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31 architecture and architect logos that go beyond the facade

If all the world’s a stage, an architect is a set designer. In any community, the architecture sets the tone. Think of an iconic skyline or a charming downtown—they’re defined by their architecture. So it follows that an architecture logo, too, sets the tone for its brand. A modern geometrical architect logo by giyanWhen you’re looking for architecture logo design inspiration, ask yourself what kind of brand reputation you want to build. Are you a brutalist who prides themselves on strong, imposing buildings lined with row after row of neat, identical windows? Or are you a home creator who designs warm, inviting houses where families make decades’ worth of memories? Take a look at how other architects and architecture businesses in your niche communicate who they are with these amazing logo ideas. What makes a good architecture logo?
— You don’t want a McMansion logo: bland, trite and exactly the same as every other logo on the block. Even if your firm designs for tract housing developments or commercial suburban settings, your logo should communicate the value you deliver—not stereotypes about the kind of work you do. So how can you do that? Logo design on business cards by RedLogoThink about exactly what your firm delivers and the qualities it prides itself on. Do you focus on LEED-certified buildings? Are you a design-build firm that handles every step of the client’s project, from drafting the initial designs to laying the final brick? Don’t just think about the concrete deliverables, think about the abstract value you provide. Communicate that you’re trustworthy, dependable and the absolute best choice for clients in the niche you serve. You can reference the value you deliver directly in your logo with images like protractors and drafting compasses, or you can take your logo in a more abstract direction that uses colors and shapes to communicate your brand’s personality. Your logo should be emphasis and extension of your talent and art. With an architecture logo, like any other kind of logo, direct references to your industry make it easy for viewers to know what you do. But you don’t have to limit yourself to this type of logo; a few strategically placed shapes or skyline-evoking lines can tell prospective clients that you’re the architect for them. Inspiring ideas for architecture logos
— Architect logos that measure twice and design once...

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Improve Your SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. If you have a website, then SEO is the technique of getting the best rankings on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) organically for your desired search terms. If you have a WordPress website and you want to optimize it, then you should install relevant SEO plugins. These plugins will help you to boost your website rankings. Here is the list of 5 must have SEO plugins for your WordPress website. 1. Premium WordPress SEO Pack: The name itself suggests that this SEO plugin comes with sturdy features and tools to enhance your website ranking. This plugin is certainly worth the price. It has the ability to provide customized SEO support to different website pages. In fact, it also manages the order of pages on the SERP. Additionally, there is a feature to improve the look of social media postings. It is compatible with other plugins like Squirrly SEO, WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite. In addition, this plugin also has an option for on or off page optimization. Key Features:
• Facebook Planner to post on Facebook.
• Monitoring of 404 errors if the visitors find this error on any page.
• Manages the insights for page speed on desktop and mobile screens.
• Image optimization with Alt tags and Title attributes for SEO friendly images.
• Backlink Builder to find other similar website options for creating links to your website.
• W3C Validator to help you with the regular checks for schema markup for posts, pages, and custom classifications.
• On-page SEO to update your website page with post-preview or admin top bar.
• Pattern SEO to set a perfect pattern for each post type and custom post type.
• Supports the Open Graph Markup and Twitter card support with Social Optimization. 2. Yoast SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best options for free SEO WordPress plugins. The numbers for Yoast plugin are very impressive. It has more than 5 million active users along and 4.7 out of 5 user rating with more than 15K reviews. This plugin doesn’t stop at just improving your website’s on-page SEO, it has more to offer. In addition, this SEO WordPress plugin also takes due care of technical optimization of your website. It has a range of features to cater to your website’s SEO needs. Thus, it is also known as...

Does Your Web Design Business Need a Rebrand?

How long ago did you start your design business or side gig? Three months? Three years? And how long has it been since you evaluated your business since then? As a web designer, your job is to think critically and creatively for your clients, which is why you ask them probing questions like: How old is your business? What’s its mission? Who’s your target audience? What’s the personality of your brand? Where do you see your business in five years? The better you understand the business, the more easily you can design a website and shape a brand identity around it for them. But I’m willing to bet you haven’t spent much time doing the same for your own business. I know the last thing you want to do is to take time away from revenue-generating work to evaluate your business and potentially rebrand it. However, what if a rebrand could bring you better work, better quality of clients, and better pay? There’s a reason why you put so much care into designing a website that perfectly aligns with a company’s mission and personality. You should do the same for your own. 4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Business Lots of companies undergo rebrands. In some cases, it’s because they want to clean up a tarnished image as was the case in Uber’s rebrand. In other cases, they decide to strengthen their branding with visuals that are more uniquely their own, like MailChimp did. For you? Well, it might be more practical and simple than that. Consider the following scenarios. Some may sound familiar while others don’t. However, if you do find any connection to the questions and situations I’m about to pose, then it may be time for your business to undergo a rebrand: 1. Did You Start Without a Niche? Web designers work in a very congested and competitive space, especially as a younger generation of designers raised on computers and apps enter the workforce. That’s why you may find that working without a specialty doesn’t work so well for you. For starters, a jack-of-all-trades doesn’t look all that different from other web designers that also claim to do it all. Secondly, it’s very hard for you to work efficiently if you’re taking on a coaching website today, a SaaS website next week, and a monstrous ecommerce site a month from now. There’s something to be said for the kind of efficiency and quality output that comes from having a more narrow focus. If your business...

The ultimate guide to video marketing

There’s no doubt that video marketing continues to grow in relevance. The only question is how quickly can your business adapt to capitalize on it? Below, we present our ultimate guide to video marketing. Learn how to make videos that communicate your strengths, compliment your brand and are fun to watch at the same time. Your videos will go so viral, the CDC will warn against them! Illustration by VladanlandThe power of video marketing — A long, long time ago… 2010… a digital marketer and ex-comedian Michael Dubin was talking to his dad’s friend Mark Levine at a Christmas party. It seems this family friend—who knew more about manufacturing than marketing—had acquired a surplus of 250,000 razors and was asking Dubin’s help to unload them. Dubin agreed because he had an idea. What Dubin understood back then, before most other marketers, was that the conventional way of advertising was crumbling. So he set out to try something unconventional.
Via Dollar Shave Club The same day the Dollar Shave Club’s first video went live (March 12, 2012), they sold all 250,000 razors. After 48 hours, the freshly launched startup received more than 12,000 orders. In 2016, Dollar Shave Club was acquired for $1 billion by Unilever. A billion dollars is a pretty substantial return on investment for a one and half minute video that cost $4,500. With his background in both entertaining and marketing, Dubin understood that offering a valuable product or service is only half the battle. The real challenge is convincing the people you have a valuable product or service. In the shadow of the Dollar Shave Club, video marketing has become the new conventional. According to the online marketing agency IMPACT, 86% of businesses use videos on their websites and 77% use videos in their social media. Today, video marketing has become a legitimate medium, attracting A-list celebrities and Hollywood directors like Idris Elba and Spike Jonze, below. Via Squarespace What is video marketing?
— Video marketing means sharing videos about your brand anywhere online, whether on your site, social media or via email. These could be flat-out advertisements for your brand done in a TV commercial style, or something more subtle where your brand takes a back-seat. But in most cases, the viewer knows where the video came from, giving brands the opportunity to influence their reputation, for better...

Reputation Management 101

I really don’t need to explain how important your reputation is, do I? Short version: if people think you suck, either as a person or as a designer, they won’t hire you. It’s not a difficult concept, all things considered. Figuring out what other people think of us is much harder. Controlling what they think about you is next to impossible, as any attempt to “change your image” will probably backfire, unless you’re a consummate actor. And then… then there’s one big, honking problem: the idea of “sucking as a person or as a designer” will vary from person to person. No matter how wonderful you are, somebody will…misjudge you…That’s life Everybody wants something different out of life. Some people will think you’re an arrogant know-it-all if you talk too loudly or confidently, and others will think you’re weak and indecisive if you’re quiet. Some will expect their website to be loaded with as many shiny things as possible; others will dismiss you if they get even a metaphorical whiff of JavaScript. If you’re looking to this article to help you control how others perceive you, don’t bother. No matter how wonderful you are, somebody will misinterpret you, misjudge you, or just not pay enough attention. That’s life. On the other hand, what you can do is build a reputation that appeals to the clients you want. You know, the fairly reasonable ones. These tips can help you to minimize the number of negative interactions you have with clients in general. The more positive interactions you have, the better your reputation, the more clients you actually like will come knocking at your door. Get A Set of Principles, And Stick To Them This seems like a no-brainer, but people often start out with good intentions, but ill-defined principles. I did. It has led to a situation or two where a client asked me to implement a sort of “grey pattern”, or do something a little sketchy, but ultimately not “bad”. This would inevitably end with them asking me to do something I just wouldn’t do, and my relationship with those clients never ended well. refuse to make the same mistake twice Unfortunately, it takes some trial and error to find out just how far you’ll go, and what you’re willing to do for a client. The best thing you can do is learn quickly, and refuse to make the same mistake twice. As you develop your set of principles into something codified and clear, you’ll learn...

Beautifully Dark Website Design Inspiration

Dark websites have long captured designers’ imaginations, standing in stark contrast to the more mainstream light web design. When creating a website that’s unique, sleek, and mysterious, dark colors are often what creators go for first. In a world of white and bright websites, black stands out. Ready to get inspired for your own creations? These websites make stunning use of a shadowy palette to create artistic, unconventional websites. Each one has something interesting to teach you! Revelation Design Now this is a good first impression. When you enter this site, you’re greeted with the elegant animation of a flower slowly unfolding before you. Scroll down and text elements smoothly fade in and elements appear. Nerisson This site instantly shows off the creator’s skill in motion design with a cool animation as its centerpiece. The black background makes the colorful portfolio blocks that much more enticing. Each page sports a different color, but the dark UI remains consistent. Ever & Ever Awesome animations, 3D interactions, and plenty of pages to explore are what make up this website. With all these images and animations, a dimmed background is the perfect choice to frame the abundance of visual content. G. Jezarian A huge slider of crisp photography with muted colors greets you on the homepage. Click a button to learn more and you’ll be transported to a page that’s easier to read, but with plenty of gray highlights that beautifully contrast against the white. Rocket55 Here’s a good example of how you can use white as contrast and draw the eye to important areas on a page. A splash of blue every now and then adds variety and lets you know that some elements are interactive. Department Creatif Nothing makes a statement like well-placed photography. The muted images on this site contrast nicely with the white background and text, and the occasional parallax animation looks great in this box-based layout. Black Dog Films You can use a minimalistic set of colors to attract the eyes to certain content. When you visit a page, the video is framed against darkness with plenty of space. Bright text leads you down to more videos with black and white previews, which light up in color when you hover them. The effect is simple, but looks amazing. Elephant Text on a dark website is difficult to get right, but Elephant is a good place to take inspiration...

How to make a YouTube video in 5 simple steps

Want to make a YouTube video and post it online, but not quite sure how to do it? Fear not, we’ll show you how! Whether you’re a small business owner interested in expanding into YouTube video marketing, or a person who wants to post a YouTube video just for fun, we’ve got the quick-and-easy way to make it happen. Here’s how to make a YouTube video in 5 simple steps: Step 1. Understand YouTube
— Why host your video on YouTube? An instant, huge international audience. Over 1.3 billion people watch YouTube! It’s free. Would you rather pay to use a lesser-known video platform? It’s simple. In only a few minutes, you can post a YouTube video… even from your smartphone. You can link and self-promote. There’s no fee to use YouTube as a commercial space. Huge bandwidth capabilities. No matter how much traffic your video gets, YouTube can handle it. Get an unlimited number of videos. Didn’t cover all your material? Make another video. And another. And another. Instant viewer feedback. The faster you know the effects of your video, the more efficient you can be with your next move. Simple navigation. It’s easy to post and easy to watch. What type of video are you making? After you decide that you’re going to create a YouTube video, you need to choose which kind of video to make. It’s important that the style of your video matches your brand. If your brand is lighthearted and fun, consider making a comedy video. On the other hand, if your brand is dark or serious, comedy might not be the way to go. Here are a few basic types of YouTube videos to consider: The spot The most classic kind of video you can produce is the 15- or 30-second commercial, commonly referred to as a “spot.” Spots have been around for decades and (even despite the decline of traditional television viewing) will be prevalent forms of advertising for decades to come. Video series A regularly updated video series typically features a host (or multiple hosts) talking about a specific subject, usually for 10 minutes or less. This is especially good fit if you or someone in your company has a charismatic personality. Tutorials If you have a special skill, life-hack, trick, you name it, chances are there are people in YouTube-land who want to learn how to do it too. If you’re a small business, offer a tidbit of your expertise and turn your tutorial into a commercial for your brand. Say...

Free Condensed Fonts for Designers

Running low on space, or looking to give your designs a mature and professional look? These fonts are exactly what you need for your project. Condensed, or narrow, fonts are made to take up less horizontal space. This makes them perfect when you’re creating something like a small pamphlet or a long headline, and also gives them a unique, modern appearance that looks great in professional works. This compressed design does come at the cost of easy readability, so it’s best to use condensed fonts as headlines, in large text, and sparingly throughout an image or site. Mix and match condensed and more readable fonts to create a compelling design. We’ve curated a handful of the best and boldest condensed fonts, so try a few in your project! Morganite by Rajesh Rajput Disclaimer by Fontfabric Sansterdam by NREY Fontuna Stencil by NREY Stoneburg by Ilham Herry Calcio by Pixel Surplus and Graphicfresh Nordin by Craft Supply Co. and Calibre by Jeremy Vessey Long Johnson by Graphic Design Freebies and João Scarpim Compressed and Condensed Finding the right fonts is one of the biggest time-sinks in a designer’s job, but it helps a lot to know what you’re looking for. If you think a narrow font is the way to go, then these should offer everything you need. Condensed fonts are unique and noticeable, so use them to grab attention to the text you really want people to read. Headlines and large, all caps text are where these fonts shine. You’ll find them used in modern designs and advertising campaigns, where bold sans-serif fonts work best. Try one of these fonts in your contemporary creations and stylish, fashionable websites, and you’ll see just how well it can work. And, of course, use them when you’re working with long headlines and little space to avoid wrapping and fit in that much more content!

What’s New For Designers, May 2019

There are plenty of cool new tools and resources available for designers this month, and you’ll be especially happy if you are looking to find photos with ease, increase productivity or even create better documentation. If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. And if you know of a new app or resource that should be featured next month, tweet it to @carriecousins to be considered! Creative Commons Search Engine Looking for photos that you can use anywhere just got easier. Creative Commons fully launched its search engine, which can help you find photos from a database of more than 300 million images from 19 collections with easy to understand attribution rules. Creative Commons is the standard for open-source and with attribution sharing of assets. The nonprofit organization enables sharing and reuse of assets through tools and standardized licensing for creative works. Milanote Milanote, a note taking app now has an app that integrates with the desktop tool. The app is important, and different, from other tools because of what happens when you log in on your desktop computer. Organize content into visual boards designed to feel like a wall in a creative studio. All of your notes, images, links, tasks and files can be laid out in a shareable visual workspace. It’s fast, flexible and fun to use—think Trello meets Pinterest. FlowCV FlowCV is an online resume builder that can help you create, format and design a resume with ease. You can design it online and download a PDF for free. The biggest bonus might be prompts and resume advice packed right in to the tool. CSS Grid: Style Guide CSS Grid: Style Guide is a beautiful example of how to create documentation. You’ll want to fork Olivia Ng’s pen. CSSfx This collection of effects allows you to click-to-copy CSS. The collection is designed with a focus on fluidity, simplicity and ease of use with minimal markup. Every effect is open source and ready to use. takes all the hassle out of mailto links. Just fill in the fields and copy the code. All the markup is automatically generated. Code Guppy Code Guppy is a collection of resources and tutorials for kids, teens and adults to learn JavaScript. You don’t have to have an account to work through tutorials in a number of categories including drawing, math, games and...

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