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If we don’t question this kind of design homogenization, do we put ourselves at risk of perpetuating the same mistakes in the years to come? Or is it even a mistake to begin with?

Today, I’m going to look at four things that are likely causing this, and what you can do to break the mold.

1. Education

We used to have a design school in every city in the world, each with its own design style or, at the very least, the encouragement of its designers to be creative and come up with something new.

These days, though, traditional design education isn’t as popular as it once was. According to Design Census 2019, only about a third of working designers have a formal education and degree:

The rest have been trained through a variety of means:

Online learning (17%) Self taught (12%) Workshops (10%) Mentorship (6%) Certificate programs (4%)

Cost and convenience are definitely two factors...

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.

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$0 Marketing...

Web developers have been the bedrock of any company’s business strategy for some time, and the industry is continuing to thrive and grow at a rapid pace. This is why it’s surprising that it is so lacklustre when it comes to diversity.

A recent study revealed 80% of those in the design industry are male, and more specifically 79% within the field of web design. According to WISE, just 23% of the people working in STEM roles (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) are female and women currently account for just 15.8% of the UK’s current generation of engineering and technology graduates.

Why the Lack of Diversity in Web Design?

The main reason for this, as cited by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that women still lack the confidence to pursue these careers, despite their school results being as good as (or better) than their male counterparts. Research has found...

Everyone knows the importance of good branding when it comes to your business—but what about building a personal brand that’s associated with you as an individual? Never underestimate the power of personal branding—when done right it can be your most valuable asset.

Personal branding can be your super power. Illustration by OrangeCrush.

But how do you create a successful personal brand?

This article is going to show you the secrets of personal branding and walk you through the steps you need to take if you want to create an outstanding personal brand for yourself.

Let’s start with a definition of what personal branding actually is all about:

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is what shapes the perception of an individual in the eyes of the public. Personal branding is all about building your reputation, creating an image of yourself for the outside world and marketing yourself as...

The fundamental problem a website designer faces is the issue in designing the About page on any website. About page on specific web pages often lacks a well-defined structure, even though the statistics say that the About page is the first to be visited by any visitor of the website. As such, an About page is the most crucial part of any website. Many people think that the About page talks only about the company, you, or your brand. But, instead, you should talk about the reasons why customers should invest themselves and their time on your website. You should talk about how you intend to handle and solve the customer’s problems.

In this digital world, you should establish a relationship with your customer based on trust. A customer trusts you that you are going to solve his problem with your product or services.

The About page is the page that helps a customer understand everything about your company...

How people perceive your brand personality is subjective—but extremely important. Dairy Queen seems nice, don’t they? We wouldn’t mind having them over for dinner. We could probably sit them at the same end of the table as those other beloved brands Dove Soap and Cheerios. They’re not like that boorish Uber—we wouldn’t want to associate with uncouth brand personality types like that.

As consumers, we often have very strong and very personal gut reactions to brands—the same way we do to certain people. We see ads, social media posts and news articles and think, “I have a good feeling about them,” or “there’s something about them that I just don’t like.”

Illustration by OrangeCrush

These emotional connections have a direct impact on sales and business. According to Harvard Business School, 95% of purchasing decisions are based on feelings instead of logic. People tend to choose the brands that appeal to their...

You’ve been working away at your latest design project, and the client has given the go-ahead on your lovingly created digital concepts. Now it’s time to bring those designs to life, and you have a developer queued up to do just that.

So your part’s done, right? Not quite. You’re going to want to make sure your developer has the best head start they can in order to create the site as you imagined.

Below are a few tips to make that handover process a little easier.

Communicate to Make It Great Get Talking

Scheduling a face-to-face meeting with your developer to talk over your project’s specifics and ambitions will help align your expectations and make the intent behind your concepts more clear. It’s quite likely they’ll even ask questions and request assets you haven’t even thought of yet!

It’s not just a one-and-done thing either, your developer’s going to have questions or...

Designing a poster is always a creative activity for a designer. An advertisement should be unique and thought-provoking. There is a possibility that a sign may or may not hit the right target, but when a poster is successful, it is a thought-provoking art. Poster design for advertisement and promotional events came into existence around an era of the 1870s.

Initially, posters were black and white in color, along with a lot of textual elements. Later on, artists came up with colored posters with striking designs and minimal text on it. In this blog, we look at the exhibition posters that are unique in designs. This blog consists of modern poster designs that have stood out along with the traditional ones. The classic poster designs have stayed successful throughout the test of the time. Let us go through each of the unique poster designs.

1. Alva Skog:

Alva Skog is a Swedish designer and Illustrator...

Fifteen years ago, you may have gotten away with calling social media a fad. But these days, a social media presence is as essential as a telephone number—and a strategic approach to social media design is how you make sure your followers answer the call.

A strategic approach to social media design can make the difference between whether viewers follow you or keep scrolling. By OrangeCrush.

For businesses, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are excellent spaces to engage directly with the real people who support you. It’s where you create connections with content that entertains your followers while fostering brand awareness. As useful as social media is, it is also highly competitive. Once you publish content, it immediately joins an endless stream of content, where it will compete not only with the content produced by other brands, but also with the platform’s ranking algorithm....

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