So, how do you retain users past the trial period and, critically, get them to upgrade to a paid plan? In this article, industry experts share their best techniques for building effective app onboarding.More

How to Upload Files with the Shopify GraphQL API and React

Upload files graphql reactIf you're developing an app that allows merchants or customers to interact with media, it's likely you'll need to implement a feature for uploading media files. In this article, Shopify Developer Support Specialist Scott Dixon shares the four key steps to create an app that allows a user to upload media files directly to Shopify.More

Your Shopify App Isn’t Getting Any Installs. Now What?

 stages of a blooming flower represents app install growth over timeGetting installs in the Shopify App Store is top of mind for public app developers. In this article, developer Preetam Nath shares valuable tips on improving your app's discoverability, and optimizing your app listing, to get more installs and connect with users. Click through to learn more.More

Microcopy: Why Tiny Words Matter

microcopyMicrocopy is short, contextual text that informs or guides users throughout your product. You can find it on everything from buttons and form fields, to success and error messages. In this article, you’ll learn how this tiny copy can have a huge impact on the user experience.More

SidePanda: From Indie Makers to SaaS Business Owners

SidePandaMukul Chaware and Tarang Agarwal of SidePanda started as professional software developers working on app side projects in their spare time. In less than a year, they launched two apps, quit their jobs, and focused on Shopify app development full time. Here’s how they did it.More

API Deprecation at Shopify: 2021-07 Edition

api-deprecation-update-2021-07On July 1, 2021, the 2021-07 API version will become stable and ready for general usage, and the 2020-07 version will become unsupported. The 2020-10 API version, which will become the default version, includes breaking API changes. Learn what those changes are and how to prepare your app.More

Creating Accessible React Native Apps

React Native accessibilityBuilding an accessible app ensures that all your users can interact and be successful with your app. In this article, Shopify Accessibility Specialist Scott Vinkle walks through how he tested and implemented accessibility in the React Native COVID Shield app used by the Canadian government. Learn how you can apply similar techniques to make your own React Native apps more accessible.More

Beyond the Build: What We Learned From Top SaaS Founders

SaaS foundersAs the first season of our founder interview series Beyond the Build wraps up, dive into the top takeaways from our successful founders. Learn what they believe it takes to build a successful SaaS business, and how they built multi-million dollar companies on Shopify.More

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