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How the Routes and Page_Image Liquid Objects Can Help You Build More Robust Themes

liquid objectsIn this article, we'll look at why the routes and page_image objects were introduced to Liquid, and demonstrate how they can be implemented on your custom theme builds. We'll also explore the positive benefits of using these objects, both from a merchant perspective, but also for optimizing your own workflow as a theme developer.More

Redesigning the Design Process: How to Work More Efficiently in 2020

design processIn today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world, companies are continually searching for new ways to work more efficiently. In this article, you'll learn five techniques to speed up, improve, and iterate on the traditional design process. By using this information, you’ll be able to collaborate with your team to build better products and launch them faster.More

5 Free Online Learning Resources for Designers and Developers

online learning resourcesWant a competitive edge in your career? Then you need to practice deliberate, continuous learning. Learning shouldn’t stop when you’re out of school or when you get professional certification. In fact, the creative and tech industries are changing so quickly that you’ll need to keep your skills fresh to continuously find work in fields like design and development. In this article, we go over five free online learning resources that you can use.More

UX Writing: 10 Tips for Crafting Effective Content

UX writingThe copy on your client’s site or app is one of the most important aspects of the design. In today’s article, leading UX writers, content designers, and content strategists reveal their top 10 tips on how to craft effective content with your client’s audience in mind from the start. We’ll also cover how to test your content and use your UX writing skills to get buy-in from stakeholders.More

How to Write a Design Brief to Keep Your Web Design Projects on Track

design briefA design brief is a key management tool that outlines your design project so that both you and your client understand exactly what to expect regarding deliverables and workflow. In today’s post, we share how to write a design brief, and the six elements you should include to keep your web design projects on track.More

Card Sorting: Learn More About Your Users and Create Better Products

card sortingTo design products with excellent UX, you need to understand how your users think and organize information. Yet, when it comes to organizing content in our own products, all too often, we structure information based on what we think is optimal for our users, and not what our users think makes sense to them. Card sorting is a technique that helps product teams discover how their users understand and categorize information. In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of card sorting and 11 best practices for running card sorting sessions.More

Email Deliverability: 5 Ways to Build a Strong Sender Reputation

email deliverabilityEmail marketing continues to be the top driver of online conversion. It is also the most effective way of building a customer journey that can scale in a personalized way across your client's buyer personas. However, clients often overlook the technical side of their email strategy to focus on tangible elements like the design, which can lead to low email delivery rates. In today’s post, you’ll learn five specific tactics you can implement today that are guaranteed to boost your client's email deliverability rates.More

How to Choose the Right Pricing Model for Your App

Pricing modelPrice is one of the most important factors merchants look at when deciding to install an app. That means that choosing the right pricing model for your app will have a huge impact on your bottom line. Learn about the different pricing models you can use for your app, and the real-life business considerations that can impact your app’s success.More

Shopify API Release: July 2020

Shopify API release July 2020The 2020-07 API release is here. Learn what’s included in this release, including annual app billing, EventBridge integration, and new options for localization support. Read more to get the highlights of the platform changes coming with this API.More

Faster Retrieval of Shopify Metafields with GraphQL

Shopify metafieldsMany merchants keep additional product data stored in Shopify metafields on their stores. This is challenging for app developers, as retrieving data from metafields is notoriously difficult via the Shopify REST API, and can cause slow performance when synching a client’s store data. In this article, we look at how using GraphQL can dramatically reduce the sync time of product metafields from minutes to seconds.More

Magento to Shopify: How Bluegg Increased a Client's Conversion by 40%

Magento to ShopifyWhen Shopify Partner Bluegg began working with Character.com to migrate their store to Shopify, they knew it would be a big job. The brand already had a loyal following, but was looking to take their business to the next level. Learn how Bluegg navigated the complicated migration, maintained Character.com’s growth, and increased conversion rates by 40 percent.More

The 20 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Front End Developers

visual studio code extensionsThe right tools help us build, tweak, and fix our work faster. With this in mind, we asked Shopify developers to share the 20 best Visual Studio Code extensions for front end developers that will help to accelerate your work and improve your development experience. Check them out in today’s article.More

Task Modeling User Needs for Ecommerce Design

user needsTask modeling is a technique that is used to record user needs. In this article, we’ll show you how to build task models, and demonstrate how they can help convert user research insights into compelling ecommerce designs for your clients.More

Important Product Updates for Shopify Partners

What’s newIn this month’s roundup of the most important product updates for your business, we share updates on API versions 2019-04 and 2019-07 becoming unsupported, the 90-day trial offer for new merchants, the online store performance dashboard beta, and more. Read more to stay informed on all things Shopify.More

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