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The 15 Best App Development Books of 2020

app development booksDevelopers are spoiled for choice when it comes to tools and technologies, and it can be difficult to decide which ones to use for your projects. In this article, we compiled our picks for the 15 best app development books of 2020 to help you make that choice while expanding your knowledge. With these resources, you'll learn how to build apps that are scalable, secure, and performant.More

How to Use GraphQL Aliases

how to use graphql aliasesIn today’s article, Chuck Kosman, a Launch Engineer at Shopify Plus, continues our GraphQL series where he’ll walk you through how to use GraphQL aliases. You’ll learn about what they are, why they’re useful, and how to utilize them to optimize efficiency.More

Announcing the 2020 Shopify Commerce Awards: Celebrating the Best in the Business

shopify commerce awards 2020The Shopify Commerce Awards are back! After a two-year hiatus, we’re excited to announce the 2020 Shopify Commerce Awards competition, where we recognize and celebrate the best in the business. Inside, you’ll find all the details about the award categories, judges, and how to submit your application.More

Profitable Pivots: How Octane AI Shipped Innovative Products in Uncertain Times

octane ai case studyFrom API lockouts, to a sudden cash flow drought, and then navigating how to best serve their struggling customers during COVID-19, Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Octane AI is a case study in thriving during times of uncertainty. In this article, we sit down with the cofounders to learn why Octane AI decided to go all-in on Shopify and how they navigated several serious business challenges.More

How to Use GraphQL Operation Names and Variables

graphql operation names and variablesIn today’s article, Chuck Kosman, a Launch Engineer at Shopify Plus, walks you through an introduction to using GraphQL operation names and variables. You’ll learn about defining names and variables, using them in an app, and more.More

Important Product Updates for Shopify Partners and Developers

What’s newFor this edition of What’s New for Partners and Developers at Shopify, we’re rounding up the year’s biggest announcements, so you’re fully caught up with the new opportunities that we launched. We’re also sharing our top blog posts from the year, to keep you in the loop with all the info you need to continue your work.More

Tips for Using Snippets in Your Shopify Theme Work

shopify snippetsWhile snippets might at first seem to be just another tool you can use, it’s possible to turn them into a very powerful part of your theme work, allowing you to create reusable markup that can be applied in a variety of contexts. We’ve put together a brief overview and tutorial of using snippets with Shopify to show you what they can do.More

Using Animation to Improve the Mobile App User Experience

mobile app animationOur experience with a product is shaped by a combination of factors, with interaction playing a key role. In fact, interaction design and animation can make a fundamental difference in how your app is perceived by your user base. In this article, we look at animation in mobile app UI design and how to keep your users engaged with your app.More

API Deprecation at Shopify: 2021-01 Edition

api deprecation update 2021-01On January 1st, 2021, the 2021-01 Shopify API version will become stable and ready for general usage, and the 2020-01 version will become unsupported. This means that there are important updates coming—including breaking changes—that might impact the functionality of your app. Learn more about these changes and how you can prepare.More

What is Impostor Syndrome? 6 Ways for Designers and Developers to Overcome it

what is impostor syndromeJob posts often rate lots of different skills as “desirable,” which we might interpret as an expectation. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s always a new tool that someone more skilled has mastered, and we’ll never be able to catch up or be good enough, right? This feeling is commonly known as “impostor syndrome”. Learn more about its effects and how to overcome it in today’s article.More

Getting the Most Out of Chrome Developer Tools: 4 Modern Features You Need to Know

chrome developer toolsIn this article, Google Developer Expert Umar Hansa goes over how to integrate four features of Chrome Developer Tools into your workflow. You’ll learn about monitoring performance, building accessible projects, and more.More

Typography in UI Design

typographyTypography is a design discipline that explores how the formation of letters and words affects the readability, legibility, and beauty of text. Inside, you’ll find a summary of typography terms and rules designers should follow to create enriching text experiences within apps, websites, and products.More

Getting Started with GraphQL

getting started with graphqlIn today’s article, Chuck Kosman, a Launch Engineer at Shopify Plus, walks you through an introduction of using GraphQL with Shopify. You’ll learn about the tools you need to work with GraphQL, how to query data, and see lots of code examples to get started.More

How to Do an In-Depth Liquid Render Analysis with Shopify Theme Inspector

shopify theme inspectorThe Shopify Theme Inspector Chrome extension allows you to analyze and debug Liquid rendering performance. In this article, we look at how to interpret the flame graphs generated by the extension, how unoptimized Liquid code patterns show up in the flame graphs, and share tips for spotting and avoiding these performance issues.More

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