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Grow Baby, Grow: Digital Marketing Tips to Launch Your Client's New Brand

brand launchLaunching a new brand is one of the most exhilarating business projects to work on, but it can also be one of the most challenging—especially when your client has limited funds. In this article, learn tactics and strategies to launch and scale brands effectively.More

5 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Help Your Subscription-Based Clients

email marketing subscription businessThe email marketing needs of your clients are determined by the kind of business they're in. With subscription-based businesses, email marketing presents new opportunities to engage and retain your client's customers. Learn the particulars of designing email marketing campaigns for subscription-based businesses.More

12 Essential Tips to Get Your Site and App Ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

black friday cyber mondayBlack Friday/Cyber Monday is fast approaching, meaning you're in the midst of preparing for the busy shopping extravaganza. To help get your apps and client sites ready, we asked a range of ecommerce experts for their advice on preparing for the big weekend. In this article, they share their insights. More

Don't Get Lost in Translation: What is Pseudo-Localization and Why You Should Care

pseudo-localizationWith ecommerce becoming more global, it's important to build products that are ready for localization. Learn how pseudo-localization will help you achieve this, what pseudo-localization tools are available to you, and how it can improve your whole design and development process.More

How to Use Shopify Theme Settings to Create Mobile-Specific Logos

shopify mobile logosA logo is critical to a brand’s identity, no matter what device customers are using—but scaling logos down for mobile can be challenging. Learn how to customize themes so your clients can choose a specific logo for smaller screens, letting you mitigate layout issues and build a more customized experience.More

Order Editing: What This Means for Shopify App Developers

shopify order editingAt this year’s Shopify Unite, we introduced order editing, a big change for merchants and app development partners alike. Learn what this means for you, the opportunities it presents, and how it may impact your existing apps.More

15 Tools to Customize Your Terminal and Command Line

customize terminalGreat tooling can improve your workflow and help you write more code. We asked developers at Shopify what apps, packages, and tooling they use every day. In this article, we share their favorite terminal emulation applications, package managers, shell options, and command line tools.More

3 Ways Shopify Partners Can Leverage Video and 3D to Help Merchants Boost Conversion

shopify 3dShopify now supports video and 3D, meaning all of our merchants can use any combination of image, video, and 3D model to show off their products. This comes with new opportunities for Shopify Partners and Developers to support merchants with their video and 3D needs. In this article, we cover three specific areas of opportunity for partners: acquiring and editing media, building brand new customer experiences, and managing product information.More

5 Common Digital Content Problems and How to Avoid Them

digital contentWhen creating a website or app that converts, it's vital to have the right content at the right time in front of the right audience—but that isn't always simple. Learn five common digital content problems and how you can fix them to build great products for your clients.More

Creating Memorable User Experiences With Website Layouts

website layoutsWhen it comes to design, a website's layout is one of the most critical factors to consider. The layout helps the content and the subject work together to build something memorable. Learn some of the most common website layouts, and in which scenarios you should use them.More

How to Know if Your Client is Ready to Sell Internationally

sell internationallyIt can be difficult to know where to start when selling internationally. As a Shopify Partner, you're in a unique position to counsel merchants on this decision. Learn how to recognize the signs of when your client is ready to grow their business into new, global markets.More

Content Generation: 2 Secret Weapons to Generate Content for Omnichannel Marketing

content generationOmnichannel marketing is all about providing customers with a seamless experience. But when it comes to generating content for omnichannel marketing, consistency can be a challenge. Learn two processes you can use to create strong, consistent content for all your client's marketing needs.More

Freelancing 101: How to Market a Small Business

freelancing 101As a freelancer or small agency, it's important that you take time to market your business. Learn from various experts why being a small business is a strength that can help you market yourself and grow your clientele.More

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Web Design Clients

finding web design clientsAs a design agency or freelancer, finding clients is one of your most important challenges. In this post, learn six key tactics to finding clients, and access resources that will help you grow your web design business.More

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