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10 Tips to Take a Vacation as a Business Owner

take a vacationAs an agency or development shop owner, taking a vacation can be tough. In this article, we round up the best advice from around the web on how to prep your business, your staff, and yourself for some well-deserved time off.More

10 Beautiful Ecommerce Website Color Schemes

website color schemeColor is one of the most powerful tools in a web designer’s toolbox, but finding the perfect color scheme for your client’s site isn’t easy. Take a look at 10 examples of great website color schemes to inspire your own designs.More

22 Basic UX Laws That Every Designer Should Know

ux lawsDesign is a broad discipline with many different specializations. But no matter what kind of design you do, there are a set of UX laws you should follow to build the best products you can. Learn these laws and how they help users better interact with your designs.More

Global Expansion Strategy: Why Partnerships are Key to Winning New Business

global expansionOne of the biggest opportunities to grow your business is to work internationally, and one of the best ways of starting that global expansion is by building partnerships with other international partners. Learn how to find and work with partners around the globe to jumpstart your business's growth.More

How to Use Relative Pagination In Your Application

Relative PaginationLoading all the records for a particular model from Shopify is one of the most time consuming operations an app can perform. To help address this problem, we’re introducing relative cursor-based pagination in our 2019-07 REST Admin API version. Learn what this change means for you as an app developer.More

20 Ways to Set and Manage Client Expectations During Onboarding

Client expectationsSetting expectations with a new client during the onboarding process is the secret to a smooth project. Learn how industry experts set and manage expectations during onboarding and beyond.More

Email Personalization: Using Analytics to Send Relevant, High Converting Emails

Email personalizationNo other method of traffic acquisition is capable of reaching your client’s customers quite like email. But how do you make your client’s emails stand out in crowded inboxes? Learn how email personalization will improve your open and click through rates, and how to use analytics to create highly relevant, high converting emails.More

What is Affiliate Marketing? The Myth vs. Reality

 EmailAs ecommerce has grown and evolved over the years, so too has affiliate marketing. Learn what the affiliate space looks like today, and best practices for getting started with affiliate marketing.More

Progressive Disclosure: Simplifying the Complexity

Progressive disclosureProgressive disclosure allows you to expose content and features to users in a simple, step-by-step way. Learn why this is a powerful tool, how to apply it to your designs, and how it will help you reduce noise and simplify complexity.More

7 Essential Digital Project Management Best Practices

project management best practicesProject management is a critical facet of all digital projects. In this article, learn what best practices expert digital project managers follow to ensure a successful final product.More

How to Build a Customizable Related Products Section

shopify related productsRecommending related products can be a powerful tool for increasing conversions on your clients’ stores. In this post, learn how to leverage the Liquid recommendations object to provide clients with the ability to surface data-powered product recommendations on their product pages.More

5 Best Essential Freelancer Tools

freelancer toolsFreelancing requires you to do a lot more than design and development. You will face a mountain of admin and the never-ending struggle of bringing in the next project. Learn about the 5 kinds of freelancer tools that will help you stay organized.More

Shopify’s Billing API in GraphQL: What App Developers Need to Know

billing api graphqlThis year at Shopify Unite, we announced that our Billing API is now available in GraphQL. Learn the basics of this new API and how it will help you unlock opportunities to build apps end-to-end in GraphQL.More

How to Build Multilingual Shopify Apps

multilingual shopify appsIn the next five years, 65 percent of ecommerce sales will be made in countries that speak languages other than English. Leverage that international demand by learning the tips, tricks, and processes Shopify developer Sufio implemented when building their first multilingual app.More

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