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LIVE domain available for registration. This domain name is short, memorable, highly brandable, and SEO rich, this domains are credible and well targeted, plus they bring energy and immediacy to your website. Go .LIVE this domain names are available to everyone and now there are still many good names available. The .LIVE domain now home for media companies, award shows, entertainment, audio and video streaming services. Choose standard or custom enterprise DNS servers from DYN, or Google Cloud DNS, or Amazon Route 53, we do the setup. For personal or business needs, for musicians, actors, video producers and news channels and others will benefit from this name. Visit LIVE Domain Registration Page.


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Unless things have changed since the last time I set up a new self-hosted WordPress site, WordPress presents you with the username “admin” as default. And even if they’ve stopped doing this, it was the standard since the inception of WordPress back in 2003. That’s 16+ years on WordPress sites that use “admin” as the username. Here’s an...
Understanding the Tooltip WordPress Plugin: A tooltip is one of the most important weapons in the arsenal of WordPress website developers. Tooltip plugin is used to create a small pop-up that reacts when you navigate the cursor on it on a website. People wonder about the utilities of Tooltip WordPress plugin. Subsequently, as the name...
We interact with food logos every day, all day long. We grab a carton of milk from our fridge. We walk down a street passing delis and restaurants. Maybe we run to the grocery store to grab a quick snack. We’re constantly assessing food choices offered to us by brands—and food logos play a big part in making these choices. The ones that...

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The current competitive landscape dictates that to survive, you must keep growing. And so businesses employ all sorts of strategies and tactics to sustain this growth. One of the most historically successful and proven methods for growing small businesses has been email list building. That’s because having a quality email...
This isn’t going to be a blog post about the importance of semicolons or serial commas in your content, because whether or not you use these punctuation marks doesn’t really matter. Okay, Oakhurst Dairy would disagree—and for good reason. Last year, drivers won a settlement claim and the company had to pay out $5 million...
This post was co-written by Gordon Donnelly and Patrick Henry Carrera. If you’re a reader of the WordStream blog, you may have heard of our Google Ads Benchmarks. Each year, we reach into our giant pool of client data looking for an answer to one persistent, ubiquitous question for PPC advertisers: What exactly does “average”...

Web Admin Latest News

20 Apr

BigCommerce for Drupal

Just in the beginning of April 2019 BigCommerce announced its module for Drupal module and now it is available for download. BigCommerce is a privately owned technology company that is one of worlds leading e-commerce software developers.... BigCommerce for Drupal

18 Apr

SEO Friendly Domain Name

Today there are approximately 348.7 million domain names have been registered. They are spread across all top-level domains (TLDs) with all time leader is a dot com extension. Lots of names have been taken, but introduction of more than... SEO Friendly Domain Name

16 Apr

WordPress Website Optimization

WordPress content message system offers many options for website optimization to make it load faster, get better indexing and be more reliable. Choose reliable and fast hosting, even well coded web page need a modern server to be delivered... WordPress Website Optimization

09 Jan

Does Facebook have or like to sell users

During the last year FB had a ruff time after Cambridge Analytica data scandal wen third party company harvested sensitive personal data from millions of platform users profiles. But what seemed to be an “accident” might be a company's... Does Facebook have or like to sell users

07 Jan

Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress

For any WordPress base website it is a good and long awaited news — the official AMP plugin release. AMP for WP let you add Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality to your website. It enables AMP content creation with... Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress

04 Jan

Google Site Kit for WordPress

For web developers and any WordPress users a good news was recently announced by Google. There is no need to look for a third party (plugins) to connect Google Search Console, Analytics or AdSense to WordPress based website. Search engine... Google Site Kit for WordPress

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20 Apr 2019