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How to Use Interactive Content Marketing Platforms to Drive Business
Could your content-marketing strategy use a
shot in the arm?

Would you be interested in learning about a specific form of content that consistently delivers incredible results almost automatically?

Then, you’ll love discovering the potential of interactive content and how easy it can be to create. All it takes is an interactive content marketing platform (check out this list from Lilach Bullock) and the three tips below to generate the kind of posts that practically market themselves and can set your company up for easy conversions.

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is content that engages website visitors by inviting them to make decisions about their experience.

By using an interactive content marketing platform, companies can deliver much more customized experiences to their users.

There are a number of different types of interactive content, but the four main categories are:

Calculators and ToolsInteractive VisualsQuizzesTimelines, Sliders, etc.

You’ve probably already interacted with at least
one of these types before. For example, many financial lenders offer mortgage
calculators to visitors. They can use these tools to get a better sense of the
kind of mortgage for which they could apply.

This interactive map of global migration is another example.

World migration map Based on data from the U.N. Population Division, this map shows the estimated net migration (inflows minus outflows) by origin and destination country between 2010 and 2015.

It’s an amazing interactive visual that not only transforms in front of the viewer but also gives them the opportunity to zoom in on any area of the globe they want.

Why Has Interactive Content Become So Important?

The answer is simple: interactive content
is engaging. Engagement is important because it ensures the content gets read
and/or viewed. By definition, engaging content must be valuable to the website visitor
in some way, which means they’ll most likely spend more time checking out the
rest of your site, too.

Furthermore, when we used BuzzSumo and SEMRush to analyze more than 67,000 pieces of content from the travel industry, we found that “Interactive content generates significantly more links and social shares [because] compared to static content, interactive content appears to be much more captivating.” 

So, interactive content has...
6 Essential Stages of Influence
Few abilities will serve your marketing
goals better than being able to wield influence.

This doesn’t just refer to moving leads
through your funnel, though.

Influence is also a powerful tool for moving people from passivity to partnership.

Grow your influence and you will also grow a network of people who can help you build your brand, find new leads, explore opportunities, and much more.

The 6 Essential Stages of Influence

One of the reasons influence is such a powerful force is because it usually takes so much time to build.

“If you’re influential, you have both authority and the trust of others.”

Nether tends to come overnight.

Fortunately, at BuzzSumo, we know a thing or two about building influence.

Here are the six essential steps you must
master in order to become influential.

1. Identifying Your Audience

The first step is simple: whom do you wish
to influence?

Fortunately, you probably already know the
answer because it’s the people who make up your market.

What you may have to give more attention to is where this audience likes to consume their content. When it comes to building influence, this means asking:

Which social media channel do they like most?Which blogs do they follow? Which conference speakers do they line up to hear?

You don’t want to spend all of your valuable time posting on Instagram when it turns out your market is spending all of theirs on YouTube. Nor do you want to get a coveted guest post spot at the wrong blog.

2. Grabbing Their Attention

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, here are what more than 5,700 marketers said were their most commonly utilized types of content:

Visual Images: 80%Videos: 63%Blogging: 60%Live Video: 35%Podcasting: 9%

Another good place to look for inspiration is the current influencers in your market. What go-to posts seem to be grabbing their attention?

If you want help to discover influencers, try our Influencer Search. You can search any industry to see who has the biggest following. Then, start studying the influencers’ posts to see what works best.

Even after you’ve done your research, it’s usually a good idea to experiment a bit with what your market likes most. You may find an opportunity those other influencers missed. Regularly check your analytics to see...
The 6-Step Plan to Escape the Spam Folder
You're not a spammer — but your emails can still land in the spam folder.

And once they’re stuck there, it’s difficult to reach the inbox again.

That’s why we asked AWeber’s Director of Deliverability Karen Balle to explain how you can escape the spam folder.

Multi-million dollar companies seek Balle’s advice on reaching the inbox. This is the same 6-step plan she lays out for them. And now, you can use it too.
Step 1: Make sure you have permission.
It’s illegal to send emails to people who haven’t subscribed to your list. It’s also a great way to go to the spam folder.

So, if your emails are going to spam, review your email lists to make sure all of your subscribers opted in to receive content from you.

If you purchased one of your lists or all of your lists, delete those subscribers from your email marketing platform. They’re just hurting you. Plus, they didn’t give you permission to send them emails anyway, so they are much more likely to mark your emails as spam or not open them at all.

If you’re not sure whether your lists are purchased, review subscribers to see how they joined. (You can see these details under Subscriber Management in AWeber.) Look for large lists of imported subscribers. Make sure you have a record of how you acquired these subscribers.

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Balle also recommends using confirmed opt-in (COI) emails for every new subscriber. A confirmed opt-in email is a message that’s automatically sent to people who fill out your sign up form. It asks them to confirm they want to join your list by clicking a link or button in the message.

Internet service providers, like Gmail and Yahoo!, are more likely to deliver your emails to the inbox when you use COI emails. And on top of that, COI messages keep spam robots off your email list. Spam robots are automated computer programs designed to find sign up form code on your website and submit fake information to join your list.  (Nobody wants a robot on their list. It’s difficult to tell them apart from real subscribers. And they decrease your open and click-through rates.)

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Step 2: Find the type of content your audience loves.
Often, your email reputation is damaged because your subscribers aren’t engaging with your emails. If your open rates are below 15% and...
2019 Valentine’s Day GIF Guide
Valentine’s Day is a holiday known for love, cheesy Hallmark cards, and emails.

Yup, emails. 

In the two weeks leading up to February 14th, inboxes are flooded with unique V-Day sales and promotions. So how do you stand out from the masses this year?

Take advantage of AWeber’s free 2019 Valentine’s Day GIF guide. 

We know how expensive it can be to buy creative, high-quality images and GIFs, and how time consuming it can be to create them yourself. So go ahead and add these heart-warming GIFs in your emails, social posts, or website — for free. It’s our Valentine’s Day gift to our wonderful blog readers and subscribers!

Not an AWeber customer yet? Create your FREE account right now, and see how easy it is to use one of these GIFs in our Drag-and-Drop message editor.
Download Your Valentine’s Day GIFs
Step 1: Find the animated Valentine’s Day GIF below that you want to use in your email.

Step 2: Save it to your computer by either right clicking the GIF and selecting “Save Image,” or by dragging the GIF to your desktop.

Step 3: Upload the GIF into your email template.

Related: Everything You Need to Know about Using GIFs in Email
2019 Valentine’s Day GIFs
Popping Balloons GIF
Want to make your emails “pop”? Use this fun balloon GIF.

Valentine’s Day Sale GIF
Glow bright in the inbox with this neon sale sign.

Happy Valentine’s Day GIF
Make your subscribers’ hearts burst with this GIF.

Best Valentine’s Day GIFs
Here are some of our readers’ all-time favorite images from past V-Days.
Candy Hearts GIF
What’s almost as good as candy falling right into your mouth? This GIF.

Love You GIF
Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Olive who?

Olive you. 

Tell your subscribers how much you love them with this GIF.

Heart GIF 
What do you call a very small Valentine?

A Valen-tiny. Just like this small heart GIF!

Happy Valentine’s Day GIFs
“You must be a keyboard, because you're just my type.” No cheesy pick up lines required. Get the message across with these two GIFs.


Candy Heart “Hugs” GIF
Give your subscribers a hearty hug this V-Day.

Show your appreciation year round
Want to show your love for your customers the other 364 days of the year? Here are some clever ways to deliver awesome experiences.
1. Send personalized notes.
Have you ever received a tweet...
4 Easy Ways Podcasters Can Use Email to Grow Their Audiences
As technology continues to improve, it’s never been easier to start a podcast. 

But it's also never been harder to build an audience.

Bringing in new listeners is no longer just about producing remarkable audio content. We have to find new ways to reach and engage listeners in an increasingly saturated industry. 

That's why Hack the Entrepreneur has put a consistent emphasis on using email as an audience-building tool for the past four years. We use email automation to promote our new episodes, and we use our weekly newsletter to provide additional value to our listeners. Email has helped us garner 5,000,000+ podcast episode downloads, grow our listener base, build deeper connections with our audience, and get closer to our goal of helping 10,000 people start side hustles and live a lifestyle of their own design.

But we're just one podcast in one market. Let’s take a look into how other podcasters are using email to grow their audiences.

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Create conversations
Alistair Clay, of Famous Business, has a great technique that you can implement immediately: Replace your stagnant  stagnant “subscribe to my show on Apple Podcasts” call-to-action with a supercharged CTA that triggers action.

Here's exactly how Clay does it:

“My audience is made up of small business owners looking to get media attention. This is an urgent problem that they need solved fast. To help them, I offer to answer their burning questions immediately," explains Clay. "The only catch is they need to sign up to my email list and then hit reply! I call this a win/win/win situation. It gets them an answer fast, gets me a subscriber, and it also gives us a chance to make a deeper connection."

Through email, Clay is offering quick, personalized advice — something that most other podcasters do not offer. His listeners get individual attention, which automatically inspires loyalty. They'll keep coming back to Clay, again and again. Then, Clay can continue to communicate with his listeners through email. Their interactions don't just end with a podcast episode.

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Clay also gains important insight from these Q&As. Their questions may help him come up with his next podcast episode or next product idea.

"This one technique has been an essential...
The 30 Tips You Need to Know to Succeed with Email

You know what's complicated? Astrophysics. The plot of Inception. Folding a fitted sheet.

You know what shouldn't be complicated? Email.

That’s why I created Everyday Email, a free course that strips out all of the jargon and confusing, mumbo jumbo surrounding email marketing — and makes it simple and fun!

Every day for 30 days, you’ll receive one, easy-to-follow, “snackable” tip about email from me. (Lucky you!) You can read your daily tip as you drink your coffee, stand in line at the store, go between boring meetings, or watch a commercial break. Each tip takes about a minute to read, but they’re humorous and they’re written in language that everyone can understand.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the Everyday Email tips that’ll hit your inbox when you sign up:

Tip #3: How to get people to open your emails. (That is, besides your mom, sister, and best friend.)

Tip #13: How to put your email strategy on autopilot so you have more time to do other important things. (Like watch Bird Box.)

Tip #29: How to send content you know your subscribers want. (So they don’t fly off your list faster than a toupee in a hurricane!)

Everyday Email is the most fun way to learn email marketing.

And the best part: By the end of the 30-day course, you’ll know exactly how to grow your email list, write compelling emails, and turn subscribers into paying customers. You’ll be excited — not overwhelmed — to launch your own email strategy on day 31. (However, you’ll want to get the tissues ready. You’re going to miss seeing me pop up in your inbox every day.)

Are you ready to get started? Sign up for the free Everyday Email course, and receive your very first tip in your inbox today!The post The 30 Tips You Need to Know to Succeed with Email appeared first on Email Marketing Tips.

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