Install and Enable Ioncube Loader WHM

this PHP extension does not come preinstalled on cPanel

Install and Enable Ioncube Loader WHM

WHMCS require the use of ionCube Loader to encode secured PHP files. IonCube Loader is an extension for PHP that does not come preinstalled on cPanel. It needs to be installed and enabled.

Installing Ioncube

1. Log into the WHM as the user root.
2. Go to Software - EasyApache (Apache Update)

3. Select All PHP Options + ZendGuard - Customize.

4. Choose PHP Extension

5. Search for "Ioncube" - Switch to Install.

6. Click on Save as Profile button.

Enabling IonCube

7. Go to Server Configuration.

8. Choose Tweak Settings

9. Select PHP tab.

10. Activate IonCube check box for cPanel PHP loader.

11. Click Save button.

Congratulations you have successfully installed and enabled IonCube loader

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