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What is WHOIS or Domain Ownership Information

In short it is the global catalog of domain ownership, it contains information who is a domain registered with, name, address, phone number, email, and name server information. Since 2013 registrars are required to send an email at the WHOIS address so that domain owners must click through and verify. WHOIS databases are created and maintained by individual registrars and not ICANN, world’s main registry.  Domain Name System uses whois data to maintain an international directory of domain names including determining the availability of a domain name.

Basic Data

  • Registration Time
  • Expiration Time
  • Registration Country
  • DNS Servers
  • Contact Details
$6.99 18.99 Generic Top-Level Domain
.CLOUD is a new generic top-level domain delegated by ICANN. Ideal for growing cloud industry, startups, creative professionals, online retailers and bloggers. Does your business offer cloud-based services? .CLOUD is the best way to brand your business. CLOUD domain available for anyone, for business or private use. This name domain name is short, professional and memorable and that helps to improve web site search engine rank.
$3.99 18.99 Generic Top-Level Domain
.EMAIL is a new top-level domain (TLD) There are no restrictions on .EMAIL domain names. A .EMAIL domain name could be used by email marketing service providers, customer support companies, online email providers, email marketing news. New .EMAIL domain name is short, professional and easy to remember. It can be registered by anyone, there are no restrictions on this domain registration.
$29.99 84.99 Generic Top-Level Domain
.GOLD is an active TLD in ICANN's New gTLD Program. Make gold with .GOLD this new domain extension will ideally fit for coin sellers, jewelry stores, banks, currency exchange services, gold-to-cash businesses, style bloggers, anyone who owns a goldmine or planning to have one. Gold is one of the world’s most precious metal for production needs and to show love to someone. Set e new gold standard with your new .GOLD domain.
$47.99 51.99 Generic Top-Level Domain
Kitchen is a new generic Top Level Domain approved by ICANN. This extension fits best for home improvement and kitchen, plus supply retailers, remodeling contractors and designer. Food s one of the most searched product categories on the Internet. Kitchen do main . name manifest itself about the aria of your interests.
.CO Internet SAS
Binky Moon LLC
Boston TLD Management LLC
Brice Orchard LLC
CO Internet SAS
Corn Willow LLC
Cotton Bloom LLC
Dog Beach LLC
Dot Accountant Limited
Dot Bid Limited
Dot Global Domain Registry Limited
Dot London Domains Limited
Dot Review Limited
Dot Vegas Inc
DotHealth LLC
Elite Registry Limited
Employ Media LLC
Fox Woods LLC
Global Registry Services Limited
GMO Registry
Grand Hollow LLC
Half Oaks LLC
Holly Glen LLC
ICM Registry
Jiangsu Bangning Group
Johnson & Johnson Services Inc
June Edge LLC
June Maple LLC
June Woods LLC
Just Goodbye LLC
Knock Knock WHOIS There LLC
Koko Mill LLC
Little Galley LLC
Merchant Law Group LLP
Minds and Machines
Minds and Machines LLC
Motion Picture Domain
Municipi de Barcelona
Neustar Data Infotech
Over Galley LLC
Pearl Woods LLC
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