Announcing Shopify Liquid Code Examples for Partners

shopify liquid code examplesAnnouncing Shopify Liquid Code Examples, a searchable library that will help you build and customize themes faster and more reliably. Learn more about how to use Shopify Liquid Code Examples to improve your theme development experience.More

Developer Digest: March 13, 2019

Developer digest March 2019In this edition of Developer Digest, we look at new launches and updates that will help you learn, grow, and stay connected as a Shopify Developer.More

Getting the Most Out of Your Team with One-on-One Meetings

one-on-one-meetingsAs a leader, it’s your job to support your direct reports and help them grow. Learn how to use one-on-one meetings to build strong relationships with your team and develop a positive corporate culture.More

Deconstructing the Monolith: Designing Software that Maximizes Developer Productivity

monolith softwareLearn how and why Shopify moved from a monolith to modular monolith software architecture in this article by a senior Shopify software developer.More

How Lazy Loading can Optimize Your Shopify Theme Images

Lazy loadingLike any website, an online store needs to load quickly. The last thing your clients want is for a customer to leave because the page was too slow to appear. In this article we look at how lazy loading images can improve page loading speeds.More

Building Partnerships: Shopify Partners Share How They're Creating Long-term Value

building-partnershipsLearn how Shopify Partners StilyoApps have built strong, mutually beneficial partnerships within the Shopify Partner Ecosystem, and how you can do the same to build your business and grow your client base. More

How to use Liquid to Customize Shopify Theme Blog Templates

Shopify blog templateFor many online retailers, blog posts are unique opportunities to connect their brand with an audience. In this article, we’ll demonstrate practical ways to customize blog article pages, by designing an intuitive approach for displaying custom names for authors, and improving navigation with previous and next buttons.More

4 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service Immediately After Your App is Downloaded

app customer serviceDelivering an exceptional customer experience is an important step in gaining the trust of your app users. Learn how to develop a post-download game plan to provide excellent customer service to your users as soon as they download your app.More

[Video Series] Project Management Challenges: Announcing the Latest Partner Academy Course

project-management-video-course Introducing our Project Management Challenges video series. Learn from successful Shopify Partners as they discuss three common hurdles to effective project management: dealing with scope creep, managing your clients' budgets, and growing your team. More

Give Yourself Design Superpowers with Digital Illustrations

digital-illustrationDigital illustrations are one of the most popular trends of recent years. Learn why they’re so important, and how you can create your own illustration style.More

What’s New at Shopify: February 22, 2019

whats new february 2019The February edition of What’s New at Shopify is here. Read on to find out how you can benefit from going global, why our new Pitching Shopify POS course will help you grow, and the recent merchant improvements that will help keep your clients happy.More

How to Customize the img Element in Shopify Themes

html img elementCustomizing theme-specific images starts with the img element. In this article, you will learn how to reference images from the assets directory, include additional HTML attributes, and properly use the img_tag filter.More

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