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20 Freshest Web Designs, January 2020

January 2020 is picking up where 2019 left off, with lots of animation and even more bold, bright color schemes. We’re also seeing an unusual number of luxury sites this month, and as always there’s a strong set of startups trying to break into the market. Enjoy! Plink To take on giants like PayPal, you need a compelling brand and a simple message, that can also wow with its first impression. Plink hits the nail on the head with its 3D animation. Madame Turfu Are you wondering what 2020 will hold for you? Why wait to find out when Madame Turfu can predict the future with this wonderfully fun set of digital tarot cards. Nathan Taylor What’s not to love about Nathan Taylor’s playful site? There’s so much to explore and do, but our favorite part is the different lighting modes. Meatable Selling Meatable is a tough prospect; it’s real meat, grown in a lab instead of taken by animal slaughter. The simple step-by-step site does a great job of explaining. Sussex Royal Whatever your view of Harry and Megan, there’s little doubt that their website oozes class. For a promotional site that isn’t actually selling anything, it’s a strong presence. Emotive Feels This fantastic manifesto from design agency Emotive Brand illustrates an A–Z of potential brand emotions with simple animations that would grace the cover of a Bluenote release. UN\REAL Swiss design agency UN\REAL’s site is a wonderfully chaotic love affair with web animation. It’s the type of site we can click around for hours, enjoying the sharp transitions. Kate Jackling Sometimes the best design takes a step back and allows its subject to bask in all the attention. Kate Jackling’s site does this, letting her gorgeous photography take center stage. Helias Helias has fully embraced the blob trend with a flood-filled area of color supporting each of its various products. It’s appropriate, engaging, and breaks up the formal grid well. Klokki Sometimes the hardest sites to design, are the ones for products about which there’s very little to say. Klokki is one such product, but its site is bold, confident, and persuasive. Jonnie Hallman Jonnie Hallman’s simple résumé site benefits greatly from the household names he’s worked for. We really like the details, like the way the monogram changes color as you scroll. eaast eaast is a design and development partnership from Paris that’s fully embraced the...

Indonesian designer bayuRIP gives e-sports logos a heavy dose of personality

If you need an e-sports logo (or something in that style), graphic designer bayuRIP is your man. His use of bold colors and thick lines are quick to catch your eye—and the spirited characters that fill his work give brands instant personality. In 2012, the Indonesian designer kicked his career off on 99designs after graduating from design school. When he first started, he mostly participated in contests to build up his skills and portfolio—and the investment paid off. Today, he’s a fulltime freelancer with a strong roster of clients who are happy to send new projects and referrals his way. In this designer spotlight, Bayu walks us through his creative process and shows us step-by-step how he develops his logos from the ground up. He’ll also explain how to add high contrast but cohesive color palettes to his work and share his advice for recharging, staying inspired and cultivating creativity. Name: Bayu Risna Putra
Profile: bayuRIP
Specialty: Bold & graphic logos
Location: Indonesia Tell us about yourself and where you’re from. Hi, I am BAYURIP. My full name is Bayu Risna Putra. I’m a full-time freelance designer from the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am also a father and husband. Every day, I spend my time in front of the computer, drinking lemon water (not coffee). I love playing games and watching movies in my free time. I started my design career in 2012 by attending a university for design. I’ve been a full-time freelancer since I decided to work. I learned what I know about design from my friends, community, university, and personal experiences. I always work on 99designs and bring my clients here, because it’s easy for me to collaborate and a safer way for me to get paid. - bayuRIP You’ve been on 99designs since 2012. What’s changed for you since then? In the past, I submitted designs to many contests. Joining contests actually helped build my skills and my portfolio. However, now, I do more 1-to-1 Projects than contests. I can see that my skills have improved greatly from when I began in 2012. Every day, I’m practicing and working on 99designs… I’ve learned so much here. bayuRIP’s workspace for his projects and gaming.I have many clients from 99designs. Some of my satisfied clients hire me again and some clients refer me to their friends. I always...

800+ Free & Premium Procreate Brushes

Procreate makes it easy to create stunning designs and pieces of artwork for personal and professional use. However, gathering all the resources you need, like Procreate brushes, can seem like a daunting task when you’re first starting out. Instead of having to hunt down brushes to use in your art, we’ve put together a resource you can reference whenever you need a new brush. Here, we’ve compiled some premium brushes, free collections, as well as premium (free & premium) collections you can use in your work starting right now. All The Best Procreate Brushes
Unlimited Downloads: Hundreds of Procreate Brushes For Your Designs
DOWNLOAD NOW Premium Procreate Brushes Vintage Comic Brushes The Vintage Comic Brushes set contains 51 brushes for Procreate that are heavily inspired by the vintage comic halftone look. Procreate Texture Brushes.Sand This set of texture brushes offer a variety of sand effects for your Procreate projects. The set comes with 6 sand texture brushes. Fabulous Pencils for Procreate The Fabulous Pencils set comes with 44 different brushes that offer realistic pencil textures for any project that requires a hand drawn look. Graffiti Brush for Procreate The Graffiti Brush set makes it easy to create analog graffiti looks in your digital artwork. The Jungle Brushes The Jungle Brushes is a set of 20 brushes for Procreate that can be used to add an earthy and grungy look to any project. Free Procreate Brush Collections Watercolor & Paint Brushes This is a lovely collection of free watercolor and paint brushes. 250+ Creative and Free Brushes for the iPad Pro This is a real treasure trove of free resources! Here, you can find over 250 free brushes that offer you new creative ways to make what you want to make. 351+ Inking, Lettering, and Calligraphy Brushes for the iPad Pro If lettering is what you’re interested in, why not browse the 350+ brushes listed in this resource? Free Procreate Brushes Here’s another lovely set of brushes that you can browse and use for free. Free Brushes: A Stockpile of all My Freebies In this collection, you can browse through all the free brushes a fellow artist has compiled. How generous! 50 of the Best Free Brushes Another great list here, this time of 50 fantastic free brushes. Premium Procreate Brush Collections Premium Brushes for Artists & Illustrators If it’s within your budget...

14 WordPress Themes You Should Start Using in 2020

Even web designers who prefer to design websites from scratch eventually look for frameworks, past work, or shortcuts. That way they speed up their workflow. And there are also those times when it’s hard to find the right template. You need help to create a special page and you feel compelled to build it from scratch. It only makes sense to take full advantage of drag and drop, front-end editing, design modules, customizable demos, and other shortcuts. They will save you time. Also, they produce a quite similar quality and performance to the one you could achieve by building a website from scratch. Another example of not wanting to start from scratch is when the website you want to build addresses a function or area that you’re not particularly familiar with. It could be a directory website, adding a knowledge base feature to an existing one, or even a performance feature like SEO. If you can find a theme that promises to do the heavy lifting for you – grab it! Just so you don’t get burned in the process, make sure the chosen theme is tops in its class – like the 14 presented here. 1. ListingPro Perhaps building directory websites is your thing. But this is a design area in which most web designers aren’t all that familiar. And even if you’re quite good at it, ListingPro might just make your efforts that much more satisfying, and save you time while doing so. And, if you’ve been relying on plugins to patch a design together, ListingPro is the only all-in-one WordPress directory solution on the market. It lets you get the job done without needing additional plugins, or any coding knowledge for that matter. This #1 best-seller offers a comprehensive set of directory features and functions including – Advanced Search Ratings and Reviews Front-end Listing Submission Events and Ads Management Pricing Plans including Stripe and PayPal Built in Checkout that does not require WooCommerce Listing Owner Dashboards API support for autofill listing submissions ListingPro is Elementor and WPBakery supported, and offers total design flexibility. It also provides 3 pre-built directory websites to kickstart a project. Fantastic Theme and excellent customer service. Recently interacted with the support team member. All issues resolved quickly.Very fast turnaround. – somymon80 Click here to learn even more about ListingPro. 2. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose...

Top WordPress Themes in 2020

You may be hesitant to take on a website-building project because of its presumed size or complexity. Or, maybe it’s a website type you’re not familiar with and you’re not sure how to proceed. Designing a one-pager for example can require a different set of design skills than would a traditional multi-pager. Maybe your client wants to incorporate a knowledge base feature. You say “OK” but you’re not quite sure how you’re going to pull that off. Finding the right solution often boils down to picking a theme that can do the heavy lifting for you. Find a high-quality, premium theme of course – like one of the 14 described in this article. Let’s start with a website type in which you could lack experience but would still be willing to take on – a Directory website. ListingPro  If you’ve never been faced with the challenge of building a directory website, you’ll absolutely love having a theme that will do most of the work for you. And, if you’re an old hand at building directory websites you still should give ListingPro a good hard look. You may have been working harder than was really necessary to put a quality directory website together. Irrespective of your directory website building background, you’re going to love what ListingPro can do for you. This #1 best seller requires no paid plugins, it requires no coding, and it’s easy to set up. As far as its features are concerned, you get – Front-end Listing Submission and Autofill Listing Submission with Google API Advanced Search and Filtering capabilities Multi-criteria Ratings and Reviews input Ads, Events, and Appointments and Booking management In addition, ListingPro is Elementor an WPBakery supported. It gives you total flexibility to customize your design. Also,there are 3 built-in Directory websites included to help you get off to a quick start. “I love how you guys and gals continue to think out the box and create beautiful products. Keep up the good work! Customer for life :)” – powerbroker4 Click on the banner to view the complete set of ListingPro’s features. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme A multipurpose theme typically provides support for building a variety of websites that address a variety of different audiences for various purposes. BeTheme provides that support in spades. This, the biggest WordPress theme of them all, is ideal for both beginning and...

Best Practices to Create Contact Forms That Convert

Contact Forms are not given the recognition and acknowledgement that they deserve. Many times, people forsake this important website design element or don’t put too much effort behind making the most of it. Most of the times, it is left idle in the corner of a website. However, if you were to realize the potential of contact forms, you would pay much more attention to the best practices for contact form design that will result in maximum conversions. Contact Forms are made to generate more leads for the business. The fact that the visitors are on your site shows they are interested in availing the products or services you have to offer. By using the contact form, you would get a repository of information for genuine leads. Contact forms also help increase reachability to your potential customers. Generally, people link their social media buttons and think it would suffice. However, not everyone uses social media and hence, this approach could result in a loss in business and potential customer. Moreover, since your contact form would allow the visitors to mail their concerns or project directly through your website, it would make them stick to you instead of fading away to another competitor. Now that we outlined a few basic advantages of adding a contact form to the website, let us  have a look at the best practices for contact forms that convert: 1. Initial Stage: The first and foremost step is to understand how to design effective contact forms 1. Keep the Contact Form Design simple: This is not a golden rule; in contrast, it is a safe guideline. While aesthetics and appealing are subjective attributes, simple design contact forms are the least likely to miss on either two. A simple design contact form looks neat, minimal and clutter-free. It doesn’t overwhelm the visitor, yet displays the content that is a priority in a subtle yet effective manner.  The safest trick is to use a clean layout with bold and large fonts and the least fields possible to achieve the look. 2. Constant evaluation of the Contact Form: One of the best practices for contact forms is evaluating the contact form. You created one contact form, and it has been live for a while. Have a set standard of goals you want to achieve through the contact forms. Review the performance against your goals, and try finding out the problem points which is hindering the process. This...

How To A Hire A Web Designer

Unless you’ve been through the process before, understanding how to hire a web designer can be an intimidating task. There are so many things about the process that most people unfamiliar with it do not know, nor should they be expected to consider. Although there are industry standards, almost every web designer has their own unique perspective or preference on how things should be done. This can leave you frozen like a deer in the headlights if you are not properly equipped with the right knowledge, questions, and desired answers. Fortunately we have put together a list of recommendations and suggestions that should assist you in making a more informed decision when you are looking to hire a web designer. While not exhaustive, these tips should ease your fears of making the mistakes often made throughout this process and steer you in the right direction before you begin. Your Web Designer Toolbox
Unlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Web Templates, Icon Sets, Themes & Design Assets
DOWNLOAD NOW Understand The Differences Between A Web Designer and A Web Developer In years past, the term “web designer” has been defined several ways, but primarily as someone who not only designs but also builds (develops or codes) a website. In more recent years there has been a line drawn between web designers, who are actually responsible for creating the look and style of the website, or how it appears in your browser, and web developers, who are responsible for writing the code that brings that design to life, makes it look the way it was designed, and creates the functionality and user experience. There are still plenty of qualified people who perform both tasks – design and development – but it’s important to know what you are getting when you hire someone, so starting with the correct terminology is critical. Seldom are you going to want someone to only design or only develop your website. You will want both. So you will need to make sure the candidates you are considering are going to deliver in both departments. Many agencies who offer design and development services have separate departments or employees responsible for each of the two, while freelancers often provide both services from one person. Keep in mind that it is somewhat unusual – but not impossible – to find a single person who is highly talented in both areas. This may...

7 exciting book cover design trends for 2020

We are at a pivotal moment in book cover design trends—it is no longer business as usual. Sure, the basic rules of book design still apply—covers must be clear, legible, and suited to the genre all while projecting enough mystery to entice a prospective reader to pick it up off the shelf. But beyond that, book designers are pushing boundaries and breaking rules, creating compelling and subversive covers that truly delight. There’s something for everyone out there right now, from playful covers that are satirical yet welcoming to bold covers that grab you by the lapels at first glance. Read on to check out the book cover trends we’re most excited about in 2020! Distinctive type book covers Delicately illustrated book covers Rainbows and primary colors in book covers Textured book covers Creative photography book covers Found materials in book covers Handwritten pencil fonts in book covers 1. Distinctive type book covers — by Predra6 Strong and unique typography is a must have this year. You can choose to make artwork using your handwriting skills, or to create your own font family. Make the title pop and create a strong connection with your artwork. Bring it to life and let it breathe. - Predra6 Over the past few years a handful of strong, legible serifs became ubiquitous in book cover design across all genres. They were highly readable and bold, but came to feel a bit characterless and empty. In response, the past year has given rise to highly distinctive fonts and we see this trend continuing well into 2020. Expect retro-esque serifs that harken back to the seventies and eighties as well as others that test the limits of readability (see: Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming) but are far from forgettable.
2. Delicately illustrated book covers — by green in blue Expect a shift back to the classics — look for covers with great illustrations and a handwritten typography approach. - Boja While illustrated covers have been on-trend for years, the illustrations of the past few years were often heavy and influenced by the great mid-century illustrators. While those styles remain in circulation, we’re starting to see lighter illustration styles pop up—like the delicate flower skull found on the cover of Ghost Wall. We’re...

How to Keep Designing When Tragedy Strikes

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all! We all have personal tragedies. Sometimes those tragedies are more than anyone could handle, and that’s when you encounter some very basic, intense emotions. For some it’s the fiercely stark task of overcoming, shutting out all else; for others, it’s thoughts of helplessness. Unfortunately, most people will run the gamut of these polar emotions. I’ve been through all this and not only survived, but thrived. The idea when faced with a debilitating horror, is to take stock of what you have, what you need, and think outside the box to solve them as quickly as possible—oddly, focusing on plans to survive keeps your thoughts off the actual disaster. You’re going to face these things sooner or later, here’s how you too, can overcome your personal disasters… The Immediate Impact of Disaster
If you’re a freelancer, even the common cold can put you out of work for a week or so. That’s income lost and a financial strain that most people can’t afford. My motorcycle accident set me back several months due to fractured fingers and arm (among injuries to my foot and other body parts), all on my right side. Working as an illustrator back then, naturally I wasn’t able to work, but the bills kept coming in and three weeks in the hospital, including two surgeries, wasn’t cheap. An emotional event such as a divorce, or having a sick child who spends a lot of time in the hospital for treatments, can easily cause depression. The financial strain only adds to the madness. …few people see it coming Being fired or laid off from a regular paycheck is a shock to the system and causes major stress for you and your family. It can come up when least expected, or happen after months of corporate rumors. Either way, few people see it coming. Sometimes family calls, and you must answer. The loss of a family member, parents, siblings will cause depression. Going back to work is the last thing on one’s mind. Sometimes that mental block goes on for weeks… months… a year… or years. Recently a friend announced on Facebook her impending divorce—I’m betting that changed her algorithms so she now gets dating site, and divorce lawyer ads. She cried about no longer being supported by her partner and her desperation to find a full time job. She admitted to a trap many of us fall into, complacency. The days of leisure and hobbies...

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