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6 Tips for Posting Content Anonymously

For one reason or another, you may find yourself wanting to publish things online anonymously. Now to some, the “A-word” conjures up images of hackers, Guy Fawkes masks, and people generally saying terrible things to each other on Twitter. There’s long been an ongoing debate about whether anonymity is something that should even be allowed on the Internet. Yes. Yes it should. There’s no doubt that there are terrible people in the world; but anonymity is a powerful tool for good as well. Here are some of the more obvious examples: Fighting the power: It sure would be nice if we lived in a world where everyone in every government had the people’s best interests at heart. We don’t, and they don’t. Ask Nelson Mandela, or any number of other great men and women throughout history who have fought for progress and human rights. Exposing criminal activity: Whether you’re a crime blogger writing about the criminal underworld, or a whistleblower from some large corporation, exposing criminal activity is dangerous. People have died. Adult content, and other “culturally offensive” themes: Something as simple as writing your own (very personal) memoirs can draw a lot of unwanted attention from those around you. Even if what you’re doing isn’t morally or ethically wrong by any reasonable standard, people aren’t always terribly understanding. And then, perhaps the people in your life would rather that their personal activities didn’t become public knowledge. Staying anonymous is a good way to avoid unnecessary drama, in cases like these. Maybe it’s just work: One of my favorite blogs back in the day was Waiter Rant where a then-anonymous waiter told all of his juiciest stories. He stayed anonymous for the simple reason that his bosses didn’t want any extra drama at their restaurant. Besides, rude customers who might’ve just been having a really bad day don’t deserve the kind of hate the Internet can put out. Not holding back: Webdesigner Depot runs a series of posts written anonymously called The Secret Designer. They’re anonymous, because they expose the underside of the web design industry that the writers don’t want to be associated with. Now if any of this sounds familiar to long-time WDD readers, that may be because I addressed some of these points in The Ultimate Guide to Blogging some time back. I wanted to address the topic in a little bit more detail, and...

Top 12 Multipurpose WordPress Themes This Year

There are plenty of all-purpose tools and gadgets on the market that can do some things well. But not everything they claim. This is in line with the familiar adage: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” More than a few multipurpose themes also fall into this category. This is a situation that’s led some to believe that multipurpose themes don’t live up to their promotions. The truth is, there are plenty of multipurpose WordPress themes you can use for any type of website. You can get exceptional results every time. Your real challenge does not involve trying to find a genuinely multipurpose theme. It’s trying to find one that suits your particular needs. We believe we’ve come across 12 products that will do just that as we regard them as being the best on the 2019 market. At least one of them should fit your needs – precisely. With that, let’s get started. Be Theme Be Theme lays claim to be the biggest WordPress theme ever. Its huge selection of core website-building features bears that claim out. It’s not simply due to its large size that you find it at the top of our list. It’s what it can do in the website building world – which is virtually anything and everything. A brand new Header Builder is yet another indication that Be Theme just keeps getting better. The highlight however would be its more than 400 pre-built websites. They are professionally designed, responsive, customizable, and feature the design elements and functionality that serve as a solid foundation for a robust and friendly UX – every time. The 400+ pre-built websites also cover the complete industry and business spectrum and also address all the website styles and types you’re ever likely to encounter. A host of shortcodes together with a shortcode generator, layout generator, and advanced options panel extend Be Theme’s flexibility even more. If the ability to create a website in as little as 4 hours sounds good to you, give Be Theme a try. Jupiter Jupiter X is a makeover of the Jupiter WordPress theme that could claim 100,000 users. It’s the brainchild of Artbees a member of the Power Elite Envato wall of fame. Jupiter X is totally scalable and extremely user- and developer-friendly. It’s biggest selling point may be that it enables its users to build virtually anything by being able to customize design elements that are normally not easily customizable in other themes, or not...

36 amazing hotel logos your guests will remember

The hospitality industry has expanded far beyond hotels, motels, and inns to a diverse range of possibilities through homestays and unconventional lodging. Defining identity through branding has made it even more important for hotels to stand out and convince past, present, and future clientele why they should stay with you. Whether your logo communicates a bespoke overnight stay or a straightforward corporate atmosphere ideal for business trips, intentional and clear branding is the answer. Logos have the ability on their own to grow a clientele based on how much the viewer connects with the identity and message. Last year, Tom Geismar shared with the 99% Invisible podcast that people are now “more aware (and critical) of logos than ever before.” Because of how close we keep our mobile devices to us at all times, logos are our immediate acknowledgement of a business, as its brand identity is used as the application symbol. What makes a good hotel logo?
— How do you communicate a hotel experience through abstraction? How do you contain your core values and history in just a few memorable words? These are important questions to ask to begin visualizing how your logo may take shape. You want your logo to communicate the essence of the experience you are offering your guests. Logo design by DesertSkiesEven without design experience, it’s important to consider the context for where your branding is headed. As you start thinking about your logo design, you should ask yourself the following questions: Which category does my accommodation fit into? What’s the feeling I want to evoke in my guests? What’s the style that would fit the vibe and atmosphere of my hotel or B&B? Your guests will encounter your logo in numerous places, from your front door and reception desk to your restaurant menu and spa towels. Your logo should seamlessly fit into and enhance your guests’ experience during their stay with you. Want a logo that makes your guests feel right at home? Work with our talented designers to make it happen. Amazing ideas for hotel logos
— Logos aimed at guests who mean business For hotels that focus on offering the ideal stay for traveling professionals, their logo design should reflect that in its general tone. That means your logo should be as sleek and professional as the stay that business people can expect. At the same time, your logo should...

Want to Take Your WP Site to the Next Level? Use These Top WordPress Plugins

Your business might be doing OK with a run-of-the-mill online presence. Although a flat conversion rate is nothing to brag about. Spice up the website by using a few special features (the salt, and pepper). You should expect an uptick in conversions. Or, take advantage of what plugins offer. They can do for websites what sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits can do for baked potatoes. Visitors come back for more, and they spread the word about your cool products or services. Check out our selection of top WordPress plugins (condiments if you prefer) to see what they could do for you. 1. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress You’ve probably spent a lot of time building your website. Tweaking content. Massaging your message. Working on ad variations. A/B testing and wondering what is going to click – Or, more importantly, get clicks… Sure, some things work, but only for a specific ad or certain social media posts. What if your content and messaging could react to your ad variations? What if your content knew what social media post a user clicked on? What if your site could remember your visitors’ behaviors? With Logic Hop for WordPress, it can. Welcome to the world of content personalization where Logic Hop makes it easy to personalize your site based on UTM codes, geolocation, on-site actions, and even data from Gravity Forms, HubSpot, Drip and ConvertKit. Stop missing clicks, conversions, and sales. See for yourself with a 14-day free trial. Logic Hop’s premier customer support will help you get up and running quickly. What are you waiting for? Take your digital marketing to the next level. 2. LayerSlider With the Layer Slider plugin, you get a multi-purpose animation platform on which you can create image galleries, mind-blowing slideshow effects, animated page blocks and, naturally, an excellent variety of sliders. Layer Slider is also a great tool for building landing pages, and even complete websites. Layer Slider is mobile device friendly, easy to use, SEO friendly, and developer-friendly as well. Its cutting-edge technologies, drag and drop visual editor, and other smart features eliminate any need for coding. This plugin’s many useful features include a built-in Photoshop-like image editor and an expanding selection of professionally-designed and handcrafted slider templates. These templates serve as excellent starting points for new...

The Beauty of Duotone Effect and How to Get it Right

Gone are the days when images were used exactly as they were minus some minor retouching. The good amalgamation of digital art and perfectly clicked images is Duotone. Using two colors, good efforts are put behind to tone the image and create beautiful duotones. Duotone finds a lot of application in websites also. A website without images is like a body without a soul. Presently, web designers use a blend of images and content to craft bespoke website design. The website looks amazing and lives with the use of photography and typography.  The designers use a mix of images and content to decorate and enhance brand identity. Creation of web design is a long process and it becomes fun with these designing tools. You can enjoy the process of designing with a number of design tools available in your design armory. The Duotone effect is one of the most important designing tools for creating the best website designs. Duotone Effect – What it is: As the name itself suggests, Duotone is the use of two colors in contrasts for designing. It is used to recolor the grayscale images with two colors in contrasts to separate the darkness and lightness in the image. If you are in the search of something to kickstart your designs, then duotone effect is a great way to start. It is important to understand the history regarding the origin of duotone effects. Knowing about the background of this design tool will allow you to use it in the best possible way. Let’s begin with the History of Duotone: The history of duotone effects begins from late back in the nineteenth century. Duotone effects came into existence with the use of cameras. It first appeared with the use of sepia photographs.  Sepia photographs were created using the different shades of brown colors partially to preserve and warm-up the undecorated appearance of the humans in the grayscale industrial era. It was one of the most commonly used tones to provide an antique look in the photographs. Duotone effects emerged as a good cost-effective solution for colorized printing. Rather using the full-fledged CMYK range of four color tones, they were using duotones for the bulk printing of materials at a very low rate. The poster designers of ’60s and ’70s were using the duotone effects and created peculiar high-contrast designs to highlight the mind-blowing effects. Apart from the lower costs, the...

Inspiring One-Page Portfolio Websites

If you’re looking for a great way to show off your skills, have you considered a one-page portfolio? They’re concise and to the point, which is good for potential employers who may be short on time. And in a smaller sandbox, you have more reign to creatively show off your design expertise. One-page portfolios tend to have some of the most interesting and well-made layouts in web design. With a single page, you can make your site less like a static webpage and more like an experience sure to thrill anyone who comes across it. Looking to create your own one-page portfolio? Here’s a bit of inspiration from some of the best designers and developers online! Owltastic With a charming duotone palette and beautiful starry space theme, this is one fantastic example of a one-page site. There’s plenty of links to case studies, past projects, and the designer’s social media accounts. Frequent use of a call to action leading to the contact form means that clients won’t ever have to scroll far to send a message. Gordils & Willis This portfolio wastes no time at all in diving into the project showcase. As you scroll, you’ll get to see various pages, logos, and parts of the UI that were designed for each website or app. If you’ve seen enough, just use the menu to snap to the bottom, or click the hovering email button that’s always on the left. BRNDMKRS Big ideas need a big website, and this full width page features huge typography, large videos, and full screen images. There are even a few interactive elements, like a service checklist that lets you see an estimated cost for what you want. Ollie Bold and dark design are what this portfolio is all about. The black background makes the more colorful images pop, and the custom cursor is a nice touch. This one is a good example of an image-focused portfolio without too much text. Aristide Benoist Gigantic text is certainly one way to grab attention. Once you’re interested and start scrolling down, you’re immediately introduced to the developer and his work. Hover the image and you’ll get a taste of this dev’s experience in interactive design. Portfolio of Oliver Gareis Oliver Gareis’ portfolio opens with a brief about and awards section before getting right into the portfolio. Each project includes a brief description of what the designer was going for, showing off his expertise. There’s quite a bit of content, but...

Inspiration for band logos that strike the right chord

How do you tell someone about your music before they’ve even listened to track one? It’s all in the logo. For decades, band logo design has been somewhat of a secret weapon in the music industry. Inspiration for a band logo can come from practically anywhere, such as a sentimental backstory, an inside joke or in the case of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, a meaningless illustration which evolved into one of the most recognizable band logos of all time. Sure, every band needs a phenomenal lead singer, a skilled bassist and guitarist and a badass drummer, of course—but an outstanding logo emphasizes a band’s staying power, and it can actually help it stay culturally relevant as decades progress. Think of The Who. With the exception of a surprise comeback in 2006, The Who were really only making music in the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s. But their legendary songs are not the only part of the band that is still impactful today. Their bold target logo is an icon all on its own and one that is still quite recognizable. Below, we’ve gathered our favorite band logo ideas, along with examples of how to capitalize on this shiny gem of a marketing tool. First: the fundamentals of logo design
— If you’re trying to break into band logo design without any experience, it can be intimidating. While music defines a band in character and style, the logo is its trusty spokesperson, and with that comes the responsibility to be striking and memorable. If all goes well, your logo will hang on bedroom walls, be printed across baggy T-shirts and ultimately spend a sizable amount of time in the limelight. To set you up for an overnight hit, we’ll give you a crash course in the basics before we dive into the details of creating a music-specific logo. Darin Jones & The Last Men Standing — Band logo by Made by Mystie Logo design is a nuanced specialization of graphic design that speaks to aesthetics, branding and marketing, composition, color theory, typography and artistic skill. You can take a deeper dive into logo design in our How to design a logo guide, but meanwhile, let’s review the fundamentals. Design for your brand. There’s not one “best type of logo”—the most successful logos are the ones that best represent their brand, and in this case, the band is the brand. The bold red typography of the Coca Cola logo suits the cola brand well, but those same design choices could hurt...

Represent Your Business with a Free .design Domain Today

The right domain name is a vital part of your overall branding strategy. It should be both easy to remember and reflect what you do. Yet, for years designers have settled for domain extensions that really don’t fit in. While .com, .net or .biz work well enough, do they really provide users with context? Thankfully, we no longer have to settle. Now that .design domains have arrived, they offer a unique way to promote your business. They look great on all of your branding materials, such as business cards, resumes and even as your custom email address. And, best of all, you can register your own .design domain for free! If you already have a website – not to worry. You can simply connect your new .design domain to your existing site. Or, use the available site builder to start from scratch. Why .design Stands Out Having your own .design domain name presents quite an amazing opportunity. After all, it’s rare that an industry has such an easily identifiable domain extension. Not only that, but there are several other reasons to go with .design, such as: Great Names Still Available
Because .design is fairly new, there are still plenty of outstanding names available to register. However, that won’t always be the case – so consider getting yours as soon as possible. Unique Branding Opportunities
A great rule of thumb is that, the shorter your domain, the easier it is to remember. And since .design is so industry-specific, it allows for some clever name shortening. For example, can become Not only is this shorter in length, it also makes for more memorable branding. Perfect for Redirecting
Even if you don’t use your .design domain for your main website address, it can still be a valuable resource for redirecting elsewhere. If, for instance, you have a profile at a design community such as Behance or Dribbble, you can point your .design domain directly to your portfolio page. This makes sharing your profile with others super simple. Get Your FREE .design Domain We have teamed up with Porkbun to offer all 1stWebDesigner visitors a FREE .design domain name. The first year is free, and yearly renewals will be just $35 instead of the $70 offered at some registrars. You also get: Free Email Hosting
You can add an email address (or multiple!) that matches your domain name. For example, or...

14 video tools to help you create beautiful videos

Marketers are always looking out for the next way to engage an audience, and video marketing has taken off. It’s no surprise really. Film and TV have captivated the world for nearly a century because of their ability to combine writing, audio and visuals. And now that technology and internet speeds have caught up, it’s finally possible for people to watch videos whenever and wherever they want. These tools will help you run a more efficient, effortless and effective workflow in 2019. Image via Envato ElementsVideo can be a difficult medium to master. To help you conquer video production, we’ve compiled a list of the best video tools for 2019. These tools will help you record and edit video, source footage, find the right video maker tools and video marketing tools, get audio assets and even make content decisions. Let’s make your video workflow more efficient, effortless and effective. Here are the video tools you need to know about: Video production tools — First things first, to create great video you need the right video equipment. But don’t worry if you’re just starting out and don’t have an expensive setup yet. The three basic video production tools you’ll need are: a camera (or smartphone), a microphone (if you’re planning to record sound) and good lighting. Depending on the quality you’re going for, you can rent or buy the equipment you need or use what you have on hand. Illustration by VladanlandCamera Some audiences are okay with videos shot on a smartphone, and the cameras on the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines in particular have gotten quite good. But if your audience expects something of the highest possible quality, consider sourcing a decent video camera like a Canon C100 or above. Or an easy to use mirrorless camera from the Sony RX100 series. They’re fantastic alternatives to some of the bigger more complex cameras. Whatever camera you pick, be sure to use a tripod when filming. And ensure you use a separate microphone to record your sound. Microphone Logo design by okdesignstudioIf you’re including a voiceover or piece to camera, a good microphone will lift the quality and perception of your entire video. Either grab an easy to use microphone like the Rode VideoMic Pro, which will plug directly into your DSLR camera. Or if you’re using a camera without a mic port like a smartphone or one of the Sony RX100s then consider a USB microphone...

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